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Naked: Skin & Wax by Chloé

Chloé Amstutz: Esthetician / Waxer / Educator

Instagram: chloeamstutz

Chloé Amstutz is the owner of Naked: Skin & Wax located in Nashville, Tennessee. While in esthetics school at Bellus Academy in Poway, California, she developed a love for waxing and became determined to master this part of her craft. Chloé spent a number of years honing her skills as a full body speed waxer at a European Wax Center before stepping out of the room to help others learn how to wax efficiently.

“I love being an Esthetician and am very grateful for all the doors this career has opened for me!”

At the start of 2015, Chloé moved to Nashville, Tennessee and began teaching esthetics at Aveda Institute. Her love for waxing and desire to work one on one with guests again drew her out of teaching full time and back into the waxing room. Chloé was introduced to Starpil through another waxing professional, Liz Lugo, which Chloé trained and worked with European Wax Center. Chloé quickly took advantage of the opportunity to try Starpil waxes and instantly fell in love!

She decided Starpil was the brand she wanted to use for her new business, Naked: Skin & Wax! Since then, Chloé has explored numerous Starpil waxes and uses the Blue Polymer and Pink Polymer blends as well as the Starsoft on a daily basis. Starsoft is her favorite Starpil wax because it’s gentle enough for people with hypersensitive skin, it’s versatile, and can be mixed with other waxes!

“NAKED: Skin & Wax has been a dream of mine for quite some time and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to provide excellent waxing services and spread skin care knowledge!”

NAKED: Skin & Wax by Chloé offers professional training and coaching for the hard-wax community. With over 8 years of experience working and teaching for different organizations, she has perfected the art of waxing among professionals. Her waxing video tutorials are unlike any on the market for learning new techniques and best practices.

Chloé conducts both one on one and small group training sessions at her space, focusing on male and female Brazilians. She shares as much of her knowledge as possible on her Instagram page in order to help other professionals struggling to effectively use hard wax. Chloé doesn’t believe in keeping what she’s learned along the way to herself and wants to see other estheticians be successful with hard wax.

Chloé also performs waxing services to clients specializes in full body waxing with hard wax, which is formulated to be gentler on the skin than soft wax without compromising the quality of the service. She believes using hard wax for all services provides the most efficient and pleasant hair removal experience possible!

“My goal is to elevate people’s perception of what it means to specialize in full body waxing and to encourage a higher level of education around waxing and the technique it requires. I believe that it is the most under-taught skill in esthetics school and quite possibly, one of the most valuable to estheticians themselves.”


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