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Top Tips for Reducing Your Wax Salon Product Costs

Top Tips for Reducing Your Wax Salon Product Costs


You spend a lot of time and money on so many things for your salon that it’s always a good idea to minimize your costs wherever you can. One area that can keep your costs low while increasing your profits is through the products you use in your wax salon every day. You have your back-bar products like your hard wax kit and those you also retail like your pre and after-wax care products. All of them should be used appropriately to reduce costs and give you a strong return on investment. In Top Tips for Reducing Your Wax Salon Product Costs (or any salon for that matter), Starpil Wax shares how to choose the right products, what your back bar and retail sales should mean for your business, how to reduce back bar waste, proper training techniques and how to work with the brands to get the most from the wax products you carry to reduce costs.



Carrying the right products to use and retail is the first step toward reducing waste because they are inspiring to sell, and your clients are more likely to buy them. Since your retail and back bar are a part of the client experience, it’s essential to consider the following things when selecting the wax products you carry. 

  • Do market research on which products would best suit the demographic you’re serving.
  • Calculate everything from the initial product investment to set prices that garner a profit while being savvy for your clients.
  • Compare the differences and benefits between brands like Starpil Wax and other brands.
  • Choose which wax products and pre and after-wax care to carry based on ingredients, reviews, and performance.
  • Include products in your back bar that can be retailed. 


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If you’ve ever gone back to the shampoo bowl at a hair salon or watched your wax pro scoop out soft wax from a wax pot without learning anything new about the products being used, you were witnessing a missed opportunity to reduce product costs in more ways than one. 

The back bar should be seen as a place for clients to try amazing products IRL. This is where product education should be happening as well as there a focus on using the products in the right way as to further educate on their proper use.


Basically, your back bar is where your clients get to experience some of the most impressive products on the market according to the professional they trust. Capitalize on all of the efforts you made to bring those products to them.



  1. Share how you choose the products you carry with your team and help them understand the costs of wasting product. Monitoring back bar use doesn’t have to be pedantic, but it is wise to highlight the importance of reducing waste so that your team has a healthy respect for your costs and efforts. 
  2. Staff training should also include how to create a game plan with each client ahead of time. If you are working with a long-time client, it’ll be easier to tailor your station set-up just for them. Knowing whether to use hard wax vs. soft wax, Starpil blue hard wax or pink wax, and the correct pre and after-wax care for their skin type will help reduce waste.
  3. For every client, the skin prep time should be used for analyzing the skin and hair types and hair growth patterns. If you see anything notable while prepping, you can create the proper game plan for how you will use the products in the most effective way to achieve the best results. 

These three training tips can limit trial and error and keep technicians alert and conscious of how they are using the products. 



Waste reduction training goes hand-in-hand with inventory and product knowledge training. There is a difference in how you should train your management and the rest of your team. Your manager is the first line of support for you and the staff regarding products, while the rest of the team is on the front lines of using the products.


Training your manager

Your manager or person in charge of inventory should have intrinsic knowledge of the inner workings of cash flow, shrinkage, and overstock. They should completely understand the client experience and how to support the team with their learning. Your manager should be on top of scheduling product knowledge training with vendors and be your most prominent advocate of a positive sales environment.


Training your employees

Your staff needs to have some awareness of how your back bar and retail should work from your perspective. Your team should receive regular product and sales training to use the right products on the right people in the right way; this is paramount in reducing wax salon product costs.


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Good brands have great products, while great brands offer remarkable accessibility and client relations. You should be selecting the products you retail and use like you’re choosing a partner (because their parents are a part of the package!). Consider the following when selecting the products/brands if you want to get the most bang for your Esthie Bucks.     

Esthie Bucks by Starpil

  • Your wax products should come with a positive relationship and brand support.     
  • It’s wise to choose brands that cater to salon professionals.
  • Does the brand offer wholesale?    
  • Do they distribute the products themselves, and do they pass off those savings to their customers? 

Your brands and vendors should have an excellent reputation for working with salon professionals because they know how to maximize their products for your most significant ROI. If you’re not making money, they’re not making money, so it’s in their best interest to bring their customers up with them! They can also do this by providing reward and wholesale programs that help you save on the products you already buy.


If your brands distribute their own products, they cut out the middleman and can pass those savings to their customers. Through these things, you can see the difference between a brand that is trying to build a community around their products and those who are only interested in sales. It can save you a lot of money to be keen on those nuances from the get-go.  


Another way to save with your brands is to attach yourself to anything they offer via promotions, sales, and product news. This would mean subscribing to their newsletters, signing up for their rewards programs for extra perks, and following them on social media so that you’re always on top of where the back bar and product retail savings are.


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Let’s talk wholesale. Many of us already know the benefits of saving your wax salon money by ordering wax products via wholesale. For example, using Starpil Wholesale is a big way to increase your profit margin. We are a prime example of a brand that works almost exclusively with salon professionals, are our own distributor, and yes, we do pass off those savings to you. 


It’s wise to buy salon supplies such as stripless hard wax formulas, roll-on soft wax, and pre-wax and post-wax care products like Starpil Pre-Wax Care Gel in bulk. As for your after-wax care, using products like Starpil Post-Wax Care Lotion, Post-Wax Care Oil, and Ingrown Hair Serum are ideal for retailing as they are a part of an essential home-care routine for your clients. Because of this, these products should take a more prominent role in your back bar, making their wholesale purchase essential. 

Emulsions - Starpilwax

If you want to take wholesale to the next level, let’s talk about getting yourself a wholesale brand rep. Working with a brand rep for your products can be the ultimate game-changer. A brand rep usually keeps tabs on your inventory and does all of the ordering for you with your approval from your back bar to your retail products. Your rep knows about upcoming promotions and optimal times to re-order products. They should be responsible for setting up product trainings with your staff and providing all of the relevant education and branding materials. Everything that we mentioned above about training your inventory manager could be taken care of by a brand rep for half the cost.


For example, let’s say that you retail and back bar the Starpil Brazilian Waxing Mask. Your rep will keep tabs on how many Brazilian Waxing Masks were sold and used within a certain period and regulate how many you should be reordering based on demand. If there is an inconsistency in sales, your rep will pinpoint where the issue is and work to remedy it with product knowledge and brand support. Remember, time is money, too, and having your

inventory automated for you with a rep can take a BIG weight off your shoulder while giving you more of both. 

Bikini Mask


All of these tips are crucial to reducing wax salon product costs, but we know first-hand that the most important thing you can do to reduce your costs is to get wholesale reps for the products you use and sell the most. There is never a need to cut corners or skim anything from your clients or staff to save a buck. If you apply even just a little bit of the top tips for reducing your wax salon product costs, you will see the difference in your ROI while keeping everyone (including you!) happy.

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