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The Wax Bar by Kristen Wilson

Instagram: @kristenlwilson1

The Wax Bar is the new place to go to if you need a good wax in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Its owner, Kristen Wilson has been a makeup artist for over twelve years and cannot stand doing someone’s makeup who hasn’t gotten their eyebrows done. Kristen solved this issue ten years ago when she learned how to wax her own eyebrows and soon waxing her client’s eyebrows. Kristen eventually decided to go to school to become an esthetician and fell head over heels for waxing!

“I’m very OCD, so seeing tons of hair in the beginning and then none at the end is a huge success for me since I’m very goal oriented. Right out of school I actually worked for European Wax Center (EWC), where they taught me new techniques and how to do a Brazilian in 15 minutes.”

Working at EWC for two years, Kristen perfected the seven-minute Brazilian and loved having authentic conversations with each and every one of her customers. However, the job wasn’t really working for her because she cared more about the guest experience and the results than the short time, she was given to see her clients. Kristen wanted the overall experience of her services to be qualitative rather than quantitative, so she decided to open her own studio.

“The process was a lot faster than I anticipated because of how things went at the European Wax Center. I had a clientele of over 250 people that I couldn’t tell where I was going to because I had realized I signed a non-compete.”

Prior to leaving EWC, Kristen did tons of research on different waxes as she needed a new formula to use at her salon. She wanted something similar to the wax used at EWC and ordered and tried over 12 different waxes.

“I was disappointed by pretty much every one of the waxes I tried. I’m very picky and only use products on my clients that I would want to be used on me. A friend introduced me to browsby_liz on Instagram and discovered she used Starpil! I ordered a sample immediately. I started with the Pink Film and then ordered Blue Film. Then I also ordered Starsoft and found that I liked the mix of the blue beads with it for the consistency that I was looking for. I couldn’t find much for videos as far as YouTube went for Starpil.”

Kristen watched as many videos as she could find on YouTube about Starpil and how it compared to other waxes on the market. She wanted to learn as much as possible about the wax to be able to use it to perfection at her new business. She joined various Facebook groups with other professionals who were all looking to find a new wax for their business and wanted to see more videos.

“Being in those groups I realized I would want to make videos because I love the wax and it works for me best. I love Starpil because I’m very picky about the quality of the wax that I use, and it always delivers! I love the way that it layers, mixes, dries, and pulls. I’ve had nothing but amazing experiences with the wax and with the company itself. I believe in it and that says a lot because I have to believe it in order for my clients to believe in my treatments.”

Kristen sees the beauty in absolutely everyone. Her goal is to have everyone that walks out of her studio feeling 20 times better and sexier than they did when they came in. Her mission is to provide her clients with an extraordinary waxing experience and a new positive outlook on life and their appearance.


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