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Post-Wax Care: Tips & Best Practices

Post-Wax Care Tips

As estheticians, we know that a waxing service doesn’t start and end with just hair removal itself - pre-wax care and post-wax care is hugely important, too. 

The waxing process itself is really only half the job, but your clients may not know that what they do afterward to perform proper post-wax care is equally as important as the service they’ve just had!

Taking care of skin post-wax is imperative to making sure that not only your skin is kept in the best shape possible following a wax, but also so that waxing results are kept looking better, longer. 

What are the steps to make sure your clients practice the best post-waxing care process? Here, we’ll discuss all of the ins and outs of post-waxing and after wax care, how to keep waxing results lasting as long as possible, and will also touch on how best to care for the skin before a wax.

Remember - if you know exactly how to practice the best after wax care, your clients will too! 

Build their confidence not only in their ability to take care of their skin post-wax, but build their trust and confidence in you and your expertise by making sure their skin is happy and hairless for as long as possible.

Table of Contents

  • Why Practice Post-Wax Care?
  • How Long Should You Practice Post-Wax Care?
  • Why is After Wax Care Important?
  • The Do’s of Post-Waxing Care
  • The Don’ts of Post-Waxing Care
  • What Not to Do After a Wax
  • Why Practice Post-Wax Care?

    So what’s the point of post-waxing care? Shouldn’t the job be done as soon as the hair removal service is performed?

    This is the question you might hear from first-time clients or just those who might not fully understand the importance of locking in moisture and speeding skin repair after their appointments. However, it’s all about education! Giving them the best post-wax care tips will set them up for success.

    How Long Should You Practice Post-Wax Care?

    Following a waxing service, a client’s skin is going to be sensitive for a little bit and will want to be given a little extra TLC for around 24-36 hours following their appointment. 

    To make sure their skin and hair removal results are at their best, your client is going to need to just add an extra step to their usual skincare routine to make sure their freshly waxed skin is attended to. 

    In addition to giving their skin a little extra attention where they’ve just waxed, your client is also going to want to also be a little extra mindful when it comes to what clothing they wear, or just their general routine to minimize the build-up of bacteria. 

    This will also lower the chance of breakouts or ingrowns on their freshly waxed skin. We’ll go into more detail a little later!

    Though the first 24-36 hours are the most important when it comes to post-wax care, clients should be practicing proper skincare daily - even if they haven’t waxed recently. 

    No matter where they usually wax, keeping skin happy and healthy is the secret to making sure they’re always looking and feeling their best.

    Why is After Wax Care Important?

    Post-wax care is all about prevention and maintenance, and is important for the same reasons as to why your regular skincare routine is important - it’s what’s best for your skin! 

    Not only does it keep you safe from ingrowns and bacteria build-up, but it also helps to restore skin after the waxing process. 

    Making sure clients are educated about the post-waxing process is equally as important as making sure they’re educated about regular skincare. 

    This serves as a preventative measure against not only skin irritations but also as a way to make sure they’re not tempted to shave when they see any hair growth in between appointments. Doing so can inflame their skin, or otherwise mar the progress they’ve made on their waxing journey. 

    This way, both you and your clients will be on the same page!

    The Do’s of Post-Waxing Care

    What should and shouldn’t a client do following a waxing service? How can they keep skin free from irritation and make their results last longer once they make it home after a wax? 

    That’s a lot of questions, but don’t worry - we’ve got all your answers as to what to do after a waxing appointment, and all of the post-wax care benefits you can achieve!

    Apply a Post-Wax Lotion

    Immediately after a waxing appointment, make sure your client is well versed in the importance of moisturizing and soothing their skin with a post-wax lotion, or the best post-wax products available. Always have these products available to your clients as add-on purchases, or otherwise, advise them as to which post-wax care products will work for them. Post-wax lotions and post-wax oils remove wax residue from the skin and serve to hydrate, moisturize, and soothe the removal area.

    Which post-wax products should you point your clients toward? We’re glad you asked. Make sure to have your clients use products made specifically for waxing aftercare and ones that are compatible with their skin types or susceptibility to irritation. 

    For clients with regular skin types, make sure to point them toward Starpil’s Original Post-Wax Lotion and Post-Wax Oil. This combination will allow the skin to be soothed and moisturized, while also locking in hydration and removing wax residue.


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