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Which Wax Do You Prefer? The Starpil Waxes - Find Your Favorite Now!

Starpil itself has been experimenting in the fabrication of depilatory and cosmetic products for 30 years and we are extremely proud of where we are today. The allure of hair removal wax manufactured by Starpil includes everything from the basic soft wax products, to our latest find!

If you have just started exploring the world of this effective semi-permanent hair removal method, we think you need a little guidance here. We’ve listed all the types of waxes we create along with its best-case application. It’s time to find your favorite!


  1. Soft Strip Wax- The Basic

This is the most basic kind of wax made using high-quality rosins and bees wax. The method of its application includes spreading a thin application over the area, pressing a cloth strip to the area applied with wax, and pulling off with the strip. Formulated using Rosin Ester with glycerine, antioxidants, and pigments, Starpil’s soft wax gives amazing after waxing results. There have been many changes in the formulation of soft waxes and because of its cheaper rates and faster application, many women prefer soft wax over other waxes. Starpil soft wax cans are available in two sizes- 500 ml and 800 ml, both of which are convenient sizes for your waxing needs!


  1. Roll-On Wax- The Most Handy

Roll-ons are a blessing in disguise for students and professionals who neither have time to book a salon or have a lavish budget for waxing. Apt for full body waxing, roll on waxing kits are considered the most hygienic option. With no need of involving spatulas, waxing tins or dipping, women choose roll-on waxes for its practical application within economic boundaries. In fact, if you are a fan of soft wax, you can easily get your arms and legs waxed in no time using just one cartridge. Composed using soothing active ingredients such as azulene, Starpil roll-on wax is available in 10 or a 20-pack quantity and 6 different main ingredients including aloe vera, chocolate, seaweed (for men), honey natural, rose pink, and blue gel.


  1. Stripless Blue Film Beads- The Favorite!

Blue Film wax beads are Starpil’s most favorited wax! Formulated using the latest technology for making it the most elastic wax, this wax is suitable for all skin types. The tin is to be filled with wax beads which melt to liquid form once warmed within the wax warmer. However, the most comforting thing about hard wax is that you don’t need to use strips. All you need to do is heat the tin, apply it in smaller quantities than soft wax in the direction of hair growth, let it cool to a tacky consistency, and remove opposite direction of the hair growth. The application of hard wax has become women’s favorite as is less painful than soft wax. The reason for its milder effect is that unlike regular wax, hard wax only attaches to the hair follicle and not to the skin making it a less painful, more pleasant waxing experience.


  1. Stripless Hard Wax Tablets- The Non-Polymer Choice

While the Blue Film wax comes in beaded form, Starpil has an alternative composition of hard wax- tablets. Available in four different colors and composition, and one in translucent, these tablets are equally capable of the smooth pulling effect. Hard wax can work amazingly for hair as short as 1mm, most women choose it for waxing their face and bikini line.


We are always creating new formulas, so stay-tuned! Starpil offers wholesale pricing which provides quantity discounts on all the varieties of wax products we have available. That’s more bang for your buck!


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