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SKINTASTIC: Fantastic Things Happen When You Follow Your Dreams

Featured Business: SKINTASTIC

Owner: Brenda North-Hogsett

Instagram: brenda_skintastic

Since opening in early 2016, SKINTASTIC has already generated hundreds of outstanding reviews in Modesto, California due to its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. This is thanks to the tireless work of the owner, Brenda North-Hogsett, who offers all types waxing services including full body waxing and facials. Brenda has 16 years of experience in the skincare industry and stands for excellence in everything she does. She is passionate about her work and always strives to provide her clients with the best possible services and treatments.

Her amazing reviews throughout multiple platforms speak for themselves and her love for skin and people shines in everything that she does. Brenda has nearly 600 active client profiles and it's only her 3rd year in business! This goes to show that anything can be achieved with hard work and determination. When asked how she was able to achieve success in such as short amount of time, Brenda responded: “If you love what you do and it’s your passion, everything follows afterwards. Fantastic things happen when you follow your dreams!”

Brenda was introduced to Starpil in February 2015 through social media and was instantly intrigued. Her first Starpil purchase was the Blue Hard Wax tablets and a 5-pound wax warmer. After her purchase, she was given a sample of Blue Film Wax by her Personal Account Manager. Brenda instantly fell in love because it did not crack or break off easily like waxes she had previously used. Starpil has been the wax of choice at SKINTASTIC since it opened its doors and is loved by all of its clients!

Brenda’s favorite Starpil wax formula is the Pink Film because of its flexibility and ability to be used as very thin strips. She uses the Pink Film wax for facials as it is ideal for smaller areas. It is a creamy polymer-blend formula made for low temperature waxing.

“I can apply the Pink Film so thin to where I can see the hairs through the film before I pull them out! This facilitates my job as I can see exactly what hairs are being pulled out and I can make my wax last longer!”

Brenda also loves using the Blue Film wax and the new Starsoft wax. She uses the Blue Film wax for larger areas such as arms, legs, Brazilian bikini, and other areas with thick and coarse hairs. She uses our Starsoft wax for clients with hyposensitive skin as it is our most gentle formula.

“Some of my clients have very sensitive skin and a lot of wax formulas may be too aggressive for their skin. To prevent welching and irritation on the most sensitive skin, I use the Starsoft wax. It allows me to provide waxing services for people with all skin types!”

SKINTASTIC began as a sole proprietorship and has grown through word of mouth, integrity, and character. Earlier this year, Brenda acquired talented eyelash artist, Jamie Fraceschetti for the SKINTASTIC team. Jamie has added eyelash extensions as part of the services that SKINTASTIC provides and there are currently other expansion projects in the works set to be ready later this year.

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