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Waxing Hacks For A Lasting Smoothness- This Is How It’s Done!

The velvety texture that hair removal wax provides is hard to ignore once you have enjoyed it along with the fact that the hairless state lasts longer than any other hair removal methods. Hair removal wax pulls the hair as small as 1mm in length from the root to delay further hair growth!


However, are you doing everything to maintain the smoothness? For example, I have never used any other hair removal technique apart from waxing, but a few changes in my routine have made a big difference. I had a habit of taking shower immediately after my waxing sessions. And not a plain shower, I had to use shower gels and loofah to remove the sticky feeling.


The skin irritation post waxing drove me mad, but when I started controlling my urge to bathe until the following morning, I could easily experience the difference. I no longer experienced the itchiness that I had before. However, I never stopped taking a shower. All I did was that I stopped using shower gels and loofah’s, then started having a bath with just water.


There are many Do’s and Don’ts which we need to follow for a seamless waxing experience. If you too are curious about simple hacks that could better your waxing experience, here is the perfectly combined guide:


Do’s, But With Don’ts- Timing is the key!


  • Almost all estheticians advocate exfoliation, but what they forget to mention is when to exfoliate, and more importantly, when not to exfoliate. It goes without saying that you need to start exfoliating at least before a week before your waxing appointment, but many of us are lacking this habit. But using harsh exfoliators right after being waxed is a bad idea. You should wait minimum least 3-4 days before you start using gloves or loofahs as exfoliators. So, DO exfoliate, but DON’T for at least 3-4 days post waxing.



  • Cleaning is important after waxing sessions. There can always be some excess wax which even the professionals can miss, let alone us who prefer at home waxing (unprofessional). Using hassle-free roll-on wax kits doesn’t change this. However, you shouldn’t make the same mistake that I did for years. Instead of rushing to have a clean soapy shower, have a cold shower. Just let the water take its natural course of cleaning. You’ll feel rejuvenated without having itchiness that cleansers cause. Also, avoid using mesh sponges and loofahs as they are prone to have bacteria. So, DO clean, but DON’T use chemically formulated soaps, and sponges.



  • Moisturizing is another “TIP” that everybody seems to give when you talk about waxing. And it is true, regular moisturizing prevents inner hair growth. But should you start using creams as soon as you get your waxing done? Your pores are wide open post waxing and accumulation of oily agents inside those pores will result in only one thing- pimples. It would be a NO; you should wait for at least 3 days before you start using body and face creams after waxing. So, DO include moisturizing into your routine, but DON’T think of it for at least 3 days after waxing. This also includes facials and manicure/pedicure! Keep a gap of at least 2 days after using your facial wax kit (if you are a home waxing person) for a facial or a cleanup.



Apart from these confusing beliefs, there are some more tips, mostly don’ts! Don’t use swimming pools, saunas, or tanning spaces (natural or artificial). Don’t wear bodycon dresses after waxing! Don’t workout for at least 2 days after your hair removal session! What you can DO right now is order an eyebrow waxing kit or our hard waxing kit to let Starpil be the partner in your smooth skin mission!


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