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Can You Swing It?

In the waxing world, there are two different types of wax and waxing techniques- Soft Wax is done with paper or muslin strips, and Hard Wax is removed without strips. But this isn’t news to you - you’re a professional so you obviously know what’s up! Alright, know it all… 

Let us open your world to an effective form of hair removal waxing that’s known to be easier than ever-called The Swinging Technique! You may think this technique looks painful but it feels like getting a hard wax, no less no more, just the same amount of velocity and grip. 



The Swinging Technique is a powerful technique that fully envelops the hair enabling easy removal in a single pass. How awesome is that! The “swing” motion manipulates the wax better so you’re able to effectively remove all hair in one swipe. It also strives to avoid irritation in sensitive areas that usually require several passes to fully wax. We would like to think that The Swinging Technique is a mixture of applying Hard Wax and the Sugaring Motion but we’ll leave that up to you. In the below video we used our Hard Wax Warmer along with our new Coral wax to demonstrate how it’s done right!

Check out our video below and let us know what you think! 



Just to add, since we are so high-tech that we included a QR code on the back of the Coral Wax packaging that you can scan to view the Swinging Technique demo video by Starpil Spain anytime. Also the reviews are in! Read what they have to say!


The new coral wax beads have an absolutely beautiful shimmering color with a smooth gel texture. The texture is quite different from my normal blue wax beads which took me a few days to get the melt point just right. Once I achieved desired melting point it was off to the races. I found that the coral wax adheres lovely to short hair and leaves the skin with a nice smooth result. *Tip - It can stain white sheets. If you drip on the sheet allow the wax dry fully before trying to remove it.

Crystal Q.

Every was that Starpil offers has a function... a specific feature within each formulation that caters to the needs of our clients. Although I have never fell short providing the correct wax for a service, Coral Wax allows me to surpass my expectations and offer my client a New Technique, a heavier, yet gentle, effective hybrid alternative! Just when I think I have all the tools to become better each day, Starpil offers a new wax formula to keep me on the edge of my what I can offer to my clients. Coral Wax WILL do just that! It will add that edge that others don’t have. You need to try this wax!

Cara E.



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