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5 Simple Tricks to Avoid ‘Popping Pimples’ Post Waxing Sessions

If there’s any exact definition of waxing it would be ‘Beautiful Endurance”. Despite using the best wax available in the market, there is no denying in existential acne problems that this hard/soft wax hair removal process brings along with its beauty.


The popping pimples ruin the grace of the soft, smooth skin that waxing gives thereafter for days. The blemishes can haunt you for weeks after the acne occur which again negates the purpose of waxing. However, it is not that this pickle cannot be fixed or occurs in every case. There are women who do not have to worry about this situation, but if you are not one of them then there is something you are doing wrong.


Make sure you include all the following hacks in and around your waxing process to prevent acne as an after-effect!


  1. Clean, Exfoliate, Rub!

This is probably the most common advice that women receive from estheticians and professionals in the beauty industry- to exfoliate regularly, clean the area before waxing, then lather the pre and post waxing solutions. Exfoliating is necessary because a layer of dead skin can force your hair to grow under the skin itself which can potentially result in acne.


If your sweat or dirt remains on the skin, the warmed wax can have an irritating effect which may then take the form of rashes and acne, this makes cleaning quite important along with a pre-waxing solution.


  • Say No to Oily Treatments After Waxing!

We often choose one waxing session for all the treatments including waxing, facials, manicure/pedicure, etc. The problem with doing so is that all these treatments include heavy moisturizers. While it is necessary to moisturize your skin in normal circumstances, waxing presents an alternative necessity.


The pores of the skin open wile waxing your body. The ingredients used in formulating waxes are already moisturizing for our skin. When you treat your skin with facials and other complimentary beauty treatments, the oils accumulate in those opened pores. This accumulation of oils is the reason you get pimples if you get a facial post using a face wax kit. Also, avoid head massages and face massages post an eyebrow waxing kit.


  • Don’t Touch! Don’t Pop!

    Yes, the smooth skin after hair removal is irresistible and you feel like running your fingers through it again and again but, don’t do it, at least not for the initial 48 hours. The skin becomes sensitive and the open pores do not make things easier. The dirt and oil on your fingers or hands transfer to the open skin pores after waxing which can cause pimples.


    • Ditch Your Workout Sessions For A Day Or Two

    As referenced previously, waxing and sweat do not relate well. Moreover, your skin becomes sensitive with all the pulling. Intense workouts can make you perspire more which irritate the skin as well as extract the underlying oils. This irritation can cause redness and in some cases, acne.


    • Too Tight Is Not Too Right For Acne

    Our skin needs to breathe! Especially after it has gone through a rough hour of handling heat and pulling, it is essential to let your skin to breathe some air to heal. Wearing tight clothes right after waxing can increase the redness and itchiness of the skin. It also increases sweat and as there’s no space for the sweat to go, it accumulates within the pores, clogging them, which in turn results to acne. Allow your skin to breathe freely until it heals before you slip into those skinny or bodycon dresses!


    Don’t forget these five rules to resist popping acne after waxing your body. Make sure to use pre and post waxing solutions without fail. They do half the job of healing and preparing your skin before and after the process. If you are not visiting salons, our store has Starpil’s trusted waxing solutions to choose from. Check out our entire product line to pick the most affordable waxing kits!


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