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Best Waxing Supplies
for Your Salon

Having high-quality waxing supplies stocked at your business will keep your clients coming back and your salon running smoothly. With Starpil’s professional-grade waxing products, you’ll achieve the best hair removal results every time ...

Thousands of estheticians and waxers like yourself trust our products to deliver quality results.

This portable system allows users to not handle any wax directly and its single-use cartridge lets estheticians dispose of wax easily after every single client visit. This wax is applied at low temperatures for maximum client comfort and is ideal for speed waxing and removing hair from large areas like the legs, back, chest, and arms.

The Standard for Professional Waxing

Unsure about which waxing products are best for you?

Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts so they can guide you to finding the perfect waxing products tailored to your business needs.

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Starpil’s commitment to empowering estheticians and their business ventures is reflected not only in our relationships with those who use our waxing products, but in the quality of our waxing supplies themselves.

From hard and soft wax to warmers and salon equipment, we commit to creating the most innovative professional waxing supplies for professionals across the world.

Starpil’s professional waxing products produce unparalleled results that keep clients coming back for more.

No matter what skin or hair type you might work with, we have a wax formula that will grip and remove hair from the root for long-lasting results every time.

Starpil Wax makes a variety of waxes that are ideal for full-body services. Our Vegan Hard Wax is a go-to for many estheticians due to its incorporation of natural, nourishing ingredients.

Its pliability also allows it to spread thinly and evenly for efficient and effective removal across even large surface areas.

The best type of waxing product for you or your client depends on the skin and hair types you work with, as well as what type of formula you prefer working with.

Starpil offers a wide array of hard, soft, and roll-on waxes for a variety of preferences.

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