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Having your own Starpil Personal Account Manager Can Help Your Business Thrive

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Featured Business: Roxc Beauté

Instagram: roxcbeaute

Roxana Chicata is the owner and founder of Roxc Beauté Spa located in Kearny, New Jersey. At the age of 36, Roxana realized that working in the corporate world was no longer for her and made the choice to go back to school for skin care and esthetics. She absolutely fell in love and has opened up her own business to live her dream of doing what she loves the most!

Roxana has worked incredibly hard to get Roxc Beauté Spa the reputation of being a place where people can get superior quality waxing sessions with the very best waxing products available. Since beginning to use Starpil products earlier this year, Roxana has noticed her business benefiting immensely by having a relationship with her Personal Account Manager, Chelsea, who contacted her after she expressed interest in receiving special Starpil wholesale pricing.

Roxana keeps in touch regularly with Chelsea, who gives her the inside scoop on the latest Starpil deals and promotions. When asked about what effect her Personal Account Manager has had on her business, Roxana replied:

“Oh my goodness, it makes everything so much easier! Having a 1 on 1 relationship with someone within the company is amazing because it saves me time from having to go online and decide what products I need every time I need to re-order.”

“Chelsea ensures that I never run low on inventory. She provides me with exclusive insight on which waxing practices are best for my business and clientele. I also receive expert guidance and recommendations on which waxes would suit the specific needs of my clients. I even get the inside scoop on the hottest waxing trends around the nation that are changing the way people wax!”

This is valuable information that can only be obtained by having a personal account manager. Inquiring about wholesale pricing puts you one step closer to getting into contact with your Personal Account Manager that is assigned to every wholesale account.

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