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4.5" Wooden Wax Spatulas

The perfect size spatula for small & facial areas! Our 4.5" wooden spatulas are designed with smooth beveled edges to be gentle on delicate skin. Shaped like a pen for easy eyebrow waxing, they are also great for waxing nose hairs. For use with our stripless hard wax and strip soft wax. Available in 100, 500, and 1000 ct. packages.


  • Perfect shape and size for small to medium wax applications
  • Can be used on the face and body
  • Smoothed with rounded edges for added safety and comfort
  • Offers accurate placement and even spreading over small to medium-sized areas
  • Sturdy and firm, won’t bend or snap on hard or soft wax
  • Sustainably-sourced, all-natural wood
  • Available in 100, 500, and 1000-count packs


  • Facial-waxers and brow gurus
  • Hard or soft wax lovers
  • Body waxers providing flawless touch-ups or detailing


  • Facial Waxing: Eyebrows, nose, ears and lip.
  • Body Waxing: Fingers and toes.
  • Sensitive Areas: Underarms, bikini line, and Brazilian waxing detailing


  • When doing brows, hold the spatula like a pencil pointed toward the face. Dab the skin with the wax, then start to push the wax in short bursts at first instead of immediately going on a straight path. Reposition your hold only after you see how thick the spread will be and assure only the hairs you want to remove will be in your path. That’s when you can spread it in an even line.
  • Once you use this size wax applicator for a nose wax, you will never go back. Create a nostril-sized wax bulb and center the stick. Put the entire bulb into the nose and let wax set while doing the same to the other nostril. Once they’re both ready, grip as close to the nose as you can get; remove the first stick in a fast and hard pull, then the other. This should get all hairs on the entire circumference of each nostril.

We’ve got the magic wand for working on small to medium areas on the face and body. Starpil 4.5” Wooden Wax Spatulas are professional-grade waxing applicators made of sustainably sourced wood. They are exactly what you need in terms of thickness, length, and strength to give you the perfect grip for any service type. Each stick is smoothed down until it’s soft to the touch for a comfortable hold and application. Their beveled edges are slightly rounded for added safety and an even wax spread.

Use these wax spatulas on anything from a lip or side face wax to underarms and bikini-line touch-ups. Its size and shape give you multiple ways to dab and spread for accurate and even hair removal. It’s literally the backbone of your services and gives support no matter how thick you like to apply hard or soft wax. There’s no bend and snap action here because this is a waxing spatula that can hold its own.

  • 4.5” Waxing Spatulas
  • Biodegradable bamboo
  • Available in 100, 500, and 1000 ct. packs

  • Use the top rounded point for dabbing, detailing and spreading smaller lines of wax.
  • Use on the long, thin edge for spreading and smoothing on lips, side face, or underarms.


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