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What Are Powder Brows?

What Are Powder Brows?

If we're speaking truthfully, our brows get A LOT of attention, sometimes more attention than we can keep up with! New trends and procedures for our brows pop up all the time, like powder brows.

And by now, you're probably asking, "What are powder brows?"

We know, between all the hair removal services for your eyebrows and make-up that are available to get our brows looking pristine, it's hard to do it all! It's not just our brows that always need all the attention!

So, for our wondering eyebrow-crazed ladies, we've created this blog to give you all the info you'll need on powder brows, who might be the best candidate for the treatment, and where powder brows fit in with our waxing routine.

What Are Powder Brows?

Powder Brows is an avenue of permanent make-up used to make brows look more distinct and full. Powder brows achieve the look as if you applied powder directly to the brows to have a more filled in appearance.

Powder brows are semi-permanent, and they are applied right over the top of your own natural eyebrow hairs. The tails of your brows tend to be darker, and the very front of your brows are often lighter, giving the appearance of an ombre look.

The advantage of using permanent make-up is that there's no need to worry about reapplying brow powder or using a brow pencil every day during your make-up routine.

Additionally, if you're not feeling like putting on any make-up at all, you always will look a little more put together without any work at all!

How Powder Brows Are Done

How Powder Brows are Done

Powder Brows are applied using a pen-shaped tattoo machine drawing not only dashes over the eyebrows but also dots to give the appearance of filled in and perfectly shaped brows.

The process of getting powder brows is not an extensive one, and it's relatively similar to getting traditional permanent make-up done on your eyebrows.

First, the technician will set out sterilized equipment and clean any dirt or oil from your brow area. Often, a numbing cream is applied and left on the skin to set for around 25 minutes to assist in pain management.

Then, you will pick a color that best matches the color of your own eyebrow hairs. They will map out your eyebrows and draw on a shape.

The tattoo pen will layer and go over the brows a few times to achieve the desired look.

Initial results will seem much darker than what will actually be visible for the long haul. After about four weeks, when your skin has healed up, you will be left with a stunning, soft, powdered brow look.

Generally, clients who like defined brows and often use a brow pencil to draw out their brows in addition to gel and powder to fill them in are the clientele that will most appreciate the results from this procedure.

Candidates For Powder Brows

Powder brows is an excellent choice for those who want to enhance their look yet don't want to do any daily upkeep. Because of the semi-permanent nature of powder brows, anyone is a prime candidate!

Powder brows, also known as ombre brows, is a perfect procedure for those with oily skin, although ones with oily skin aren't advised to have microblading done.

Since microblading relies more heavily on strokes from the tattoo tool, oily skin may prevent the skin from healing properly, leaving hair strokes that are too defined and not resulting in the desired look.

Powder brows rely less on strokes but on the tiny dots that give a full appearance, hence skin's excessive oiliness does not hinder results.

Additionally, if you have very fine hair or sparse eyebrows, powder brows can help give you a fuller and more defined look. This procedure is also ideal for ones with little to no eyebrows or those who have spots within their eyebrows that are bare. The ombre look will give them more of a natural filled-in look rather than defined strokes in hairless areas caused by microblading.

Do Powder Brows Hurt?

Many clients who have had powder brows done say it's a relatively painless procedure and does not hurt much because of the applied numbing cream. This cream helps with pain management, and most find that their results make up for any brief or slight discomfort they may feel!

Since powder brows apply the pigment to the skin's surface, the technique is similar to airbrushing rather than microblading, which applies the pigment directly under the skin. Because of the difference in techniques, powder brows are less painful and uncomfortable.

The key is to find a reputable technician with great reviews and lots of experience! You can also make sure that a numbing cream is applied before the procedure begins and even mid-process if this is a serious concern of yours! The numbing cream will help significantly when it comes to pain management!

How Long Do Powder Brows Last?

Powder brows can last anywhere from 2-3 years!


Yes, you heard us right. Powder brows have exceptionally longer results than microblading because it is less defined on crisp hair strokes and more on a soft fill-in of the brows.

Ok, so what about touch-ups? There must be some of those involved.

Actually, touch-ups are not required, nor are they always needed!

However, 4-6 weeks from your initial appointment, after you've given your brows time to heal and you can see clearly what the lasting results are, you can assess if YOU want a touch-up.

If you notice your natural habit is for darker or even thicker brows and you'd want to fill in your brows a bit more, you can go for a touch-up to fill them in more in areas that are sparser than you'd like. Also, you can schedule a re-touch if some regions healed a tad uneven within the brow or need a bit more color to even out both brows.

Powder Brows And Waxing

Since a procedure like powder brows give such a defined shape and beautiful brows, we don't want any stray hairs poking up or down, nor do we want accidentally over-plucked brows and end up giving our ombre brows an odd look.

So, is waxing acceptable after having powder brows done? We certainly can't go two to three years without waxing!

The answer is yes. Regular waxing like you would do before your powder brows procedure is acceptable! You may find that the definition you previously wanted from waxing may change depending on the shape and naturally filled in brow look powder brows achieves.

Before getting the procedure done, technicians often recommend not waxing about two weeks before your powder brows appointment. It is always wise to ask your technician how long they require not waxing beforehand if it is longer or shorter than two weeks.

Another point- since it will take around two-four weeks to heal up after your procedure, you will notice some peeling and scabbing, and you DO NOT want to touch this! Ask your technician how long you need to wait to get waxed after your appointment to assure it doesn't get in the way of healing time!

If you are an experienced waxer and are afraid of anyone touching your perfectly powdered brows, our facial waxing kit gives you the freedom to wax at home yourself to ensure your brows stay exactly the way you want them. This waxing kit includes the envied Starpil Hard Wax of your choice to best suit the needs of your skin.

Starpil Facial Waxing Kit

With everything you need included for a crisp wax, you'll be set for ensuring your brows look their best with very little to no maintenance for potentially a few years!

Now, tell us that doesn't appeal to the busy life you lead…

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In Summary

Eyebrow trends are on the rise, and ombre powder brows are no exception to the rule!

While most everyone has heard of and knows what microblading is, not as many are familiar with powder brows. It’s another form of semi-permanent make-up that uses a tattooing pen to fill in brows giving the look and effect of drawing in your brows with an eyebrow pencil and then filling them with a powder.

Powder brows are also a prime choice for those with no eyebrows, balding brows, or brows with sparse hair in certain areas.

The ombre powder brows technique is less painful and uncomfortable than microblading. It also has longer-lasting results, requires no touch-ups or maintenance for up to 3 years!

Since we're all still concerned about our waxing routine, never fear! You can get your eyebrows waxed after the process as you usually would. Our facial waxing kit is a perfect addition to your brow beauty arsenal to keep your brows looking top-notch always!

If you're looking for a natural-looking way to fill in sparse areas of your eyebrow that makes them look fuller with little pain involved, then this might be just the procedure for you!

We know you and your brows will never look or feel better!


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