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The Bachelor’s, Alexa Caves, Waxing Success

Our mission is to provide you with quality hair removal products along with tools and services to help you thrive as a professional esthetician. If you are succeeding in the world of wax, then we are fulfilling our purpose.

It is always exciting when we hear or see that one of your customers is thriving so we wanted to give a quick shout out to a very special contestant of the new Bachelor, Alexa Caves. Alexa is a Starpil product’s user and if you caught her intro clip in the show you would have seen our wax warmer in the background of her salon. We were thrilled when we saw her on the popular show and couldn’t wait to share the news with you!

Alexa specializes in skin beautification and performs cosmetic skin treatments such as body waxing and body treatments. She resides in Chicago where she obtained her license to be an esthetician and opened her own business, Lexa Rae Beauty.

In case you were wondering, Alexa uses our Large Professional Hard Wax Warmer, which holds 5lb of hard wax, and she prefers our Blue Film Hard Wax Beads and Pink Film Hard Wax Beads for her waxing sessions.

You hold the key to your success but we are the guide to help you get there. We can offer you the following:

  • Valuable information to help with you grow in the beauty industry.
  • Set you up with an account manager who will provide you exceptional service.
  • Rewards, promotions, and product discounts.

Alexa Caves Starpil Wax

We love when our clients are progressing in their career! If you have a Starpil Wax success story please submit your story to us and we might just feature it in a new blog post.



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