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Glitter Wax Creations Meets Starpil Wax

Glitter - wax creations - Starpil

Heather Nicole Alton, also known as the ‘Mermaid Esty’,  is the owner of Live Love Beauty by Heather Nicole, located in Santa Cruz, California. After working at European Wax Center for several years, she started her own waxing, skincare, and lash business and never looked back! She fell in love with Starpil Wax and its amazing professional quality. At the beginning of 2019, Heather was signing the lease to her first wax salon. Fast forward not even two years and she has launched Glitter Wax Creations, colorful novelty glitter that pairs perfectly with Starpil!


We got together with Heather and asked her some questions about her new product and teamed up to save you 10% when you use the code “STARPILFAM”. 


Let’s get into it!


Heather Alton: Glitter Wax Creations

  • What was your inspiration to create Glitter Wax?
  • I was tired of boring wax & love sparkly things. I got inspiration from glam glow masks & wondered how I could get professional products with glitter in it. I started researching & playing around with different glitter & quickly learned not all glitter is created equal and some will ruin your wax or hurt clients. I created my blends to be safe for clients & all wax. 

  • How do you use it? (Ratio of glitter to wax)
  • That is completely up to the person using it. Add a little to see how it looks or add a lot to get the look you want. The glitter does not change the consistency of the wax no matter the amount you add. I’ve seen customers dump an entire bag in their wax pot & be fine & gorgeous. 


    The glitter also doesn’t stay on the skin whether it’s a soft wax, hard wax, or sugaring paste. We have 4 specialty blends available in 2 different sizes, 1oz & 2oz. 

  • What led you to launch your brand during a global pandemic?
  • Well, we were definitely not planning on a pandemic happening & had been working on the product & brand for a long time & planned to launch at the end of March. We were set to launch 1 week after the quarantine happened. I thought it over a lot & talked with industry professionals & decided to go forward with the launch. Saul, Starpil CEO even encouraged me & congratulated me after the launch saying “If you can successfully launch in this current economy, you will do great in any economy”. 

    Glitter - Starpil

    It was a risk & I was disappointed in the current circumstances and I felt it shouldn’t stop me from my dream. I also felt it could bring a little fun & happiness to everyone in this tough time. A great way to get new followers online with gorgeous videos & a way to attract new clients once everyone returns to work. I wanted to bring a little sparkle & happiness to everyone. 

  • How did you incorporate novelty without sacrificing the quality and effectiveness of your wax?

    I did the research & testing to make sure my product could work with any type of wax without ruining the wax or hurting the client. Like I said not all glitter is created equal. Cheap craft glitter can be harmful to the client & wax because of the materials it’s made with, the coloring used & how the glitter is cut. If you use the wrong glitter it can scratch the client, melt in the wax or bleed it’s color into the wax most likely ruining the wax you pay so much for. However good quality glitter is not cheap. I wanted to keep my prices low especially during this time for more people to be able to enjoy it. 

  • What was the most memorable client reaction to your Glitter Wax?
  • I have had multiple new clients come to me because they saw the glitter wax I use online & said they had to come to get waxed by me. They all love it. I have one client who comes in for underarm wax regularly & I use different waxes on her each time she comes in to be able to show the different glitter blends in different waxes. She’s my glitter wax guinea pig & loves to see all the different combos of glitter & wax colors. It’s so fun & unique and gives a renewed sense of excitement around waxing for the waxer & their clients. 


    This isn’t just another new wax brand out there looking pretty to get attention, this can be added to whatever your favorite wax already is no matter what wax type or brand you use. 


  • FUN FACT How did you come up with the Glitter blend names?
  • Well, my business is mermaid themed and  I’m The Mermaid Esty! Haha. The first blend I created was Mermaid At Heart & that was an easy name to come up with. I wanted a variety of colored blends but had no idea what to name then until it was time I had to have names lol. Everyone loves either mermaid or unicorns & I’ve always loved unicorns so I created a blend to reflect the unicorn colors & when coming up with the name Unicorn Vibes, it just fit perfectly because that’s how it made me feel.


    Our rose gold blend Boss Babe I came up with because many women love rose gold & I’m all about women’s empowerment and success so Boss Babe fits great. Born to Sparkle was the hardest for me. My mom helped me brainstorm ideas all around words that meant sparkly, shiny, silver, etc. I was joking, saying I was born to sparkle with this product & was like yep that’s the name. Some were harder than others but they all felt right! I can’t wait to create more blends & future products. We are launching a limited edition gold blend in July called Dripping in Gold.



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