Stripless Blue Film Hard Wax Beads - 5lb

The 5lb Blue Film Hard Wax Beads are the most pliable, elastic, and spreadable blue hard wax formula for estheticians and waxing professionals. Their low application temperature offers a comfortable application with rapid cooling that helps keep skin safe. With the perfect number of polymers, Starpil blue hard wax is easy on the skin but tough on coarse hair because it opens pores and cinches hair at the follicle’s base for complete removal.

Its spreadable crystalline (gel-like) formula can cover large, full-body waxing areas without breaking or cracking, making it the best blue wax for speed waxing. The easy-to-measure blue hard wax beans come in a five-pound bag for a simple pour that helps give you accurate readings on your inventory, and their smaller size makes the meltdown smooth and consistent with an even texture. 

5lb/ 2,268g/ 80oz plastic bag 


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Selected :Stripless Blue Film Hard Wax Beads - 5lb
  • Application at low temperature
  • No strips needed for removal
  • Liposoluble, soft elastic texture for a perfect pull of the hair but gentle on skin
  • Removes short hairs from the root without breakage for delayed growth
  • Allows for a fine application layer with a shorter drying time
  • Gentle pull that reduces pain and sensitivities
  • Easier to measure in any hard wax heater
  • Fast meltdown capabilities
  • Also available in tablets
  • CoPolymer
  • Colophonium (Rosin) Glyceryl Rosinate
  • Beeswax
  • Cera Alba Microcrystalline wax
  • Paraffin
  • Peg-3 Dirosinate
  • Ethylene/VA
  • BHT
  • Mineral Oil
  • Plugin and turn on your favorite Starpil Hard Wax Facial Warmer.
  • Place hard wax beans or tablets into your wax warmer.
  • Set the temperature of the warmer to max until wax is fully melted Stir occasionally.
  • Lower the temperature to just above halfway and let wax cool.
  • Once the green indicator light is off, the warmer has stabilized, and the wax should have a thick, honey-like texture.
  • Mix wax and test a strip on your wrist before commencing service on the client.
  • Prep client's skin using Starpil Pre-Wax Care Gel. Let the area dry completely.
  • Apply wax in a U-shape and let it cool for a couple of seconds or until the strip is semi-hardened.
  • Hold the skin taut and firmly peel it off by pulling it back in the opposite direction of application.
  • Finish by applying the Starpil Post-Wax Care Lotion on your client for optimum results.
  • Turn off your wax warmer and tidy up your workstation.

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Christie M.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Blue hard wax

Love this wax. Grips the hair so well!

United States United States
I recommend this product
Such fan of this blue wax

This hard wax is great! Love it for my brazilians

United States United States
I recommend this product
Excellent Product

This is very good quality wax. I am very pleased.

Jazmyn m.
United States United States
Great wax

The wax is great gets up majority of the hair with the first strip, this stuff is good

United States United States
The best!

This product is amazing!

United States United States
It’s the blue for me

My favorite is the blue. I’ve tried pink and black also. Blue wins everytime.

United States United States
Good quality, need practice using hardwax

The wax is high quality, melts evenly and is gentle on my skin. Application of proper thickness strips with a ‘lip’ takes a few tries. If it cracks and peels- it’s you not the wax! Molasses consistency yields perfect results.

Rachel H.
United States United States
Really nice wax

Its great for coarser hairs, I'm ordering pink for finer hairs!

United States United States
Excited !!!

I've been wanting to try Starpil Wax for a LONG time AND I've been dreaming about having a 5 pound (or larger) Warmer for years !!! I'm happy I was finally able to purchase a bag of your Blue Hard Wax and really excited about adding it to my Waxing Treatment Room. Someday I'd LOVE to have one of your Dual Hard Wax Warmers and your famous STARSOFT wax !!! Thank you for making the process so easy ! - Brenda Michigan

United States United States
Best products ever

He probado muchos tipos de wax, pero este ha sido el mejor

Rhoda Mauclair-St. Louis
United States United States
I’m in love with do it yourself waxing

Excellent! I wax my eyebrows, and my entire face. Check out the process by selecting the link below:

United States United States
Waxing nail salon

My wax lady uses starpil and told me I should get it for the nail salon and I’m in love. Very good quality!

Starpil Wax USA Stripless Blue Film Hard Wax Beads 5lb Bag Review
Sandara H.
United States United States
My Experience with Starpil wax products

I'm so happy for my recent purchase from Starpil products. The blue wax is one of my favorite wax to get the job done in specif areas such as Arm pits and Brazilians. The Roll-on is a Must have!!! I love it!!! It does a great job on the legs , back and chest . This guys made my job easier and faster. My clients love it too. Thank you Starpil for the Excellent Customer Service!

United States United States
Excited to try!

I've heard many great things about there hard wax! I'm looking forward to trying it!

Gabrielle M.
Bahamas Bahamas
Great product

Product is very versatile, great for coarser hair types

Anne A.
United States United States
Testing New wax beads

I am still getting used to this wax. This is very different from the 600g blue wax beads. These beads are smaller, and taked longer to dry to remove the hair. I sm still learning my waxing technique so hopefully i will get better at it.

Olga D.
So smooth and easy to apply - anything found elsewhere can't compare

I've been giving myself at-home waxes now for a while. I started off with Ceripil off Amazon but I found that over time the wax doesn't apply as thin or as easily. As I began inquiring around, I saw that a lot of people were recommending Starpil. To my surprise, the pricing is amazing! For what you buy on Amazon from Ceripil, buying this 5 lb in particular is actually cheaper overtime. If the wax is cheaper and BETTER, why not go for it? This was a great investment. Happy to have done so. Thanks Starpil!

Christina F.
United States United States

Definitely was curious as to which one of hard waxes to purchase, and so I decided to go with the turquoise blue. One of my waxer friends suggested this one also and she is one of the top waxers for the company I used to work for at the front desk. So......As result....I HAVE NO REGRETS WHATSOEVER!!!! Its so easy to use, and gets EVERY STRAND OF HAIR...WOW..I plan to purchase another 5 lbs and then the black film next. I'm mixed, so bring Haitian/Dominican/French is the crazy mix of thick hair lol. Definitely would recommend this one. Love you guys.

Madeline C.
United States United States
My favorite wax

I’ve been using this wax for 3 years now and love it and the price!

Marshae L.
United States United States

So glad I purchased the 5lb bag instead of the smaller 2lb container. I was worried 5lbs would be waaaay too much wax but it’s perfect because I don’t have to keep reordering wax. It melts quickly and easy to work with. I use this wax to do my own Brazilians, legs, and underarms. No complaints.