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Facial Waxing Tips and Facts That Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

Facial Waxing Kit Tips Starpil Wax

‘Is the pain of body waxing too much to keep us from the practice?’ This is what everyone new to waxing must be thinking. It is agreeable, waxing is usually painful and not a pleasant chore at all. Oh yes, it is a chore, but what can we do about it? We can’t change the facts, but we can change the method. Facial waxing with wax strips can be very painful and unhealthy. It also stretches the skin making it saggy in a long run.

But before we begin discussing ideal facial waxing, here are some hair facts to help you understand the root of the problem.

Getting Familiar With Unwanted Facial Hair

There is not one but many reasons working behind the misfortune of hair growth. The most common reason behind excessive facial hair growth is the hormonal imbalance. When androgen, a male specific hormone that maintains a low profile in women, becomes more prominent, gives facial hair as a by product. Apart from this obvious reason, diseases such as PCOS, Hirsutism, and adrenal gland disorders, contribute to facial hair growth.

Waxing is the only convenient, affordable, and harmless option to get rid of your facial hair. Although it seems that all skin is the same, some areas are more sensitive than the others. The skin on your face, underarms, and bikini area are high on the sensitivity scale which demands extra care and caution. So if you are considering facial waxing, make sure you take care of the following things.

Tips On Getting A Seamless Facial Waxing Experience

  • Take cleansing seriously

Clean your face with a mild cleanser before getting your facial hair removed. It softens the skin and hair making both free from dust and bacteria. This simple step could prevent you from potential skin damage and infection.

  • Stay away from chemicals at least for 24 hours pre and post waxing

Make sure you don’t take a same-day appointment for your facial waxing and facial treatment. Using chemically clad products on your face right before/after waxing could seriously damage your skin causing skin irritation, redness, blotches, and more.

  • Choose the best wax available for your face

Always choose stripless wax when it comes to your beautiful face. Starpil’s facial waxing kit could be a perfect pick for beginners. The facial wax included in this kit is a peel off wax making the procedure more convenient than the normal practices.

  • Avoid waxing multiple times

Re-applying wax on the same area more than twice could be unhealthy for your skin! Although using a standard facial waxing kit would come with pre/post lotions that help, choose to pluck those remaining hair with tweezers.

  • Use herbal clay mask to avoid allergies

Waxing can be harsh on the skin. Although there are post lotions that could soothe, women with intensely sensitive skin may have bumps or redness for one to three after this procedure. Using a herbal clay mask closes all the opened pores nullifying potential infections and skin issues. But make sure it is herbal!

There are your expert tips to have a hassle free waxing experience! Try Starpil’s two most popular face wax products-the face wax kits and Blue Film Hard Wax Beads! Be sure to let us know what you think!

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