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5 Esthetician Books to Build Your Business

5 Must-Read Esthetician Books

As an esthetician working out of a salon or when owning your own business, you know that there’s a lot that goes into not only the profession and the training, but in building up your clientele and reputation. 

Going into this occupation isn’t for those looking for an easy path - it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get to where you want to be and be successful. We know we don’t have to tell you that! 

No matter what stage of building your business you are at, it’s never a bad idea to have some resources to guide you along the way in how to perfect your technique, knowledge, craft, and how to run and grow your business.  

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Some of the best industry tips lie in books written by your fellow estheticians, who have all been through the specific experiences you might need advice on. You won’t find counsel on business issues, clients, or even your specialty from just googling your questions - with these esthetician books, you’ll be set up for success and increase your esthetician knowledge thanks to the seasoned esthies who came before you. 

What to Look for in an Esthetician Book

First thing’s first - before you browse our best esthetician book recommendations, make sure you  know what advice or tips you’re looking for. 

Whether you’re just starting out as an esthetician and are looking for tips as to how to jumpstart your business or build a client base, or if you’ve been in the game a while and want to get some advice on how to continue to attract new customers, there are plenty of books out there from your fellow estheticians. 

Additionally, if you’re looking for a guide to the latest techniques and trends in hair removal, skincare, and more, having the right resources at your fingertips can also make a world of difference in how you go about your clients’ services. 

When looking for an esthetician book, make sure you do your research and ensure that these books are being written by professional licensed esthetician(s), and not just by a publishing house that’s throwing in random tips. You want advice from real people who have been where you have, after all!

Also pay attention to the author’s experiences and specialties to see if they line up to your own or not. You don’t want to look for skincare technique advice from somebody who’s not a skincare specialist! That being said, for general advice, look for a book that’s written for estheticians, by estheticians, and that includes information from reliable sources that covers a variety of topics. 

That being said, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of books that cover these bases, and have found some great works that truly will help you to boost your knowledge and confidence in your craft.

Types of Esthetician Books to Look for

As we said prior, when looking at esthetician books, you’ll want to look for works that are written by people who specialize in the topic you’re searching for information or tips about. Before you dive in, let’s discuss the different types of books for estheticians out there. 

Esthetician Skin Care Books

If you focus primarily on skincare, facials, or noninvasive facial procedures in your business, you might want to consider looking up skincare books to get in the know about the latest treatments and techniques. 

These are also really good resources to hear about other estheticians' experiences with certain treatments you haven’t tried on your clients, so you can know if it’s worth it to offer them or not. 

You’ll also be able to find out about treatments you’ve never even heard of, or ones commonly practiced in other countries that you may be able to bring to your clients here to enhance their skin and overall look. 

Hair Removal Books

These books, predictably, are for those who specialize in waxing or hair removal. Books about the latest hair removal techniques, as well as about the history of hair removal can give seasoned and burgeoning estheticians alike some extra tools to give clients their best experiences, and to tailor and customize services that much more. 

Business Building Books

One of the best things you can do for your business and clients alike is to take advice from the people who have already been in your position! With business-building or fortifying tips from those who have consistently grown their salons to the level of being able to advise others about it, you’ll be set up for success - no matter what stage you’re in. 

General Esthetician Books

If you’re looking for a go-to book for general salon management tips or for how to set up your space for customers (or even how to deal with customers!), you’ll get all that and more from esthetician books that focus on the overview of the business and what it might entail for esthies of any skill level. 

Even though there are tons of types of books for estheticians out there, we’re going to focus on ones primarily related to hair removal and books that focus on how to build your esthetician business.

The Best Esthetician Books

Our favorite resources for estheticians come in the form of the following books that highlight fellow estheticians’ experiences in the beauty, skincare, and hair removal areas of esthetics, as well as just a general overview of what it’s like to work in the industry and own your own business. 

  • Your Salon Glow Up Guide
  • Your Salon Glow Up Guide  (For Estheticians)

    We couldn’t recommend guides to success as hair removal specialists or as estheticians in general without pointing you toward our own guide to all things hair removal and business success. 

    In ‘Your Salon Glow Up Guide’, Starpil leans on our 35 years of experience in the industry and on our team of experienced and seasoned estheticians to bring you the best tips and pointers to not only let you in on the best waxing techniques in the industry, but also great tips on starting your own business, promotion, and marketing yourself. 

    The best thing about this guide (besides its amazing resources!)? This guide is available for FREE download. 

  • Plucked: The History of Hair Removal
  • One of the best things you can do as an esthetician with their own existing salon, or even as a student just starting out, is to know the history of hair removal and how hair removal techniques have evolved and changed over the years. 

    In this book, author Rebecca M. Herzig explores not only the history of hair removal and how attitudes toward the process have changed and evolved over the years, but also why the practice came about in the first place. She also investigates the notion of having ‘too much hair’ in certain areas, or what it means to have excessive hair growth. 

    For existing professionals or those just starting out, knowing the history of hair removal is imperative to giving clients the best hair removal services possible. 

  • Milady’s Hair Removal Techniques: A Comprehensive Manual 
  • This guide is designed to give everybody the resources they need to know to provide the best hair removal services possible. This book begins with the basics of both temporary and permanent methods of removal, and explains the origins and evolution of each technique outlined. 

    On top of just the history and evolution of various hair removal techniques, this guide goes above and beyond to provide readers with sanitization and sterilization procedures for their businesses, and tips as to how to run and grow your salon. 

  • Your Esthetics Coach: An Esthetician’s Guide to Success
  • There’s no better way to boost or begin your business with confidence than with tips from seasons pros with successful operations. In Karla Keene’s “Your Esthetics Coach: An Esthetician's Guide to Success’ she runs through the ins and outs of not just esthetics focusing on hair removal, but skincare and other specialities. 

    Author Keene primarily focuses her book on how to cultivate your knowledge and customer-facing manner as an esthetician to attract and retain clientele. When you use the tools set forth by this seasoned professional, you’ll be sure to enhance your salon experience - whether your focus is on skincare or another area of the esthetics industry.  

  • She Minds Her Own Business: Design a Life and Business You Love
  • The best way to make sure your business retains its existing success, or that it achieves success in the first place is to stay ahead of the competition. This might be a cheesy thing to say, but keeping one step ahead of the competition can mean a lot of different things. Sometimes this can come down to just being passionate and more knowledgeable about your field, or that you’ve designed and founded your business based on the love of what you do. 

    When you prioritize your own happiness and start your entrepreneurial effort out of passion for your craft, this will reflect in the atmosphere of your salon, and will keep your services at a high level and your clients coming back for more. 

    In “She Minds Her Own Business: Design a Life and Business You Love”, author Krystel Stacy highlights methods to put your business ahead of the rest and how to make sure you’re cultivating the venture YOU want. Though this book doesn’t specifically focus on estheticians, Stacy’s motivating and inspiring business insights are sure to serve as an asset to those planning their own new ventures. 

    How can Esthetician Books Help You?

    The primary advantage of regularly reading books and publications made by your fellow estheticians or other seasoned professionals is to not only expand your knowledge on your specialty, but to gain insight on others’ experiences in the industry, and how they’ve navigated changes in their industry, client challenges, and how they’ve navigated the ups and downs of owning their own businesses. 

    This insight from those in your field can really make a difference in how you approach your own entrepreneurial efforts and how your methods as an esthetician evolve to attract new clients - and keep them coming back! With your fellow esthies by your side, you’ll truly have the tools to make your business the best it can be. 

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you’re a student just starting out in your foray into the esthetics industry or an experienced professional who wants to make sure they’re up to date on the latest trends and techniques, having the best esthetician books at your fingertips is sure to put you a step above the rest. 

    When you take the time to learn and grow from the experiences from your fellow esthies, you’ll be able to cultivate not only the best hair removal results for your clients, but also to make sure that your business is running smoothly and remains attractive to new customers. 

    As you explore the best esthetician books in the industry, make sure to remember to download Starpil’s FREE Salon Glow Up Guide, which will give you the best tips and tricks to all things waxing. 


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