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How to Be the Ultimate Waxing Star

How to Be the Ultimate Waxing Star - Starpil Wax

If you haven’t heard, Starpil Wax is almost through with its very first waxing competition, Waxing with The Stars! After three rigorous rounds and a lot of wax, we’re finally announcing our winner on September 8 on our Instagram! The winner will go on to compete in Europe for Starpil Spain’s worldwide waxing competition! So, in honor of this monumental event, we’re going to take a moment to tell you all about it while sharing the hard-core standards we set for the contestants. 

We identified four pillars that we think make an ultimate waxing star on camera and off the charts for your clients and business. So let us drop these cornerstones for some top tier waxing tips on everything from how to use waxing strips to how to use hard wax and for waxing body hair in a way that makes you go above and beyond for your clients. No matter if you’re a spa manager or you’re just learning how to become a waxer, our competition requirements can be used as a refresher, a training resource, or as an accountability tool to keep your services at the top of their game. So, hold on tight because we’re taking you up to the top with How to Be The Ultimate Waxing Star.

What is Waxing with The Stars?

A few months ago, Starpil created a competition for estheticians and waxing specialists from all 50 states to show off their best esthie skills and waxing tips. It was never about simply waxing body hair or putting on wax. We set the bar high, and four out of hundreds of esthies reached for the stars. After the first round, 16 esthies were chosen, but only four moved onto round two, where they won $1000 in Starpil Wax products. They were also invited to compete in the third and final round for a chance to win a trip for two to Spain and an entry in Starpil Official’s worldwide waxing competition in Europe. If they succeed in Spain, they could win over $3000 in Starpil products and have some serious bragging rights. 

Each round had the contestants doing a leg, back, brow, and Brazilian waxing service. They didn’t just have to show up and look great on camera; these four pros were seriously judged on their creativity, nerve, uniqueness, and talent—wait, that’s RuPaul’s Drag Race. The Waxing with The Stars contestants were judged on the following:

  • Expertise
  • Efficiency
  • Technique
  • Cleanliness 

We didn’t just want to see them going through the motions on these categories either, they had to be the best out of hundreds of other pros who submitted, and they kept rising to the top with every video by embodying these four principles. 


In this final round, the four remaining contestants were judged by some of our favorite waxing stars, #starpilfam members, spa managers, and esthetics business owners. We just want to give a big thank you to these powerful and busy women for taking time out of their salon manager duties to provide their grace and expertise in judging our final four.

They are…

Social media darling, creator of Nova Wax, and owner of Brows by Liz in Mission Viejo, CA, Liz Lugo!

The owner of Marra’s Beauty Bar in North Miami Beach, FL, Marra Portesi! (She also personally trained our very own Yalisis Figueroa)! 

The Vagician and owner of Edwards Esthetics in Oklahoma City, OK, Cara Edwards!


Our four finalists are nothing to shake a stick at either; they’re all licensed professionals and also seasoned educators, spa managers, and business owners in their own right. 

So, without further ado and in no particular order, our four finalists are…


 Mckenze Trachuk, educator and owner of The Wax Room in Surprise, AZ.

Waxing specialist and owner of Radiantly Blissful Aesthetics in Stockton, CA, Crystal Cervantes.

Heather Alton, esthie extraordinaire and creator of Glitter Wax Creations

Brazilian waxing pro and owner of Bare aEsthetics in Mobile, AL, Crystal Quattrone


Go like and follow our judges and finalists because they are all inspiring esthies who know how to use wax strips in ways that teach something new! Following these talented esthies can show a pro how to become a waxer with waxing classes for estheticians, social media tutorials, Brazilian wax training, and so much more. They show us how it’s done through their services, business skills, and marketing efforts. So, check em’ out!


We’ve JUST made the final submissions viewable on Youtube! In these videos, the final four go head-to-head with some fantastic waxing tips on how to use hard wax, give off some stellar Brazilian wax training, show their best eyebrow waxing, and more! They also set the bar with how to be engaging in ways that’ll make any esthie a winner with clients. 

So, check out the FINAL submission videos and decide for yourself who you think the winner should be. Then, follow and stay glued to our @starpilUSA on Tuesday, September 8 to find out if your top pick is the winner!

EXCLUSIVE! Waxing with The Stars | 2019-2020 FINALS | Starpil Wax


Now that we know all the Waxing with The Stars deets, let’s dive into the highest standards we set for our four finalists so that you can see how you align with being an ultimate waxing superstar!

As we mentioned, expertise, efficiency, technique, and cleanliness are four pillars of any waxing service. We want to break down what they mean to us so that you can use them as guidelines and always be on track with giving your best. Let’s dive in.


If you’re an expert on skin, waxing, your products, and techniques, you’ve got to share that info with your clients whenever possible. Positioning yourself as the expert begins with the education you offer on your website, social media, or on the spa table. Your very being as a waxer is all about service, and your expertise is the number one driving factor in making that successful. 

So, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I educating the client on my choices behind their particular needs? 
  • Do I share step by step education on my clients’ services?
  • Am I talking more about personal matters (or the hot goss) discussing the clients’ current needs?
  • Am I silent for most of the service?
  • Do I choose clients’ wax products based on their specific skin and hair types and concerns?
  • Am I striving to teach my clients something new about their skin or hair removal each time they see me?
  • Am I recommending the best products for their skin or homecare routines?


We’re going to go out on a limb and say that seasoned esthies probably have their efficiency game on point. Eventually, your waxing flow just falls into a rhythm that can feel like a dance. And-a 1-2-3-4, prep-2-3-4, bulb-2-3-4, and a spread that wax-3-4. When you’re a pro, you’re always steps ahead of your next move because everything is planned out to maximize efficiency, not waste product or your client’s time, and so that each step seamlessly flows into the next.

If efficient is how you want to be, then be able to answer the following questions accordingly.

  • Do I have all of my products ready to rock for the service at-hand?
  • Are my non-woven strips pre-cut and waiting to work?
  • Am I rummaging through my stuff or substituting items because I’m unorganized or need to restock? (Better call your Starpil PAM!)
  • Do I use my products efficiently to limit waste and excess?
  • Is everything I need within a single arm’s reach?
  • Do I have to stop more than once during a service to “oh, let me just go grab….”
  • Do I make sure that I’m doing things in the right order?
  • Do my movements blend and flow from one move to the next?


This pillar can go hand-in-hand with efficiency. When your technique is on point, your efficiency can go way up, as can your waxing service success. If your technique is off, clients can risk discomfort, wasted time, a lousy wax, or worse, injury. Check up on your technique by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do I position my clients in a comfortable way for them and myself to get access to the waxing area?
  • Is my application smooth and able to remove hair in a flawless, safe, and timely manner?
  • Do I find myself struggling to achieve the results the client is looking for?
  • Am I using the right amount of wax for each service, or do I feel like I’m lacking or using too much?
  • Am I spreading the wax in a smooth, even veil over the skin?
  • Are my wax strip lips defined and grabbable?
  • Am I waiting the right amount of time to pull off my hard wax strips?
  • Are my wax removal moves choppy, or do they add to the discomfort of the client?
  • Are my strips consistent, even, and pull-off-able?
  • Do my clients call me to complain about ingrown hair and breakouts often?


Sometimes we think that cleanliness is just a given. Still, you would be surprised at how easy it is to get lost in a sea of used waxing spatulas, cotton pads, hairy wax pelts, or wax strings flying around like melted mozzarella going every which-away. A continually clean station and service show concern for your client’s well-being while keeping the products you use and retail display-case worthy. Cleanliness also saves you time in-between appointments to help you stay on the ball for your next client. Answer the following questions accordingly to make sure you’re on team clean.

  • Is my workspace set-up for success from the get-go?
  • Do I keep waste off of my counter?
  • Are the products that I use and retail displayed in an attractive manner throughout the service?
  • Am I keeping my client aware of the clean measures I’m taking, i.e., “Let me just go wash my hands one more time.”
  • Does your station stay organized for the duration of the service?
  • Do you find yourself with a lot of cleanup time after a service?


We think that all of our esthies are the ultimate waxing stars. You show up every day, and you put your all into it, and we want to meet you there to keep you thriving on that level through superior waxing products, personal customer service, Esthie Bucks, our socials, and The Waxopolatin, among other things. We strive for expertise, efficiency, technique, and cleanliness with everything we do, from giving you the best waxing tips and a million-and-one ways to impact your business most positively. Always feel free to let us know how we can continue being a wax superstar for you. 

If you’re a licensed esthetician, let us know how you stay accountable to your A-game. What do you think some other pillars of success are? What are your “rules to live by” when it comes to expertise, efficiency, technique, and cleanliness? Add it to the conversation in our Facebook group The World of Waxing. See you there!

PS! The NEW Calendula Collection is COMING SOON! It presents a complete array of waxing products from pre and post wax care to the NEW Calendula Film Hard Wax.

Calendula Wax - Starpil

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