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Starpil Wax Favorites: Do you know the difference?

Waxing with Starpil

Here at Starpil Wax, we create quality products that make your waxing life easier. But, with a variety of top-of-the-line waxes to choose from, how do you know what’s right for you? Well, we are here to help you understand the difference between some of our top sellers and introduce you to our hybrid wax that will blow your mind!

As you know, everyone’s body is different and therefore you need the right wax to accommodate your client in a way that will make their experience enjoyable and effective. Here are some issues that you may face and a waxing product solution that is right for you:


  • Dealing with coarse hair or large areas such as the chest, back, torso, arms, and legs? We have your back (no pun intended).

Our Blue Film Hard Wax Beads is your go-to wax and here’s why:

  • The rich velvety texture prepares in 20 minutes.
  • Removes shorter hair without breaking.
  • Always pliable with rapid drying time.
  • Works with all skin types and great for all-over body use because of its flexibility.
  • Soft pull reduces pain sensation.
  • It’s easier to measure in bead form and they are quick to melt.
  • Flawless removal, yet gentle on the skin.


  • Having some small area requests that are delicate such as bikini, underarms, face, or peach fuzz?

The Pink Film Hard Wax Beads is your answer! Along with the same benefits as the Blue Film Beads, the Pink Film Beads are formulated for those uncomfortable areas, which may make some people a bit squeamish. We want them to have a relaxing experience, therefore, we created a less painful, low-temperature creamy solution that doesn’t require strips for removal.


  • Facing some hyper-sensitive skin types? Say no more!

The luxurious hypoallergenic Starsoft Hard Wax Tablets is our innovative formula that’s 100% free of rosins, parabens, colorants, and fragrances. In short, it’s the perfect product for you and here’s the scoop:


  • Raises discomfort threshold and produces an immediate re-surfacing effect.
  • Reduces the probability of skin reactions.
  • Removes hair (even stubby hair) at the root without damaging the skin.
  • It possesses outstanding recovery, repair, and moisturizing properties.
  • Suitable for all-over use and ideal for sensitive skin.


Now for the unveiling…

When it comes to the Swinging Technique we created a new formula that is infused with Mediterranean Coral Powder and suitable for all-over use. TA-DA! You’re welcome! 


  • Our Coral Wax Tablets & Microbeads are the hybrid of all our waxes and here are the main reasons why it is the must-have formula that you need to get your hands on:
    • Its pliable texture is specially formulated for use with the swinging technique to remove even the shortest, coarsest hair from challenging areas like the underarms and groin/bikini in a single pass.
    • It’s a rosin-free, gentle, and effective hair removal
    • Indicated for sensitive skin, the coral powder helps unify and improve skin tone and boosts luminosity.
    • The beeswax and pigments reduce application temperature.
    • The pleasant bergamot and green Satsuma fragrance instill a sense of well-being and comfort.
    • The pearl format ensures precise dosing and rapid melting in any wax


No matter the hair, no matter the texture, Starpil Wax has a product that is right for you. We hope this was informative and you found what you were looking for. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, as we are here to help you with all your waxing needs. 


Starpil Wax


Till next time.

Starpil Wax Mega Team


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