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Edwards Aesthetics: Living The Dream

Featured Business: Edwards Aesthetics

Owner: Cara Edwards

Instagram: caraboedwardsle

Cara Edwards is the owner and founder of Edwards Aesthetics located in Nichols Hills, an upscale suburb of Oklahoma City. Edwards Aesthetics offers premium quality full body waxing services and is a place where people can go and enhance their natural beauty. What is unique about Edwards Aesthetics is that when clients book an appointment, they are not simply a time slot or just another client. Instead, everyone is treated like family!

“You are the reason that I get to live my dream! I am who I am because of YOU! The loyalty from my clients by referring me to their friends always overwhelms me with joy and will to keep growing! You don’t just find that in a regular client.”

Cara’s passion for skin, work ethic, and dedication have led her to the success she has today. Her love for waxing began immediately after graduating school and getting her own place. She was determined to have her own brand one day and wanted to give everyone the opportunity of feeling their absolute best in their own skin! Cara started out testing different types of waxes but could never find a brand that met all of her needs. Cara is a solo esthetician; therefore she needs to have plenty of stock of waxes that are effective and comfortable for her clients.

Like with most startup businesses, Cara faced obstacles and challenges that came with the first months of opening up her business. There were times when things got so tough that she even contemplated giving up on her business. Fortunately, Cara persevered, and after trying dozens of different waxing formulas from multiple companies, she came across Starpil.

“Many times, the waxes I tried were back ordered… I wanted good customer service… I was tired of having to call a store and then having to call a manufacturer. I know other professionals have been there!! IT'S ANNOYING!! I almost gave up on waxing… It wasn't until I ordered the 5.5 lb wax pot from Starpil and the 2lb free sample came with the pot that I realized I had found the one.”

“I started this business and followed my passion because I believe the beauty from the inside can be shown on the outside. I see the beauty in everyone! In every shape, color, and size. Reassuring people of their natural beauty and helping them enhance it just icing on the cake!”

Cara tested the wax and was blown away! Although she did have to play with the wax a bit due to its difference from the rest she had tested, once she got it down, Cara never turned back!

“The wax was cooler! The wax effective! The wax spread evenly! The wax was affordable! And the customer service!!!!! I literally found my saving grace! I found the company that saved me from making the worst decision in my career.”

In the past year, she has added three 5.5 point pots that house Pink Polymer, Blue Polymer, and Starsoft. Cara’s top service is Brazilians. She services 10-15 Brazilians a day, 6 days a week. Her clients can’t ever get enough of Starpil!

“ Living my dream and doing what I love I already feel blessed, but having a company that stands behind me 110%, I feel unstoppable. I just had my 3rd year anniversary with my brand, I know I will never go another year without Starpil by my side.”


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