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Top 4 Bestselling Starpil Waxing Kits - People’s Choice Is Always The Best Choice!

When considering waxing, we always encounter ourselves trying to find the best painless wax. Luckily for you we have done some research to bring you our top selling waxing kits. Based on our recent sales we can provide you with the most favorable hair removal waxing kits which are loved and have a permanent place in our customers’ home.




Starpil’s Dual PRO hard wax kit comes with 2 wax warmers with removable tins, 2 choice of wax tablets, 4.5 and 6 inch wooden spatulas and pre/post wax cream samples. While this is a favorite pick for many professionals it is also suitable for personal use. Additionally, the availability of two wax warmers allow the user to to melt different varieties of wax seamlessly. Whether it is for sensitive skin areas, arms or legs, this warmer gives you the flexibility to melt both at the same time.


#3. Large Professional Waxing Kit

Although anyone can buy this large waxing kit, the large pro complete European hard wax kit has been a tremendously favorable option for professionals. This is the most convenient waxing kit that frees the buyers from making a frequent purchase online. This kit includes 3 packs of wax tablets of your choice. Along with the 3 packs of wax tablets, this waxing kit also includes 2 packs of 100 spatulas with varying sizes of 4.5 inches and 6 inches, one pre-gel, and a professional wax warmer. A one-time investment that’s done right!


#2. Facial Hard Wax Kit

There is nothing more annoying than the existence of facial hair. But trust us on this, removing those facial fair is more annoying than the existence of the resting fibers. Starpil’s facial hard wax kit stands as the second most sold product revealing how prominent facial hair removal has become. The fact that there is no wax strip needed to get rid of the facial hair also plays an important role in its preference. With six different options for wax tablets, this facial wax kit includes a small wax warmer, 2 wooden spatulas of 4.5 and 6 inch sizes, and pre/post wax cream samples. A perfect pick for students and those who cannot visit salons frequently.


OUR BEST SELLER #1. Standard Hard Wax Kit

This hard wax kit is the favorite pick among the users of Starpil. Assembled with consideration for students, professionals, and home users, this waxing kit includes a 33oz pack of hard wax tablets, a pro wax warmer to heat the wax, generously added 2 packs of wooden spatulas, and pre/post wax treatments to make the experience a subtle one.


Are you ready to start waxing? Shop through our collection and pick your favorite! The people’s choice is never the wrong one!


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