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Professional Triple Roll-On Wax Kit


Bring your salon to the next level with the Triple Roll-On Wax Kit from Starpil. This kit allows you to simultaneously heat three roll-on wax units at once to enjoy 30 minutes of cordless use each. This warmer will let you cut your waxing services in half while always having wax ready to go for larger surfaces or your next client. 

The triple roll-on wax kit includes a triple roll-on wax warmer as well as a 20 ct. Pack of the roll-on wax formula and pre & post-wax care bundle of your choice for the most customized services possible.  

Complete Inclusions:

  • Triple Roll-On Wax Warmer port + Cordless Roll-On Wax Warmer Units

  • Your Choice of Roll-On Wax Cartridges (20 Pack): Blue Roll-On Wax, Pink Roll-On Wax, Starsoft Roll-On Wax, Natural Roll-On Wax, Aloe Vera Roll-On Wax, Seaweed Roll-On Wax, Chocolate Roll-On Wax

  • Your Choice of Pre & Post Wax Care: Original Pre & Post Wax Care Bundle (500ml variety), Starsoft Pre & Post Wax Care Bundle (200ml Variety), or Calendula Pre & Post Wax Care Bundle (200ml Variety)

  • Wax Strips: 200 ct. Non-woven wax removal strips

  • This is a Sample Product Title
    Was $200.00 Now $100.00

    Heat 3 units at once for 30 minutes of cordless use each
    Always have wax ready to go for back-to-back services
    Cut waxing service times in half
    Choose wax & pre & post-wax formulas for fully customized services
    Includes wax strips for easy removal

    • Plug in and turn on your Triple Roll-On Wax Warmer port.

    • Take individual handheld units and insert the Starpil Roll-On Wax Cartridge of your choice.

    • Place individual units and cartridges onto the charging base before turning on.

    • Heat wax cartridge in your roll-on wax warmer for 30 minutes.

    • 5, Check that the wax has melted to liquid form in the roll-on warmer.

    • Remove seal on the roll-on cartridge and then roll onto a removal strip to loosen the roller head and test wax temperature.

    • Prep skin using the Pre-Wax Gel of your choice. Let the area dry completely.

    • Apply a thin layer over skin in the direction of hair growth.

    • Place hair removal wax strip on the surface and pull against the direction of hair growth.

    • Finish by applying the Post-Wax Lotion of your choice to freshly waxed skin. Follow up with the Post-Wax Oil of your choice.

    • Turn off your roll-on warmer and tidy up your workstation.

    Warmer Specs (Single Unit):

    3.88oz/110g Capacity (1 roll-on wax cartridge) per cordless warmer

    Heats cartridges to ideal temperature
    230 V - 50 Hz

    Warmer Measurements (Single Unit): 1.5” W x 3” L x 7” H

    **1-YEAR WARRANTY: Starpil Wax wax warmers have a one-year repair or replacement warranty. If you have any issues with your warmer within one year of the purchase date, you can send it back to us for our technicians to evaluate. If the warmer can be repaired, it will be fixed and sent back to you promptly. If it is deemed irreparable, we will send you a brand-new wax warmer. For more information, please contact us at info@starpilwax.com or 305-907-0756

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