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Bombshell Beauty Co. & Robyn McDearman

Featured Business: Bombshell Beauty Co.

Esthetician: Robyn McDearman


Robyn McDearman had dreamed of working in the beauty industry ever since she was a teenager. However, because society made a 4-year college degree seem more acceptable than an esthetics license, she attended Texas A&M University and pursued a business degree. She knew that someday she would go to beauty school and have her own business. Today, Robyn works as an independent at Bombshell Beauty Co, a premier beauty salon located in the heart of Lakeway, Texas.

Robyn started her own business because she had worked in corporate America for so long and was tired of not being able to reach her full potential. In her last corporate position, Robyn was working in a waxing salon in which her boss was irresponsible with ordering supplies, keeping the team a tight knit group, and also treated people very poorly. Robyn knew she needed change and saw the opportunity to better her life with a higher income, better work environment, and happy clients that love her services!

Robyn first saw Starpil on a YouTube video from Kristen Spelce, owner of HK Wax Center in Austin, Texas. Robyn loved the way Kristen explained the wax, how amazing she said it was at picking up the finest of hairs, and how easy it was to spread and keep at the perfect temperature. As soon as Robyn realized how close Kristen was to her, she booked an appointment to see for herself how amazing Starpil waxes truly were! After her first waxing session with Kristen, Robyn was hooked, and knew that this was the wax for her!

There are many things Robyn loves about Starpil! One of her favorite things is that the melting temperature for the waxes is lower than others she had previously used. The other waxes were much warmer, which caused discomfort for some clients. Starpil waxes are smoother when applied onto the skin and pull the finest hairs at the perfect temperature.

“My clients tell me that their hair is not growing back as fast as before and how much they love the Starpil wax because it does not leave their skin red and bumpy. After a session, their skin is not hot and throbbing like other waxes they have used in the past. I also use less wax on bigger areas because of its ability to spread!”

Robyn’s favorite Starpil product is Starsoft, which is Starpil’s luxury line of wax. Starsoft is specially formulated for hypersensitive skin so it is recommended for people with skin that gets easily irritated and for people wanting the most pleasurable waxing experience available!

“I love, love, love Starsoft! It grabs the most stubborn hairs, works amazing on the face, it has no fragrance, color, or pine resin which is gentler on the skin causing less breakouts and irritations. I also love that it is clear, so I can see exactly what hairs are being picked up! I just cannot say enough about Starsoft because it works so well on all parts of the body!”

Robyn is living her lifelong dream! Bombshell Beauty Co. is everything she ever imagined, and she is in love with her team that makes the dream work! Robyn and her team specialize in a wide range of exceptional services for women and men which include hairstyling, cutting edge cuts, creative color, Balayage, Brazilian Blowouts, hair extensions, mani/pedicures, lash extensions and more!

At Bombshell Beauty Co. they value the time and personal style of every customer. Their dynamic stylists provide a truly pampering salon experience that will have clients leaving the salon as a more relaxed, radiant version of themselves!

“I cannot say how much I am in love with my team and my new salon! The ladies here are amazing and we all strive to make the salon classy and as beautiful as possible!”

Robyn has been waxing in the industry now for nine years and her favorite thing about her job is that every day she gets to make women feel more beautiful than they already are! From perfectly shaped brows to silky soft legs, and that super smooth bikini wax – all courtesy of Starpil! The satisfaction felt having women walk out of her salon feeling sexier and more confident is second to none!


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