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Featured Business: The Wax Lady

Instagram: thewaxxlady

‘La La Lashes Boutique' is the proud home of skilled wax specialist and esthetician, Johanna Villa, professionally knows as “The Wax Lady”. Johanna is originally from Colombia and today lives her dream of having her own space to provide amazing waxing services.

Shaving would always irritate Johanna’s skin and she was introduced to waxing by her mother, who had just become a wax specialist at the time. After her first few wax sessions, Johanna was amazed at how smooth and soft her skin felt compared to when she shaved. The more that Johanna waxed, the more she fell in love with all of the benefits of waxing.

Johanna lived in Miami for eight years before moving to California in pursuit of a new life. She felt lost because she couldn’t find a waxing salon in her new town that met her expectations. She tried many different places but could never find a wax specialist that fully provided a great waxing experience from start to finish.

All of the sudden, something inside of Johanna clicked. She wanted to become the wax specialist that she had desperately been looking for! Johanna has always loved helping and interacting with people and wanted to be a wax specialist that clients trusted for the best waxing services and loved for the exceptional customer service she provided.

Johanna dreamed of having a magical place where she could provide an excellent experience for all of her clients from the moment they stepped foot into her space until the second they left. Johanna was fully determined to turn this dream into a reality, so she decided to go to school for esthetics in order to refine her skills that she had learned from her mother. She believed that with hard work and dedication she would be able to reach her goal of having her own space.

“I said to myself, I’m going to go school for esthetics and provide the services I haven’t found for myself because I know there are many women like me who haven’t been able to find someone who provides an all-around exceptional waxing experience.”

After graduating from one of Paul Mitchell’s beauty schools, Johanna got a job as wax specialist in a wax center franchise. She learned a lot of different techniques while working there but was never completely satisfied with the wax that the company used. Johanna inquired for the company to invest in better quality wax as she believed it would be beneficial for the customers and the estheticians as well.

The owners of the wax center did nothing to try and obtain better wax, so Johanna began her search for a better product to work with on her own. She came across an account on social media called “Brows By Liz” and decide to contact Starpil for some wax samples because it was the wax that Liz always used in her videos. Johanna loved the way the wax looked and was eager to test it out for herself!

“Let me be honest, it took me a couple of weeks to get comfortable and learn how to manipulate Starpil but once I got to know how this wax was properly used, I was completely blown away!  I was very impressed by the quality and the different variations of wax Starpil offers. I also really love the pre and post products that Starpil offers as well as they complement the wax exceptionally!”

Having top quality products was one of Johanna’s main priorities for her new business. She loved that with Starpil she could choose from different types of quality waxes to perform her services. Starpil makes it easy to choose what wax to use as they have both hard and soft wax for all types of skin. Johanna especially wanted to find wax that was designed for sensitive skin as she personally knew what it felt to have irritated skin.

After using Starpil for several weeks, Johanna felt confident that she had everything she needed to start her own business. She felt as if she had found her business partner because Starpil assigned her a Personal Account Manager that always ensures she is always stocked up on all of her supplies and provides her with expert insight on all products. Johanna finally felt ready to become “The Wax Lady!”

“My favorite Starpil Wax is the Pink film hard wax because it literally works on any area, it’s very gentle, and it grabs those flossy hairs that not any wax can grab. I also really love Starsoft! This wax is a must in your room because you never know when you’re going to have a client with extra sensitive skin and stubborn hair.”

Johanna always uses Pink film when doing Brazilians and as clean up strips. She also uses Blue film hard wax on first-time clients, people with thicker hair, and for waxing large areas of the body such as arms, legs, back, and chest. She always uses Starsoft for the face, underarms, and as cleanup strips when clients have hypersensitive skin.

Something that Johanna finds very interesting about Starpil products is that even though most of her clients don’t know much about how different wax brands compare with each other, they always tell her that her wax feels amazing and looks of superior quality. Her clients also really love the scent of the Starpil cleanser and the feeling of the oil she uses for post waxing. Whether its wax, or pre/post products, Starpil always strives to make the best quality products and the results are reflected by the satisfaction of its users!

“My honest advice for those trying to get into waxing but hasn’t decided yet what products to use is to always choose quality over price. It’s going to make your life way easier ad will make clients happy to come back to you! Thank you Starpil for providing such amazing products and for always supporting us estheticians!”


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