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"Wax That Bod" by Jenny Geery



Wax That Bod, LLC is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is owned by waxing specialist, Jennifer “Jenny” Geery!

If somebody loves all things waxing, it’s Jenny! For her, nothing compares to seeing the instant feeling of gratification on client’s faces after her services and always strives to provide her clients with the best services at a great price. Jenny is passionate about making her clients feel amazing about their skin and improving their self-confidence.

“It’s a powerful opportunity to give someone a simple wax that can transform how they see themselves.”

Jenny attended Paris Beauty School in Concord, California after earning her bachelor’s degree in Radio and Television. She realized that she wanted to change gears after working for a FOX affiliate in Oakland for three years and pursue her dream of being an esthetician.

“Working in such a cut throat industry like television, I needed to regroup and get enrolled in a vocational school, so that I could start making money.”

She knew that once she got married, she wanted to start a family and have the opportunity to stay home with her kids (especially while they are so young). Before going out on her own, Jenny worked for a large waxing franchise. She wanted to see how others operated so that she could learn how to properly run her future business.

 “I now only work two days a week and within the next year, I anticipate opening more availability for myself since my youngest will be in school more regularly. I love the flexibility of this industry!”  

Starting a business is never easy. Jenny learned that sharing a space with someone else can create unexpected issues if the connection isn’t there or there are opposing visions for the business. One of the biggest obstacles that she experienced was falling out with a business partner which led to a disastrous period of tension and discomfort.

“My goal is to maintain professionalism and give the clients who see me the best experience in speed waxing, rather than making business so personal.”

After working for a large waxing franchise, Jenny knew that she loved the hard wax they used. When researching wax companies, she found that Starpil Wax products are more affordable than the competitors without compromising quality. Jenny loved that Starpil offers wholesale pricing and bulk orders!

“I found Starpil Wax Products 5 years ago and simply love their products! One of the most important aspects of my waxing business is being able to offer full body waxing services to my clients. “I can do so, because I use Starpil Wax products!”

“The wax glides smoothly onto the skin, without cracking and delivers exceptional results to all my clients. None of my clients have ever had a bad reaction to the wax. It dries quickly so I can maintain being a speed waxer. It is a dependable name brand that allows me to be the best speed waxer here in Colorado Springs!”

Jenny’s favorite Starpil wax is the Blue Film hard wax beads that conveniently come in 10-pound bags for easy refills into her 5.5-pound Starpil Large Wax Warmer. She also really loves the pre and post waxing-care package for optimum care practices before and after waxing! All Starpil products seamlessly work hand in hand with each other and the quality of the products is reflected in the results! 

“I own Wax that Bod, LLC - a full service waxing boutique. I LOVE that I can get on the phone with my Personal Account Manager, Mariana Dos Santos, and know I will always receive the best in customer service! I also love the wholesale aspect. I go through 40 pounds of wax a month, so having wax shipped for free to me in easy 10-pound bags facilitates keeping inventory as a business owner.”

Jenny’s slogan is “Every Season is a Reason to WAX your Lower Region!” She also opened Wax that Bod - The School, where licensed estheticians and cosmetologists can connect with her and learn how to perform the perfect Brazilian Wax!  

“I see 24-28 clients in a day and speed waxing is what I’m best at! I’m open to helping other licensed professionals grow their business. Competition is everywhere, why not embrace it?”


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