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Top 10 Benefits of Waxing (Everything You Should Know)

Top 10 Benefits of Waxing

There’s a reason why waxing has been a popular technique for hair removal for so long: it’s a great and long-lasting technique that gives you the best hair removal results possible. So what are the benefits of waxing

Besides amazing results and its ease of use when compared to that of shaving or other hair removal techniques, waxing holds some amazing benefits that estheticians might not even be fully aware of. 

For all of the reasons to get your clients to ditch their razors and set up a waxing appointment at your local salon, keep reading. 

From short term to long-term success and satisfaction stories and fun tidbits in between, we have the top benefits of waxing that will help draw in new business, and retain existing clients. 

What are the Benefits of Waxing?

There’s a reason why waxing has been such a popular technique for so long - it’s the most effective approach  to hair removal that also provides unparalleled results. So what are the 10 top benefits of waxing? Read below to learn more. 

1. Waxing Saves Time

Whether you shave regularly or not, we all know that shaving isn’t exactly the most convenient process in any sort of respect, and can be really annoying to try and to pull off comfortably and conveniently. 

Plus, if your goal is to have consistently smooth skin, everywhere, on the daily, shaving can be even more of a challenge.  Shaving is time-consuming! Plus, there’s nothing like wanting to wear something in particular or needing to shave in a rush, and having to rush through it and ending up with razor burn or cutting yourself.

This is a particular problem for those who wish to consistently have hairless underarms, where shaving can cause particular discomfort, and where hair grows back very quickly. 

When you’re a waxing regular, you’re choosing convenience and consistently smooth over inconvenience and time-wasting. When seeing a waxing pro, hair removal is efficient and the results can last weeks - plus you’re less likely to get caught with stubble or peach fuzz. 

Because hair grows at a much slower rate when waxed instead of shaved, it can also save you precious time in the mornings that you would typically spend shaving. This is one of the huge benefits of underarm waxing, since hair in this area grows so quickly.

The luxury of time is essential for busy professionals, students, moms, dads, and anybody who doesn’t want to be held back by spending time shaving in the mornings, or at any time for that matter.           

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2. Waxing Is Less Irritating Than Other Methods

In addition to its convenience and time saving qualities, waxing also can cause less irritation to the skin than other conventional hair removal methods. 

Especially when performed by a trained professional who is using a wax best for their client’s skin type, waxing can actually provide clients with effective hair removal while allowing skin time to breathe and heal itself.  

Leg Waxing Service with Starpil Wax

Additionally, because the waxing process isn’t done daily (or even weekly), your skin has a lot more time to heal from inflammation or initial irritation  from waxing, plus won’t have to heal itself from any small cuts or burns caused by shaving.  

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3. Waxing Can Slow Hair Growth

Educating people on hair growth cycles and how hair growth works can make them more likely to visit regularly, as they’ll be confident in your knowledge and expertise when it comes to your skin and trust you. 

Regular waxing benefits those with coarse, unruly hair or those prone to ingrowns because it weakens the follicle and its ability to produce hair. Even if you don’t have one of these hair types, you can really benefit from the last results of waxing. 

4. Waxing Can Lessen Hair Growth

On top of its ability to slow hair growth over time, waxing regularly can also actually thin out and lessen hair growth over time. 

So does waxing reduce hair growth? In some instances, yes! Because waxing removes hair at the root, hair grows back with a finely tapered end instead of the blunt, stubbly end that shaving results in. This means that even if you experience normal hair growth in between waxes, it still doesn’t feel like you are. 

Plus, over time, hair may stop regenerating and growing back all together, which results in sparser overall hair growth in your regularly waxed areas.

5. Regular Waxing Benefits the Skin

Waxing is a skincare treatment in and of itself. By picking up and removing dead skin cells, waxing thoroughly exfoliates the skin and leaves it looking and feeling smooth, especially in comparison to other hair removal methods. 

Waxing also opens pores and leaves skin open to receiving skincare treatments post-wax.  An essential part of the waxing process is also pre and post-wax care, which additionally exfoliates, cleanses, hydrates and moisturizes skin. 

This additional level of care is also often ignored when it comes to shaving, so this only adds to the benefits your skin receives throughout the waxing process.  

This is even more of a benefit when practicing regular Brazilian waxing. For an added level of client pampering, we recommend following up by using our Brazilian Waxing Mask to soothe, soften, hydrate, and restore sensitized skin after intimate waxing.

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6. Waxing Can Get into Otherwise Hard to Reach Areas

It’s hard for those with bad eyesight or less limber to see or reach every hair while shaving in the shower or just when removing body hair anywhere. Shaving can literally have people bending over backwards for their hair removal, and honestly, there’s just no need. 

Popular waxing areas include the face, eyebrows, arms, underarms, legs, bikini area, back, and chest. These areas can be very difficult for someone to reach or see correctly, but can really benefit from professional waxing services. 

Additionally, areas like the nose or ear can also experience annoying amounts of hair growth that are particularly hard to reach. The benefits of waxing nose hair and ear hair not only come down to effectiveness, but also come down to giving clients a safe way to remove hair in such hard to reach areas. 

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7. Benefits of Waxing the Face

Unless the average person is a master of all things eyebrows, most people need to learn about the proper way to arch a brow to enhance the face. 

Potential clients can avoid unbalanced, unflattering, or over-tweezed brows by seeing a trained professional. For upper lip waxing, chin or sideburns, a pro should be using the right hard or soft wax for their client’s skin type to avoid breakouts or allergic reactions since the skin on the face can be more sensitive than on the rest of the body.

If you’re looking for the best waxes for sensitive facial or eyebrow areas, check out our Pink Film Hard Wax, as well as our ultra-hygienic Calendula formula and nourishing and hypoallergenic Starsoft line. 

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8. Waxing Helps Fight Ingrown Hair Growth

One of people’s favorite features of waxing services is the lowered amount of ingrown hairs they experience in comparison to shaving. 

So what allows waxing to lower the growth of ingrown hairs from treated areas, especially throughout the bikini line? 

Instead of irritating and causing your delicate frequently-shaved areas to be further inflamed by shaving and the bacteria it causes, waxing is a hygienic process that removes hair at the root, which lessens the chance of getting ingrowns, even with Brazilian waxes.

Let your clients know that the benefits of a Brazilian wax also go beyond just making sure those hard to reach hairs are taken care of - this type of waxing can also limit ingrown hair growth (which this area is notorious for). 

Even if you’re particularly prone to ingrowns, there are wax types made specifically to address this issue. Our hygienic Calendula and luxurious Starsoft formulas are just two examples of this. The pre and post-wax care regimen your clients practice also impacts the prevention of ingrowns. 

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9. Waxing = No More Razor Burn

Razor burn, or the inflammation caused by the irritation of shaving, is uncomfortable at best and unsightly at worst for a lot of people. So what if there was a way to get rid of rashes from shaving? 

A super simple way to stop getting rashes or razor burn from shaving is to move to a different sort of hair removal method. 

When you make the change from shaving to waxing, for example, not only do you not have to further irritate your hairless area every few days, but the area isn’t also then exposed to continual friction from tight clothes, sex, or other areas of your everyday life after shaving daily. 

10. Waxing Eliminates Itchy Stubble

Regular shaving enthusiasts will know what the itchy feeling that comes with annoying stubble is. Plus, not only is stubble extremely itchy, but your skin can also feel pretty pretty itchy directly after the process itself. 

With waxing, even when your hair grows back, it doesn’t grow back with the blunt and uncomfortable edge that comes with hair growth after shaving, but with finer edged hairs that don’t give you that uncomfortable stubble. 

BONUS TIP: Waxing Encourages a Good Skincare Routine

Seeing a skincare professional regularly that promotes a good skincare regimen will make clients more likely to take care of themselves, and attend to their skin. After all, no one wants a disappointed esthetician! 

Plus, seeing a professional and getting expert advice allows clients to really address and be able to effectively treat ingrown hairs, irritation, acne, and a plethora of other issues. 

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Getting professionally waxed consistently is the most effective method of hair removal, and will produce the best hair removal results. To get even more accurate, here are our top waxing picks for each service. 

Blue Film Hard Wax wax is composed of a precise polymer formula, creating our most flexible application.

Blue Film Hard Wax Beads inside Starpil Wax Warmer

Blue film hard wax has the exact number of polymers to make it not crack or break easily upon removal. Blue wax is specifically formulated for waxing large body areas such as the back, arms, and legs. It is perfect for removing coarse hairs by pulling the hair follicles at the root. 

Pink Film Hard Wax is a creamy, polymer-blend formula with great flexibility for removal, which leaves the skin looking beautiful and radiant.

Pink Film Hard Wax Beads inside Starpil Wax Warmer

Because of its ability to remove even the finest hairs, it is best for waxing smaller areas such as the face, Brazilian bikini area, and underarms.

Starsoft is specially formulated for extra sensitive skin types. Once melted, this luxurious clear formula produces a flawless waxing experience. Starsoft is pine rosin-free and possesses neurosensory properties to provide the most pleasant waxing experience available.

Calendula is an ultra-hygienic formula made up of a blend of calendula and tea tree oil to provide those with sensitive skin that’s prone to breakouts and ingrown hairs the most calming, disinfecting, and nourishing wax possible.

Calendula Wax Collection

Final Thoughts

Considering all of its benefits and the number of wax variations available, waxing is clearly the best method for hair removal treatment. Your clients can always wear that bathing suit with the confidence that they won’t have visible hair along the bikini line and won’t have to deal with razor bumps or irritated skin. So next time anyone asks you anything about shaving vs. waxing, remind them that there are countless benefits of waxing that a lot of hair removal methods just can’t compete with. 

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