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How I Fell In Love With Starpil And Why You Will Too - HK Wax Center

They say you find true love when you're not looking for it. I'm not sure they intended for that to apply to hair removal wax, but that's my Starpil story -love when I least expected it! Hello, my name is Kristen and I'm an Esthetician and the owner of HK Wax Center - Austin Arbor which specializes in Brazilian waxing in Austin, Tx. HK Wax Center also offers a full line of facial waxing and body waxing services using only premium hard wax, as well as skin care products. Oh yeah, I also have a YouTube channel where I share my knowledge, opinions, and pretty much anything wax related and this is how I found Starpil Wax.

Using Starpil Wax

How Did I Find Starpil?

Okay as you know, I actually wasn’t looking to switch to a different wax when I found Starpil. I had been using another major brand hard wax for years and overall I was pleased with it. Of course, there were aspects of the wax that frustrated me, but I figured it had to be better than other waxes I had heard about. However, I had multiple followers on my Youtube channel comment “had I ever heard of or used Starpil Wax?” I hadn't. Since I try to answer all my subscribers questions, I told them I would order Starpil's hard wax and let them know what I thought. I contacted Starpil and requested a sample of their hard wax. Mariana at Starpil responded to me quickly (within 24 hours) and sent the blue film hard wax and pink film hard wax to my doorstep within a couple days. I am always open to suggestions and strive to only use the best and highest quality products at my waxing salon. So, I was definitely curious to try out this new wax and compare it to the other brand. At the time, I assumed it would lead to another review video where I reinforce my decision to use this “other” brand. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how wrong my assumptions were. Starpil Wax outperformed the other brand in many ways!

What Makes Starpil Different?

The most important factor I look for when testing out a hard wax (besides actually removing the hair!) is the elasticity. During a waxing appointment, I almost always apply multiple wax strips before I start removing them. This means I need a hard wax that is elastic enough to stay pliable and not break upon removal. Many hard waxes will break if you don’t remove them immediately. Not only does this hurt your clients, but it also causes the hairs to snap instead of being pulled from the root. So when Starpil’s hard wax passed that test, I was ecstatic! The Starpil wax keeps perfectly elastic without breaking or tearing apart during strip removal. Their hard wax also removes fine hairs much better than the other hard wax brand. This became very clear while testing it out during facial waxing services. For example, clean up strips were always required while doing an upper lip service while using the other brand hard wax. However, there were many times I didn’t need to do a clean up strip while using Starpil! Starpil hard wax also comes in two different forms which I hadn’t seen before. It comes in bead form (great for cooling down hot wax quickly or if you need to melt wax quickly) or tablet form (perfect if you already have wax fully melted but would like to casually melt more- ie if you’re not in a hurry).

Large Wax Warmer

My “Ah-Ha” Moment

I never realized how much I had started to hate performing underarm waxing services over the years. Since the area is small, most Estheticians I know love underarm waxes. However, because I could never get the other wax brand to successfully remove all the hair (which resulted in me having to tweeze more than normal, yuck!), I slowly began disliking underarms more and more. A couple days after I purchased my first full order of the blue film hard wax (my personal favorite), I had my first underarm wax service. I wasn’t expecting anything to be different since I had gotten so used to going over that area multiple times while using the other wax brand. This time, I was completely wrong! After applying one strip, 95% of the hair was gone with Starpil! I can’t even explain how excited and amazed I was! The clean up strip removed the rest and I was done. So it’s safe to say that I no longer hate underarms! This is the moment I fell in love with Starpil Wax or if you prefer we don't get too mushy, my "Ah-Ha" moment! Since then, I’ve noticed that Starpil’s wax overall performs better at removing all hair compared to the other wax brand. Brazilian and Bikini wax, Leg wax, and especially Facial waxing have all benefited from my switch to Starpil. Because more hair comes out with the first strip, less wax is being used over all. Another great bonus! Since switching to Starpil's blue film hard wax for the bulk of my waxing services and using the pink film in special cases I've improved my customer's experience and reduced the amount of wax I use. Using a wax that performs dramatically better not only saves by using less wax, but also creates a better experience for the your client by saving time and removing the hair with less strips or painful tweezing. Now that I found a new hard wax what about other Starpil products?

What Now?

From wax beds to post wax lotions Starpil has a lot to offer. I haven’t had a chance to test all of their wax products, but with each order I've added a new product to test. My most recent purchase was their large 5.5lb wax warmer and it has been fantastic! Not every product will be a fit for my business, but they are all used by my YouTube viewers! So, I've made it a goal to eventually purchase and review or demonstrate each one. At this point, I can honestly say that I have never been happier with hard wax product. HK Wax Center has completely switched over to Starpil Wax now and we won’t be looking back! I fully believe in this brand and know that my clients are getting the highest quality experience possible. Hopefully, this helps other Estheticians or even at home waxers to improve their waxing. You might not be looking for a new wax, but you just found one. As they say, you fall in love when you least expect it! So take my advice and give Starpil a try, you won’t regret it!


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