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How to Create a Social Media Calendar for Your Wax Salon

Social media is something that a lot of us already do for fun and our business. But if you want to take your wax salon social media to the next level and attract more followers that convert into clients, posting regularly is part of the solution. The easiest way to achieve this is to create a social media calendar and schedule your posts in advance. This can help you keep your content consistent and foster audience engagement and growth. From posting about your Starpil Wax products to creating videos on how to wax, there is no limit to the kind of content you can post—so let’s schedule it. Here, we’ll go over some key points on how to create a social media calendar for your wax salon that includes choosing the right platforms and the right way to create high-quality content.


What is a social media calendar for a wax salon?

From an actual calendar to a detailed document queuing up all your posts, a social media calendar for your wax salon gives you an overview of what kind of waxing content you’re posting ahead of time. Social media calendars are essential to streamlining a regular posting process and for keeping your brand messaging consistent. A content calendar can make it helpful for having your employees assist you in your efforts. For example, you can focus on creating content surrounding hard wax hair removal while your employees focus on using wax products. Some people create a calendar for one platform at a time, while others create one calendar for all of their social networks all in one place. This is an optimal format.


How do I choose the right social platforms?

Who are your clients? How old are they, what do they do, and what will they be searching for from what you do? Are they checking to see if you use Starpil Wax on Instagram perhaps (we’d like to think so!)? Are they looking to engage more with photos of before and after images of your work using hard wax vs. soft wax? Maybe they’re first-time waxers looking to read articles about tips using pink wax, or seasoned pros looking for videos on how to wax using a product they’ve never tried before. It’s important to go where your audience is and choose platforms that cater to the content you enjoy and are capable of creating. 

Can you create cool images of wax products or videos teaching hard wax hair removal? Do you love it and are you good at it? Great. If not, it will be noticeable. Don’t post if you can’t post your very best. For example, if you love photography, Instagram will be a great platform for you. If you have no clue how to star, film, or edit your own videos, Youtube won’t be your best fit for you.


This following list offers an at-a-glance look at the majority ages and content affiliated with the top social media platforms.



Ages: All ages but has a large population of 60+

Content: Great for articles, photos, and videos, but is strong for videos



Ages: 18-49-year-olds (Majority 18 – 29)

Content: Videos



Ages: Majority are under 31 years old

Content: Videos and photos



Ages: 18+

Content: Text content, but can facilitate video, photo and article links



Ages: Median age is 40 and 80%, women

Content: All content but photos flourish


How to create a social media calendar

How to add calendar - starpil

Once you’ve decided which social media platforms best suit your wax salon, you can begin planning out your social media calendar. Consider the following things when planning out your social media calendar.


When and how often to post on social media

If your audience is of high school age, they are probably most engaged early in the morning or after school, while working adults might be most active around lunchtime or later in the evening before bed. If you’re posting high-quality content, your average audience could respond well to one to four posts a day on each of your social media platforms. On your calendar, you’ll note those times and apply the desired post to that time slot to be published.


Choosing the right content to post at which time

Having brand guidelines for the content you post can ensure that your content maintains a cohesive message so that your audience can rely on you to get the content that they follow you for. For example, if you’re posting waxing content and then all of a sudden, you start posting about monster trucks a lot, your audience will not join you on that exploration and unfollow you. It’s best to surround your messaging around two to three main concepts and make them your own.


Let’s say the main focus of your social media messaging on Instagram surrounds waxing as the main focus, makeup as the second, and personal development as the third. Now, let’s take into consideration the kinds of content you’d want to post regarding those three main concepts throughout the day. Videos are going to work better when people have more time (in the evening before bed, let’s say), inspirational memes are great for the morning and fun, before and after wax photos can work well throughout the day.


You can even go further and create a template of consistent content concepts.


Sample Social Media Calendar Template


Melted Hard Wax Monday

#meltedhardwax #meltedMondays

(Content will surround hard wax)


7 AM

Facebook: Blog Post - Which Starpil Hard Wax is Best for Your Skin Type

                   Share hard wax beads promotion

                   Story Post – Video: Warming up the Starpil wax warmer Caption: (Getting ready for you guys!)


Instagram: Meme - “Let your morning motivation be as hardcore as our hard wax!”

                    Story Post – Boomerang: Drip hard wax vs. soft wax next to each other


Snapchat: Post – Photo: Showing off the hard-wax kit Caption: Getting ready for you guys!


12:30 PM

Facebook: Photo of blue hard wax beads shaped into a heart


Instagram: Slow motion video: pink wax melting into Starpil wax warmer


Snapchat: Photo of hard-wax kit after use. Caption: Another flawless leg waxing!


3:30 PM:

Facebook: Before and after photo of an underarm hard wax hair removal


Instagram: Story: Photo – Used blue hard wax strip. Caption: Manzilian in action


Snapchat: Before and after photo of an underarm wax with pink film hard wax


5 PM

Twitter: 3 Tweet – Top hard wax tips

  1. Prep Tip
  2. Professional Wax Warmer Heat Settings
  3. After-wax Care


7 PM:

Facebook: Time-lapse video using Starsoft hard wax (before, during and after eyebrow waxing)


Instagram: Story: Video - Turning off the Starpil wax warmer and lights. Caption: Time to cool down. See y’all tomorrow!


Snapchat: Time-lapse video of front desk shutting down the day. Lights out. Caption: And to all a good night. #meltedmonday


How to implement your social media calendar

After you’ve determined the layout of your social media calendar, you can implement it into an online calendar tool like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Canva, to name a few. You don’t have to have all of the content created but can upload it as you create it before its scheduled posting time. It’s best to set it all up in large batches. You can do this by week, month, or even in a yearly batch. You can also have your full holiday calendar planned out by June. It’s all up to you.


Be Engaging

It’s great to put things on autopilot so that things stay efficient and cohesive, but remember, social media is all about being social and engaging with your people. That’s why you should consider setting aside some time per day to respond to your followers and engage with other accounts you admire. The more visible you are on social media, the more you are seen as genuine and relatable. You can respond to your followers in the comments section or engage with other social media account’s comment sections. For example, if you follow Starpil Wax on Instagram or part of our Facebook group, The World of Waxing, you can engage with a large number of wax enthusiasts and specialists from all over or get local.


In Conclusion

Creating your social media calendar takes some effort upfront, but it is excellent for keeping you accountable for posting and in a marketing frame of mind. Get your trusted employees into the mix to help out and keep your social media platforms and business growing with these tips on how to create a social media calendar for your wax salon.


What are your favorite things to post? What do you feel gets your audience excites? Share with us in the comments section below! 





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