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Original Blend vs Film Hard Wax

Original Blend vs Film Hard Wax

Over the past several decades, estheticians and at-home users alike have evolved in the techniques and methods they use to wax.  One of the biggest developments in the industry came in the form of non-polymer hard wax tablets a long time ago. 

Since tablets came on the scene, this type of wax quickly surpassed wax as an esthie favorite thanks to not needing soft wax strips, being gentler on skin, and being easier to use. 

Since then, the introduction of hard wax microbeads has only made the industry evolve further, and has made hard wax even more popular. 

Table of Contents

  • Original Blend Non-Polymer Hard Wax
  • Stripless Film Hard Wax
  • How Much Hard Wax Do I Need?  
  • How to Choose a Hard Wax Formula
  • Final Thoughts  
  • Hard wax in and of itself was a game-changer, but when polymer film hard wax came on the scene, all bets were off. 

    Though soft wax is still a strong contender in the waxing game, we're here to focus on Original Blend Wax vs Film Hard Wax, and how each of these hard wax formulas works wonders for hair removal. 

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    Original Blend Non-Polymer Hard Wax

    Original Blend Hard Wax is a smooth and crystal-creamy stripless hard wax that’s long been a go-to for estheticians.  

    This hydrating professional hard wax is ideal for use on thick, coarse hair and male body waxing. This formula comes in wax tablets and is known among speed waxers as their go-to because of how quickly it sets. 

    So what makes this formula such a mainstay? Original Blend doesn’t contain any polymer, which is a resin embedded in a film hard wax. This makes it most effective on smaller areas and grips hair firmly at the root. Our Original Blend Hard Non-Polymer Wax comes in six different formulations, each with unique ingredients, benefits, and uses.

    Benefits of Non-Polymer Hard Wax:

    • Hydrates dry skin
    • Pulls out hairs as short as 1mm
    • Come in tablet form

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    Stripless Film Hard Wax

    Now that you know what polymers are and how they work, let’s learn how formulas that use these large molecules of plastics and resins in them provide amazing hair removal. 

    When polymers are blended into a hard wax formula, it creates a “film” (hence the name polymer film hard wax). The film melts down, then cools and hardens around hairs to pull them from the root without sticking to the skin. 

    This blend allows for skin to be less irritated during the waxing process, results in less hair breakage, and adds more cohesiveness to waxing certain areas. Starpil Film Hard Wax Collections use different polymers to achieve a variety of results for your clients’ individual needs. 

    The polymers in stripless film hard wax also give users a lot of flexibility and room to spread. It cools quickly but remains pliable, so it doesn’t crack or break when removed. It’s excellent for every service and all hair and skin types. 

    Starpil offers many different polymer hard wax formulas which offer users unparalleled hair removal results, including our staple Stripless Blue Film Hard Wax Beads, Stripless Pink Film Hard Wax Beads, and Stripless Black Film Hard Wax Beads.

    Benefits of Polymer Hard Wax:

    • Doesn’t stick to the skin
    • Can be applied at a low-low temperature
    • Pulls hair from the root for delayed growth
    • Comes in multiple formulas to meet a variety of needs
    • Available in hard wax beans and wax tablets

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    How Much Hard Wax Do I Need?

    Whether you have a full client roster already or are just starting, having and mastering different stripless wax formulas can benefit you and your clients in more ways than one. 

    Starpil has 12 formulas of professional hard wax to choose from to meet any given need and for removing hair from every skin type. This way, you can enjoy the user benefits hard wax provides while clients of all skin types can enjoy the best hair removal possible.  

    Benefits of Having Multiple Hard Wax Formulas: 

    • Expands your product knowledge
    • Continually cultivates new hard wax techniques
    • Allows you to tailor services to clients’ specific needs
    • Increases your talking points to position you as a wax authority, and increases sales, and future bookings
    • Enhances the client experience
    • Keeps things interesting and challenging

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    How to Choose a Hard Wax Formula

    With so many film hard wax formulas to choose from, we can understand that it might be challenging to know which ones might be best to add to your repertoire. It’s best to have both original and polymer hard wax formulas available for your varied services, as well as a couple of specialty hard waxes to cater to clients with sensitive skin.

    Let’s break down the optimal application temperatures and the best way to use each hard wax formula:

    Blue Film Hard Wax

    Pink Film Hard Wax

    Black Film Hard Wax

    Starsoft Hard Wax

    Coral Hard Wax 

    Calendula Hard Wax

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    Final Thoughts

    The only way to truly know which hard wax is going to work best for you and your clients is to try them out for yourself! 

    Don’t just use them once, either. Get to know these formulas and how it works for each service and on each client to truly see how hard wax can change the way you provide clients with their best hair removal results. 

    Don’t forget to use the correct application temperature, perfect your technique, and mind your consistency. You’ll be a stripless hard wax master in no time!




    I have very thick hair and hypersensitive skin, which blend would you recommend for me polymer or original?

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