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Keyara Cooley: KC Waxing Studio LLC.

Esthetician:  Keyara Cooley

Instagram: @theekeyarac

KC Waxing Studio LLC. is located in Owings Mills, MD. and is owned by hard wax specialist, Keyara Cooley.

Waxing & esthetics captivated Keyara was when she realized she had the power of changing lives by making women feel beautiful and happier. Whether it be from waxing someone, giving a facial, or just by sharing basic beauty tips, Keyara loved that waxing was a platform she could use to inspire others and help them discover their natural beauty.

Keyara loved learning about waxing while in esthetics school and noticed that many of her classmates were intimidated to wax others. She realized that you have to be confident when waxing others if you want to be successful. Keyara never shied away from waxing others and loved perfecting her technique. She especially loved waxing for the satisfaction of seeing her clients' reaction after the service!

“From that moment on I knew I had found my niche in the world.”

Keyara wanted to open her own business because she hated her previous job at a different waxing salon where she felt there was no room for growth. She felt lost and stuck at one point but had built up large and loyal clientele who were willing to follow here wherever she decided to work.

“It all started from a conversation with one of my clients. I told her what was going on at the job and how I had to get out of there. She said, “Why don’t you start your own business?" I told her it’s easier said than done but she offered to help me do it. She ended up helping me in more ways than one. She is the reason why I have been able to open KC Waxing Studio LLC. and I will always be thankful for that!”

As Keyara knew, there were going to be obstacles when trying to open up her business. One of the biggest obstacles was making sure to find an ideal location for her salon. For now, KC Waxing Studio LLC. Is located in a building of suites with other small business owners. However, Keyara aspires to soon have a bigger stand-alone facility where she can have multiple people working with her as well.

Keyara loves the flexibility of having her own business! She can interact with clients and has built personal relationships that have turned into long-lasting friendships. She is also very passionate about empowering other women through her services and helps her clients ooze with confidence!

Keyara first saw advertisements for Starpil on Facebook and then researched more information on what types of wax and equipment were supplied. She had to make sure that she ordered hard wax because that was all she was used to working with. Then, one of her friends mentioned that they also use Starpil products which made her eager to try out the brand! She also ordered a large wax warmer because she was due for a new one and absolutely loved it!

Starpil wax warmers are the most superior wax machines available on the market! They are the most trusted wax warmers in America and Europe for their quality and durability. Our wax warmers are also used by some of the most decorated specialists in the industry including Kelly Baker, Liz Lugo, and Chloé Amstutz.

“The Starpil brand means there’s a place for estheticians to order everything they need to wax successfully. I can find everything I need through the Starpil website!”

Keyara’s favorite Starpil product is the large wax warmer as It allows her to use a lot of wax (if needed) in one setting instead of constantly refilling a smaller pot.

"Starpil helps me run my business by ensuring I'm always stocked with supple and never have to worry about my inventory running low. Also, if I order something, I always receive it in a timely manner."

"Some fun facts about my business are that I offer $10 off of your first visit and I also do vajacials, which my clients love! It is a facial for the vaginal area!"


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