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What is the Average Full Body Wax Price?

What is the average full body wax cost?

When opening up your own salon, you’ll likely have an endless list of things on your agenda to figure out. From attracting new customers to marketing your salon, it can quickly seem like your to-do list is filling up quickly! 

However, before you open your doors, you’ll need to determine what your rates should be for not only your full body wax price but all of your waxing services. It may seem pretty easy to decide on basic prices for your bikini wax, upper lip wax, eyebrow wax, and more, but the full body wax price tends to be a little bit more complicated. 

Table of Contents 

  • What Does a Full Body Wax Include?
  • Full Body Wax Process
  • How Much is a Full Body Wax?
  • Best Starpil Waxes for Full Body Wax
  • Final Thoughts
  • From deciding what to include with your full body services to how much you’d like to price those services individually vs. as part of a full package, knowing where to start and the baseline for these prices makes a world of difference in pricing accurately and in a way that attracts and keeps customers coming back time after time.

    In this article, we’ll cover how to choose the services to include in your full body wax, how to determine the popularity of each service, as well as how to price them. 

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    What Does A Full Body Wax Include?

    A full body wax can include either a bikini or Brazilian wax, arm and/or leg wax, upper lip and eyebrow, stomach, and back waxes. Each salon can arrange their full-body waxes differently, and salons often even leave room for some substitutions or additions to this service to meet the needs of individual clients’ requests. 

    When creating your salon’s full-body wax offering, consider the gender of the clients you’re serving. This is a significant factor that will impact your choices for the package. 

    For example, in regards to male clients, many will come in for chest, stomach, and/or back waxing when looking into a full-body package

    Men may even want to see a manzilian in their complete full-body wax package. If you’re not sure what offering a manzilian might entail or can’t decide whether or not you want to offer them at your salon, we’ve got some helpful resources to provide you with everything you need to know about the world of manzilian waxing

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    Full Body Wax Process

    Some of your clients might already be in the habit of making separate appointments for multiple waxes. For instance, one week, they may come in for their routine bikini wax, but because of their growth pattern, they may be in for their eyebrow wax the following week. 

    To increase their interest in a full body wax, tell them about how much more convenient it would be to get all their waxing done in one appointment! Not only is getting everything done at once more convenient, but it’ll also make them feel better to be freshly waxed from head to toe rather than hairy in some areas and hairless in others. 

    Since the hair all over their bodies has different rates of hair growth and also grows at different speeds, ensure that clients know that all their hair needs to be  about ¼ of an inch long for a full-body wax. As a frame of reference, this is around the length of a grain of rice. If their hair happens to be longer, that’s okay! You can always trim it down so your hard wax can grip the hair effectively.  

    How you decide to complete a full-body waxing is at your discretion. Some estheticians may start with a bikini/Brazilian, work their way over to legs and then work up from there. Some may go from top to bottom. Others may even organize the waxing by the type of formula they might use for different areas. It’s really up to you to perform your waxes as you see fit!

    Whichever route you choose, let your clients in on the process. They might be a little worried about discomfort from waxing everything all at once, so assurance is the best policy and communication will make all the difference in keeping them comfortable. 

    If your clients express curiosity as to what a full-body wax entails and want to learn more about the process, refer them to 'Full Body Waxing 101', our complete guide to all things full-body waxing. From what's included in a full body wax to the benefits and drawbacks thereof, they'll have everything they need to understand if the service is right for them. 

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    How Much Is A Full Body Wax?

    Depending upon which services you have included in your full-body wax services, a full-body wax price, on average, can begin at around $150 (give or take) and increase from there. If you have a limited full-body wax, like only a Brazilian, leg waxing, and lip waxing, you could be looking at somewhere between $100-$150. Keep in mind that these prices can vary depending on what formulas you’re using, the services you include, the area your salon is in, and the overall salon experience you provide.

    A complete full-body wax price from the neck down for a male client will often begin at over $150, considering the higher quantity of hair removed from each large area, as well as the other variables we mentioned prior.

    When choosing pricing for your salon, consider what the total cost would be if you added up all the individual service prices. Clients will be more likely to go the route of a full-body wax if it is more cost-efficient for them. Don't forget to factor in your location and the type of salon you have. 

    Higher-end salons and spas, especially ones at or affiliated with resorts, will always have a higher cost, whereas locally-owned smaller salons will be closer to the prices listed above. 

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    head-to-toe waxing

    Best Starpil Waxes For Full Body Wax

    Once you've planned out which services to include with your full-body wax, have your procedure laid out, and stock your salon with high-quality wax formulas and pre and post-wax care products, you’re good to go! 

    However, if you’re just starting out in the world of salon ownership or with full-body waxing as a whole, having the right hard wax formulas makes all of the difference in the quality of services you provide. 

    More than likely, you don't want to use a "one size fits all" wax for everything you do. Aside from having your choice between hard wax and soft wax, Starpil provides multiple types of both hard waxes and soft waxes to meet the needs of various skin types. They have precisely designed waxes useful for individual parts of the body and different skin types. 

    Starpil Waxing Products

    To learn more about which waxes might be right for your full-body wax services, check out our "Full Body Waxing 101" guide.

    When performing full-body waxes, you’ll also need to have the best pre and post-wax products ready to go to keep your clients’ skin looking and feeling its best throughout the process. 

    For a little extra care or for clients with extra-sensitive skin, use Starsoft Intensive Post-Wax Cream post-wax, which is ideal for calming, hydrating, and protecting freshly waxed skin. It has neurosensory properties designed to reduce any pain, redness, and irritation for clients whose skin is very reactive to waxing. A cream like this is a perfect reassurance to clients worried about excessive pain and discomfort from waxing!

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    Final Thoughts

    With the right full body wax process, service standard, and price ready to go for the opening of your salon, you’re set up for success in your business venture. 

    Having the right preparation and knowledge regarding these services is to educate yourself about the right pricing and costs involved with full body waxing so that your customers aren’t being overcharged, while ensuring that your business makes a profit.

    Remember - don't neglect to use high-quality waxes for your services and always have specialty wax formulas in your repertoire for use on clients with sensitive skin or for use on particularly sensitive areas like Brazilian waxes.

    The more comfortable and happy your clients are with their service, results, and the pricing at your salon, the more likely they are to return and recommend your salon to their friends and family - which will all contribute to business growth.


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