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Boōn Co. Aesthetics

Instagram: booncoaesthetics

Nestled inside of Elixir Skincare Studio, Boōn Co. Aesthetics has become a specialty waxing hub for the residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The mastermind behind the success is owner Laney Staires, who has been specializing in waxing, facials, and makeup for over a decade. The artistry of beauty has fascinated Laney from an early age.

Laney loves making people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Up until starting beauty school, Laney was sure that she was destined to be a makeup artist. However, after doing her first eyebrow wax, she discovered her talent for waxing and developed a lifelong passion.

After graduating beauty school, Laney landed a job as a waxing specialist at a local salon. Here she was able to perfect the techniques she grasped while in school and learned new skills to add to her repertoire. Laney always dreamed of being her own boss one day and constantly strives to surpass herself. After gaining the experience she sought from working at the salon, she felt it was time to venture off and open up her own business.

Laney also wanted a more personal connection with her clients to better suit their needs. She felt that by having her own business, she would be able to form personal connections with each and every one of them. Laney’s vision was for her clients to be able to rest assured that with her, they would always be provided with an exceptional service at an amazing price.

Because it was impossible to take all of her previous clients to her new space, Laney had to start from square one. She was up for the challenge and excited to embark on the next step of her career! However, nothing comes easy and there were times that Laney would go home after work and just pray that she would be able to make enough money to pay the rent at the end of the month.

Laney spent countless hours researching different types of waxes, listening to other estheticians about beauty forums, and conducting trial and error experiments with waxes from several companies. The winner? Starpil Wax of course! Her favorite of the bunch is our creamy Pink film formula because it is gentle enough for sensitive skin and removes even the finest of hairs.

“Besides the wax, I also love Starpil’s customer service! For a while I was ordering online until I got hooked up with a Starpil Personal Account Manager, Ronald. I use Ronald for EVERYTHING! He will allow you to text your order, he’ll tell you special deals coming up, and just makes life so much easier for me! I am so grateful to have Starpil!

Business owners often do not have time to place online orders until after a long day of work. Starpil’s Personal Account Managers are committed to facilitating the lives of business owners and estheticians by ensuring that their orders are always placed accordingly and arrive on time.

Boōn Co. Aesthetics is thriving, and Laney is living her dream of being her own boss. Her clients can’t get enough of her Pink film and love the therapeutic vibes of her studio. The building in which it is located is over 100 years old and is absolutely charming inside with wood ceilings that all the guests rave over. The definition of Boōn is: A thing that is helpful or beneficial. A blessing, godsend, bonus, plus, benefit, help, aid, or asset.

“I hope that when my clients come in they feel helped and listened to; that they are cared for and loved. That’s what “Boōn” means to me.”


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