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4 Ways to Support Small Business

Small businesses are the stimulus of a community and they add to the diversity and the flavor of the neighborhood. Some businesses can’t survive long without being open and this is a difficult time for many types of business owners, estheticians, and staff. We could all use some support. Here are a few ways to help uplift those in your community - 


For a small price of FREE, you can make a difference with a simple review! Positive Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews can solidify a good reputation, validate best practices, and increase clientele. Social proof reassures a potential customer that they are making a solid choice and that is key. Take a moment and write a review of your favorite spots!


Instagram Starpil

Another great FREE idea is to mention a business or even a staff member on your social platforms. If you have a healthy social following your shoutout can create traffic to their website and social handles which can increase their following! Online exposure is important so send some love to a small business and their staff when you can. 


Certificate - Starpil

Even though many locations are closed, that doesn’t mean that their doors won’t reopen. Find out how you can purchase a gift certificate from your favorite businesses which you can use at a later time. Anything helps and right now some businesses are actually offering discounted gift certificates so it’s a win for both!


There are community businesses that are still selling essential products. You can find out what you can buy to support them during this time. If you have salon products on hand, now is the time to offer them to your clients. 

Keep your community hopeful, encouraged, and motivated.
Stay on track and stay proactive.




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