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Eyebrow Waxing Vs. Threading | Complete Guide for Beginners

Eyebrow Waxing vs Eyebrow Threading

Now we know you won't let just anyone touch your brows; Those are the framework of your face, and one tiny move can make or break the entire look!

Choosing between eyebrow waxing vs. threading isn't necessarily as simple a decision like it is for our wax obsessed (and rightfully so) estheticians.

Our lovely clients are bombarded with influencers left and right telling them to do one or the other, and, truthfully, eyebrow waxing and threading are both popular methods for shaping eyebrows, so which one is better?

We've got the inside scoop here, so you can confidently explain the differences to your clients! If you are the one trying to decide which route to go, you'll have all you need in this blog post to make a solid decision and feel good about it!

Let's cover the basics of what waxing and threading are and aren't first.

What Is Eyebrow Waxing And Eyebrow Threading?

Well, we all know what waxing is, but just to be clear- eyebrow waxing is the process of using melted wax to adhere to the eyebrow hairs and strip them out very quickly, along with all their roots.

Eyebrow threading is a very common practice that uses cotton thread to remove eyebrow hairs. The process uses two fingers to separate the hairs and then uses the thread to trap the individual hair and pull it out from the follicle.

Both techniques can yield fantastic results and should always be performed by a professional that knows what they're doing. Threading by someone who doesn't know what they're doing- hello excessive pain! Waxing by a non-professional could mean saying goodbye to an entire eyebrow! Neither of which situations we would want to be in, and we certainly don't want you to be in!

Now we know you need more details than just the basics, so let's get into the finer points of both eyebrow waxing vs. threading to help you make the right decision.

We want longevity here! Which one will give you the longest results?

Facial Waxing Kit

What Lasts Longer Waxing Or Threading Your Eyebrows?

Eyebrow waxing can last anywhere from 3-6 weeks, while threading lasts 2-5 weeks, so waxing your eyebrows would have longer-lasting results.

However, the longevity of the results is pretty close in hand, and depending on your hair growth pattern, the amount of time both will last could be pretty equal for some people.

Both waxing and threading pull hair out from the roots, so both create a hair-free area for much longer than just plucking. Additionally, both waxing and threading can allow you to create a shape that will last longer than just tweezing!

A clean, sharp line is key to beautiful brows.

A benefit to threading is that the hair doesn't need to be a specific length for hair removal like waxing does. However, when you go to a threading appointment with fewer hairs to remove, this can end up being more painful.

Speaking of pain, in the grand scheme of it all, how do eyebrow waxing and threading measure up against each other in regards to pain?

Let's discuss that next!

Does waxing or threading eyebrows last longer?

Does Threading Eyebrows Hurt More Than Waxing?

Eyebrow hair removal all around the board is not painless, but because threading eyebrows can remove one hair at a time, depending on who does it, threading can hurt more than a quick wax hair pull.

We'll be honest; waxing is not a delicate procedure, and the intensity of pain will vary between people and their pain tolerance levels. But if anyone has ever pulled off a tightly stuck band-aid, I think you'd agree that one pull is a lot less excruciating than a whole bunch of tiny pulls one at a time.

There will always be passionate clients that swear by the method they feel works best for them, and each person has different preferences, although when deciding on which route to take- eyebrow waxing vs. threading, it's not just a matter of pain.

We want results, not just any results, but crisp, clean lines and well-shaped brows. So, of threading or waxing, which one is better overall for our eyebrows?

Is Waxing Or Threading Better For Eyebrows?

Waxing is a better choice for your eyebrows to give the edgier and strong-shaped brows you desire. For ones with thicker and unshaped eyebrows, waxing will provide a good framework for a great brow and get rid of more hair quicker.

Threading is a fine choice for ones just trying to keep a basic natural shape and get rid of a few short hairs. Keep in mind, though, that threading off one hair at a time can cause more discomfort than a faster wax pull.

Who wants lopsided brows or brows with loads of little hairs still left behind? Not us and definitely not our clients! One thing our brows must need to have is precision.

Can only threading give that precision?

Not at all! Starpil's angled wooden brow spatulas are phenomenal for precisely applying wax around your brows. You'll never have been so accurate with wax application than before these treasures.

Angled Wooden Brow Waxing Spatula

Plus, there are other little tricks of the trade that ensure a really exact waxing appointment. 

For example, when waxing with soft wax and our non-woven waxing strips, experienced esthies make it a point to not press down too hard on the strip to prevent wax from being pushed away from the precise lines you applied wax. This small application trick guarantees maximum hair removal and keeps the exact lines our clients want with their brows.

Feel free to review our guide on how to wax eyebrows.

Waxed eyebrows with Starpil Wax

On a general level, though, we always recommend eyebrow waxing over threading for all the reasons mentioned above. Plus, let your clients know that while threading may be an option for eyebrows, it isn't for other areas of your body.

Who wants to go to multiple places for multiple appointments? Our client's time is valuable, and so is ours. Once they see how efficient it is to come in and get their eyebrow waxing done along with either a bikini, arm, leg, or other service done in one swoop, they'll see all the benefits on many levels.

Now, when may threading be a good thing over waxing?

We know that some facial treatments, like chemical peels, sometimes require what feels like a lengthy waiting period before you can have a following waxing appointment. Times like these are when threading may be a superior alternative for waxing if you just can't make it past the "good-to-go" point for your next waxing appointment.

Additionally, waxing can be contraindicated for people on certain medications and for ones with severe allergies to any products within the wax or excessively sensitive skin. Threading for these individuals would be better suited than waxing.

Don't forget that just because you or your clients have excessively sensitive skin doesn't mean you are a lost cause for waxing! 

Starsoft Hypoallergenic Waxing Collection

Starpil has a specially designed hypoallergenic soft wax perfect for facial waxing, which is exceptionally gentle on your skin. It's free of dyes, perfumes and masterfully reduces redness and irritation by only adhering to the hair and not the skin. It's a perfect addition to your salon arsenal for eyebrow threaders transitioning to waxing! 

In Summary

No two hair removal methods are the same. They all have their pros and cons. When it comes to eyebrow waxing vs. threading, it is no exemption.

While both eyebrow waxing and threading can provide outstanding results and gorgeous brows, our esthies will overabundantly choose eyebrow waxing over threading every time.


Because of waxing's ability to pull a more significant amount of hair from the follicle in one clean sweep, waxing tends to be less painful as a whole. Threading can remove a row of hair, but you often tend to feel each pull which can cause more pain and discomfort in the eyes of many.

Additionally, waxing tends to provide longer-lasting results and gives the exact shape you want, whether it is natural brows or sharper arched brows. Threading tends to be geared towards those with more natural brows and isn't an ideal option for those who have never shaped their brows or have coarser and fuller brows and want a change.

Overall, each person has the choice of which will work better for them! Some may have terribly sensitive skin and allergies, or even contraindications that don't make them ideal waxing candidates, so they chose the threading route.

Starpil is always thinking ahead on what can help make our esthetician's job easier and what will help make your clients happier. That's why our wooden angled brow spatulas are a perfect asset to your waxing arsenal to give the precisely shaped and clean-cut brows your clients are looking for.

Don't wait to swoop those treasures up and put them to use! Once you do, don't forget to leave us a comment below on how you enjoyed them!


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