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High-Quality, Easy-to-Use Waxing Supplies

Thousands of estheticians and waxers like yourself trust our products to deliver quality results.

Having high-quality waxing supplies allows you to have consistently smooth, clear skin. With Starpil’s professional-grade waxing and skincare products, have the best hair removal results that last. With options for all skin and hair types and easy-to-use products and equipment, you’ll find exactly what you need every time.

From professional waxes and warmers to pre & post-wax care and everyday skincare, we have everything you need to achieve lasting smooth, clear skin.

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Starpil Wax USA creates high-quality waxing supplies, accessories, equipment, and skin care, allowing anyone to achieve smooth, clear skin. We craft our products with all skin and hair types in mind so everyone can achieve amazing results.

With over 40 years in the industry, we know how important it is to evolve and improve in creating waxing supplies for all. From our waxes and warmers to accessories and everyday skincare, we craft only the most innovative, highest-quality products possible.

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We recommend Starpil’s roll-on wax for beginners. This easy-to-use system is portable, cordless, and eliminates the need to interact with wax, which lowers the risk of cross-contamination and mess.

Waxing removes hair and leaves skin smooth for weeks, which creates a more efficient and convenient alternative to other hair removal methods. Also exfoliates the skin and relieves skin from constant irritation brought on by other techniques. It can even slow and reduce hair growth over time.

We have many resources for those looking to learn more. Check out our blog for all things waxing knowledge or attend one of our FREE webinars to learn more about specific formulas or methods of waxing.

Starpil products are created with quality and accessibility in mind. We strive to create the top professional products while retaining price points that make them accessible to all. We want everyone to have access to amazing products that create amazing results!

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