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Starpil x Fur Professionals

Starpil x Fur

As a special thanks to our loyal pros, during the month of February Starpil was privileged to partner with Fur, one of our fellow top brands on the market, for a unique giveaway that would boost and empower our professional esthies out there. 

This partnership between our two brands brings together two industry heavyweights. Both brands work to support and empower our estheticians at every level and every turn. 

Starpil is the world’s leading brand in professional, high-quality waxing products and accessories, and is committed to serving estheticians at every skill and expertise level. To give back to our loyal professionals, we wanted to collaborate with a brand that shares our values and respect for the customers that we each build our products around. 

What Sets Starpil & Fur Apart? 

For this collaboration, each brand wanted to do something for our clients that highlights their hard work in the industry and rewards them with high-quality products that allow estheticians to provide clients with the best waxing results and with the best skincare routine. 

Both Starpil and Fur alike have a host of amazing products available in our professional and retail spheres to enhance clients’ skin and day-to-day routines. This giveaway highlighted these products while giving our estheticians an opportunity to boost their businesses and discover new ways to keep clients’ skin looking at their best. 

Our Commitment to Estheticians

Care waxing

Our brands also unite to educate estheticians and new users alike. Fur is known for its work in providing all-natural products that empower estheticians in their work and allow them to bring clients products that are skin-forward and that will help them look and feel their best in between wax appointments. 

If you’ve been a fan of Starpil and our product lines for a while now, you know that we’re dedicated to the continued success of our estheticians, and tailor our products to the many different skin and hair types that our pros work with every day. 

Products That Prioritize Clients

We listen to our estheticians and what they have to say about our products - and that’s why we’re so proud to highlight two fan-favorites from both of our brands. 

Keeping clients’ skin looking great in-between waxes is a top priority for both Starpil and Fur, and we don’t take the responsibility lightly! That’s why we’re proud to feature two products that help prevent and free clients from ingrown hairs and keep them protected in the future. 

How to Use Starpil x Fur to Fight Against Ingrowns

Ingrown hairs can happen to those who even practice the most ardent skincare routine, and can sometimes pop up seemingly out of nowhere - especially after waxing. 

As professionals who of course want their clients’ skin to look as good as their waxing results, preventing ingrowns can be a constant battle, but not with the keystone ingrown prevention products made by Starpil and Fur.  

Starpil’s Ingrown Hair Serum Spray, or “Hair Puller”, is a chemical exfoliant used 24 hours after a waxing appointment to prevent ingrown hairs from developing, and dissolving any lurking under the surface.

Starpil Ingrown Hair Serum

This treatment is designed to keep skin free and clear from dirt, debris, and toxins, and resurfaces skin before any impurities can form. 

For day-to-day use, Fur also showcases its Fur Oil, which gently reduces and eradicates bumps and redness. This everyday serum uses all-natural oils and ingredients to soothe irritation and cleanse the pores of even the most sensitive skin types. 

These products can be used in tandem to detoxify skin and eliminate ingrowns underneath the skin’s surface before they form. These products will work to resurface and smooth skin, and will leave clients glowing and happy both in their everyday routines and in between waxing appointments. 

In our continued commitment to providing estheticians with the resources to educate clients on their skincare and to keep ingrown hairs at bay, we also have all of the tips and tricks you need to treat and prevent ingrown hairs laid out for you and your clients. 

Final Thoughts

The collaboration between Starpil and Fur solidifies our dedication to the professional estheticians who love our products and who work everyday to keep their clients looking and feeling their best. 

We’re excited to have been a part of this giveaway with Fur, and are excited to continue to show our appreciation to our customers with the help of amazing brands who align with and share our values. 


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