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Full Body Waxing 101

Full Body Waxing 101

When you’re just venturing into the world of full-body waxing, it can be tough to  know where to start to learn more about not only the processes involved, but also the prices, etiquette, and just what to expect from your full body wax appointment as a whole.

In this article, we’ll be answering the question of ‘What is full body waxing?’, and will examine all of the ins and outs of what goes into a full body wax, what to expect from an appointment, as well as how to price or what to expect your full body wax price to be. Keep reading to learn more!  

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What is a Full Body Wax?

Before you start randomly searching ‘full body waxing near me’, make sure you know what goes into the process to find out if it’s right for you. Additionally, If you’re an esthetician who is interested in offering whole body waxing services to your clients but aren’t quite sure what you’d like to include in your services yet, we’ve got you covered there, too. 

Woman smiling after her full body wax

So what is body waxing? Let’s get down to it. 

Full body waxing is a process carried out by a professional esthetician where a client receives complete hair removal from head to toe!

What Does a Full Body Wax Include?

Full body waxing includes everything - top to bottom! 

Full body waxing services can be provided to anyone of any gender. Though the process will generally be the same for all genders, a full body wax for men will include a different process than a full body wax for females

Since women generally receive the process more than men, we’ll discuss first what a full body wax for females includes, as to which parts. A female full body wax will usually begin with intimate areas (i.e. bikini/Brazilian waxes, groin waxing, etc.), and continue to the arms, legs, back, and sometimes the face, depending on the services included in the process. 

For a male full body wax, the process will again begin with intimate areas, including around the shaft, testicles, and buttocks, and will again continue to the arms, leg, back, and sometimes facial areas.

From there, you’re done! You’ve now got a full waxed body and just need to practice proper post-wax care to maintain your whole body wax.

Now that we know what processes go into a full-body wax regardless of gender, let’s discuss the methods used to provide one. 

What Type of Wax is Best for Full Body?

Depending on a client’s skin and hair type, or wax preference, estheticians will use a hard or soft wax that’s attuned to the hair removal needs of the client and will communicate as to which type they’ll be using and why to ensure that their client is informed and comfortable with the materials used. 

As a professional, it’s important to know which types of waxes are best suited for an all-body wax. As we stated prior, many different types of wax can be used for the service, but there are some particular standouts we’ve found to give clients their best body wax yet. 

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Best Hard Wax for Full Body Waxing

The best hard wax to provide your clients with their best full-body wax depends on their skin and hair type. However, we’ve found the following formulas to be all-rounders when it comes to full body waxing!

Best Soft Wax for Full Body Waxing

When determining the best soft wax for full body services, you’ll again need to take into consideration your client’s skin and hair type, as well as all of the areas you’ll be removing hair from. 

Best Roll-On Wax for Full Body Waxing

For those who are looking for an incredibly efficient approach to full body waxing, look no further than Starpil’s roll-on waxing systems. Our soft wax cartridges allow estheticians to apply wax directly to the skin after heating and encourage swift strip removal that cuts service times in half. 

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How Long Do Full Body Waxes Take?

Now that you’ve got a plethora of options as to which wax to use for a full-body wax, let’s get down to the logistics of the service. If you’re interested in full-body waxing services, but are concerned you may not have the time in your busy schedule to set aside for it, don’t worry! Full body waxing generally doesn’t take as long as you would expect. 

So how long does a full body wax last? A complete body waxing service will generally take estheticians around 45 minutes to 1 hour. This, of course, depends on the client, the amount of hair they might have, and whether or not the esthetician includes facial waxing services in the overall package, but regardless, the service won’t take all day! 

Male Back Wax with Calendula Roll-On

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Taking an hour of your time to receive long-lasting hair removal results will save you even more time in the long run, and convenience is of course key. Especially in comparison to the daily, arduous task of shaving your body, full-body waxing is unparalleled in terms of time, convenience, and the results you receive!

For clients with excessive back, chest, or leg hair, services may take a bit longer so plan your full body waxing appointments accordingly. If you service a lot of very hairy individuals, our speedy roll-on waxing system can help cut your service time in half!

How Much is a Full Body Wax?

Full body wax cost is determined by the services a client receives, time spent, and what area your salon might be in. On average, the average full-body wax cost begins around $150 and can go up from there. 

For complete information on what to expect price-wise during your full body wax service, check out our in-depth examination in “What is the Average Full Body Wax Price?”. 

Of course, these prices are for professional services, which we would always recommend as opposed to doing your own full body wax at home. However, if you choose to perform your own full body wax at home, make sure you’re using the right, professional-grade full body wax kit to ensure that you not only receive the best results possible, but that your skin is left nourished, soothed, and in its best shape afterward. 

For full body waxing at home, you’ll want to check out Starpil’s Standard Hard Wax Kit. Complete with a warmer that holds up to 1lb of hard wax, pre and post-wax care products, accessories, and your choice of the hard wax that’s best for your skin and hair type (see above!). If you want to tackle at-home full body waxing, this is the kit for you.  

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Are Full Body Waxes Worth it?

So why get a full body wax? Good question! If you’re curious as to why the process is popular, there are a ton of reasons as to why people might get a full-body wax. For most enjoyers of full body waxing, they’re fans of the results they receive, the length of time they can leave in between appointments, and the convenience of the service. 

If you’re wondering if the service will be worth it for you, we’ve outlined all of the benefits and downsides of full body waxing. 

Happy woman after her full body wax

Pros and Cons of Full Body Waxing

Full body waxing isn’t for everyone, but those who love it really swear by it for a reason. Let’s get into it!

Benefits of Body Waxing

So what are the biggest full-body waxing benefits? As we said prior, the upsides of body waxing revolve around convenience and the long-lasting results clients receive. 

Full body waxing is fantastic for those who would otherwise have separate waxing appointments for different areas of their body, or who just are sick of shaving their entire body daily. On top of that, this hour-long process is extremely efficient, and takes a lot less time than shaving or going to individual appointments spread out over time. With this process, you’re taking care of everything at once.

Woman getting her legs waxed by an esthetician

Additionally, by taking care of all of your hair removal tasks in one shot, you’ll be able to enjoy your results and stay out of the salon for longer! Waxing provides many longer-lasting results than other methods of hair removal. 

By taking care of all of your waxing needs at once, you’re allowing yourself to save time and money overall by only having to take one trip to the salon around every 6 weeks, instead of multiple trips to take care of individual areas. 

Downsides of Body Waxing

For fans of the service, many would probably say the downsides of full body waxing come in the form of the discomfort that comes with any waxing service. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as painless hair removal from waxing, but there are several ways to ease pain or discomfort when having your full body waxed. 

By practicing proper pre & post-wax care, you can reduce your pain significantly and make sure that your skin is appropriately prepared for the entire process. Make sure to properly cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize skin before and after waxing to soothe and repair skin.

For the best pre and post-wax care products, look no further than Starpil’s Original Pre-Wax Gel, Post-Wax Lotion, and Post-Wax Oil.

For those with extra sensitive skin types, nourish skin with our Starsoft, Calendula, or Vegan Pre and Post Wax Care.

Additionally, to ease the pain of waxing, make sure to keep skin hydrated, and eat food rich in antioxidants the day prior. As always, get plenty of sleep the night before, drink lots of water, and NEVER shave in between services. 

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Final Thoughts

There’s a reason why so many people swear by full-body waxing - it’s a service unparalleled in terms of results, ease, and convenience! There’s no better feeling than leaving a waxing appointment with a body that’s smooth, sleek and feeling fresh. Plus, with full-body waxing services, you’ll say goodbye to shaving, and don’t even have to visit the salon multiple times for individual appointments. 

Woman getting her underarms waxed

If you’re interested in hair removal from head to toe and want to finally stop having to shave different parts of your body constantly day to day, full-body waxing will be a dream come true for you. Sound like an exciting prospect to you? Research salons and estheticians near you, schedule your full-body wax appointment, and reap the benefits of your amazing results! 


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