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Non Woven Roll (Cut to Size-100m/325ft)

  • $35.90

    Keep services on a roll with a seemingly endless (over 100 yards) non-woven strip roll. If you are a busy soft wax queen or king, save time and money with this unbeatable hair removal must-have. The Starpil Non-Woven Roll puts you in control of how much or little of a soft wax removal strip you need. Made of gentle cellulose fibers, the material helps to absorb wax to anchor itself onto the strip for an even pull of the hair. Your strips won’t bleed through to the other side, fray, or lose steam as you use them up to five times before needing a new strip.

    Even when you cut from your roll, it maintains clean edges so that the only things sticking to it are the soft wax and hair. This material offers just the right amount of flexibility to adhere to facial and body contours but stays firm enough to provide strength, durability, and tear-free hair removal. Pre-cut your strips to 9” or longer if needed for larger body waxing or to about 1.5” for eyebrow and lip waxing.

    Cut to Size 100m/325ft

    • Made with gentle cellulose fibers
    • Offers neat and clean waxing
    • Flexible and malleable
    • Absorbable and versatile
    • Ideal for face and body
    • Provides flawless soft wax and roll-on hair removal
    • Designed for professional use
    • It gives you 325ft of pristine hair removal ability

    • Speed waxers
    • Eyebrow and facial wax pros
    • Those working with thick, deep-rooted hair
    • Soft wax and roll-on waxers
    • High-volume esthies, salons, and beauty schools

    • Non-woven cellulose fibers
    • Clean edges that maintain integrity even when cut
    • Sustainably-sourced and made in Spain

    Softly bend and move your wax strip so that it’s malleable over the curves of the face and body.
    Save time and money. Pre-cut your non-woven strips down to size on your downtime so that they’re available when things are busy.
    Use strips to get your roll-on wax cartridge on the move so that it’s ready to apply wax to the skin. Just drag the heated roller head over a clean strip.
    Pull your strips off parallel and close to the skin and not up and out for complete hair removal that leaves the skin anchored to the body.

    • 325 feet / 100 meters

    • Pre-cut your strips to size for smaller waxing areas and to have full-sized strips stored and ready for use.

    • After placing your soft wax, immediately place a non-woven strip over it in the direction you wish to remove the hair. Leave at least a half-inch of free edge to give you an area to pull the strip off.

    • Firmly press and run your palm or fingertips (for smaller strips) over the wax and strip in the opposite direction you will pull from.

    • Use one hand to hold the skin taut and the other to pull the strip firmly and quickly off of the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth. Be sure to remove strips parallel to the skin and not up toward you.

    • Immediately after the removal, press your palm firmly onto the skin to ease pain.

    • After waxing, follow with Starpil Post Wax Care Oil to protect the skin and remove any wax residue.

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