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How to Get Rid of Nose Hair for Best Results

Nose Hair Removal Methods


Do you ever find yourself self conscious of your nose hair? Ever find yourself wondering if anyone else notices your hair, or if others experience the same levels of growth that you do? You’re not alone - many people before you and many people after you will experience noticeable or uncomfortable levels of nose hair. It’s completely normal and natural - it has a purpose, after all! However, it’s also rather inconvenient, uncomfortable, and even unsightly at times. Luckily for you, if you’ve ever wondered how to get rid of nose hair, there are many safe and easy solutions made to suit your nose and its needs. 


Hairy nostril


Why is My Nose so Hairy?

Before you embark on your journey to find the best way to get rid of nose hair, it’s important to know why you have nose hair, and how much hair you should remove in the first place.  

So why do we have nose hair?  Should you trim nose hairs in the first place? Both are good questions. Humans have nose hair as a sort of defense system against any sort of dirt or debris that they might breathe in.These hairs also conserve the moisture in your nostrils. However, many people choose to remove it for cosmetic or comfort-related reasons, which does not cause any harm to your body. When choosing to remove your nose hair, what’s most important is to do thorough research, and to make sure the method you choose is safe and effective.  

Nose Hair Removal Methods

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an at-home amateur, it’s hard to know exactly where to start when trying to figure out how to remove nose hair. There are many varied techniques, all with different levels of risk and reward, and some that are just not the way to go. However, you don’t have to go too far to do some in depth research. We’ve compiled a list of the possible wins, losses, and processes involved in some of the most popular nose hair removal methods used today. 


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man using electric trimmer for nose hairs

1: Nose Hair Removal with Electric Trimmers

One of the most common techniques used to remove nose hair today are electric nose hair trimmers. Found in most grocery stores or beauty stores, it’s a cheap and easy option to remove nose hair in the comfort of your own bathroom. However, with any technique, electric trimmers have their set of drawbacks. 

The shortcomings of electric trimmers come in the form of the lack of long term results. Trimmers only cut your hairs, instead of taking the hair out by the root. As a result of this, your nose hairs will grow back quickly and you’ll have to trim them often. Those short hairs will also get pretty itchy pretty quickly, and will cause discomfort. 

Overall, electric trimmers are a good move if you’re looking for a cheap and accessible option for removing nose hair. As long as you don’t have a lot of growth and don’t mind having to trim your hairs regularly, electric trimmers could be right for you. 

2: Nose Hair Removal by Plucking

Plucking your nose hairs might be the first thing you consider when figuring out a viable option to remove your nose hair, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the best idea. Though easily accessible and virtually free, plucking poses a good amount of risk and discomfort to those who use it. So is it still the way to go? 

Is It Safe to Pluck Nose Hairs?

In short, yes, it is safe to pluck nose hairs, but it might not be the best option for comfort level or for long term results.  

Plucking your nose hairs with tweezers or by some other method is the cheapest and probably most accessible method to get rid of your nose hair, but it’s also the most time consuming, one of the most painful, and one of the least effective for getting long term results. Additionally, plucking can cause uncomfortable ingrown hairs in your hair - yuck! Unless you have one or two stray nose hairs that can be taken out with minimal time and effort, plucking most likely isn’t your best option for effective and comfortable nose hair removal. 

Man cutting nose hairs with scissors   

3: Cutting Nose Hairs

Though hopefully not your first consideration when choosing a nose hair removal technique, it is possible (but not encouraged) to cut your nose hairs with some small scissors. Though it does get rid of some hairs, using scissors to trim your hairs comes with a lot more drawbacks than it does benefits.  

Maybe the most obvious of drawbacks is the risk of injury that comes with taking scissors to one’s inner nostril. You could easily get hurt or cut yourself doing this, and should probably steer clear. Secondly, cutting with scissors offers a very low level of accuracy and effectiveness in actually getting your nose hairs taken care of. Picture it - you’re standing up close in front of your mirror, trying to see the inside of your nostrils and hairs while trying to cut them with a pair of scissors - all without hitting your nostril or stabbing yourself. Not the best visual, is it? At the end of the day, there are better options out there, so maybe steer clear of this method. 

Woman getting nose hairs waxed


4: Waxing Nose Hairs

Now you might be thinking...waxing? For my nose? How does that even work? Waxing is actually a very common and effective method for getting rid of nose hair, especially large amounts of it. If you’re wondering how to wax nose hair, it’s a pretty simple process. The most important thing is to make sure that the wax is applied properly, so as not to get too far into your nose.  

Is it Safe to Wax Your Nose Hairs?

Waxing your nose is completely safe, but should be done at a salon or by a professional. The nose hair removal wax should only be applied to the inside of the front of your nose where the nose hairs are visible- never up into the nostril. As long as you are being waxed by a professional, the process is completely safe.

What Can I Use to Wax My Nose?

Your nose hair waxing should only be done by a professional or at a salon in order to make sure that the wax is being applied safely and correctly. However, a professional will use a high-quality hard wax that will have cooled off in order to make sure your nostrils are not harmed in any way. Once the wax hardens fully, the waxer will remove the wax from your nose, along with any hair in the nostril. Waxing allows your nose hairs to be taken out from the root, in order to provide long lasting results.  

Nose hair waxing is a safe and very effective method for removing nose hairs for the long-term. Additionally, waxing is a super quick process that gives you long-lasting results and also causes less discomfort than plucking.  

Like any method, waxing does have its drawbacks. Most notably, it does cause discomfort upon the wax’s removal of the nose hairs. Additionally, waxing also comes at the cost of an appointment with a professional, though appointments are pretty spaced out due to the effectiveness of the treatment. Overall, waxing is a safe, highly effective method that comes at a reasonable cost when compared to the results clients get. 


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Hair removal creams

5: Nose Hair Removal Cream

Another idea many might have for what seemingly would be a simple and quick nose hair removal technique is to use hair removal cream. Women in particular might think of this technique, as hair removal creams for leg or armpit hair are commonly found in most hair removal aisles of the grocery store. However, how does a woman get rid of nose hair? Not through these creams, that’s for sure! Hair removal creams are not considered safe for application in the nostril, as the skin is extra sensitive and can easily be burned. Additionally, the use of these creams can put you at risk for inhaling toxic fumes. There are a multitude of better alternatives that would better serve your nose hair removal needs. 

Laser hair removal

6: Laser Hair Removal

If you’re looking for more permanent results, laser hair removal could be a good option for you. That being said, since you’re working with such a small area, you might wonder if laser hair removal is even safe for nose hairs. Laser hair removal is completely safe for nostrils, however it should only be used to target the nose hairs near the front of the nose - not the ones deeper in the nostril. We need those, after all! Make sure to see a licensed dermatologist or seasoned professional - nose hairs can be in a tough spot to reach with lasers, so make sure to see somebody experienced and who knows what they’re doing. 

Overall, if you’re interested in permanent hair removal, laser might be a good option for you. However, it does come with a cost. It is an expensive, professional treatment, but if you want the long-lasting results and think it will be worth it, laser could be a good move. 

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What's the Best Nose Hair Removal Method?

When choosing to remove your nose hair, it’s important to do your research and know what you need to look for in removal techniques. Take into account cost, results, discomfort, and even possible risk.  

When dealing with a sensitive area like the inside of your nose, you should stay away from hair removal creams, scissors, and anything that can put you at risk for injury. These options offer poor results, are tricky to pull off, and have far too many risks involved.  

Plucking and trimming offer the cheapest solutions for nose hair growth, but do not offer long lasting results. Additionally, plucking comes with the added pain and discomfort of plucking individual hairs from your nose - plus it takes a long time to do.

Laser hair removal is a good option for people with higher price ranges, but otherwise is not the most accessible option. However, it does offer permanent, safe results when done by a professional.  

Waxing is an excellent option for those looking for longer term results. Waxing is quick and safe when done by a professional, and is the middle of the road price-range-wise between grocery store and laser options. When using a high-quality, professional grade wax like Starpil’s Pink Film Hard Wax, clients can have long lasting results with less discomfort than plucking.  

up-close man's hairy nose


Nose hair removal is not a process meant to be done recklessly. Stay away from riskier options, and do your full research and weigh all options before choosing the method that’s right for you. Regardless of which method you use, make sure to take care of your nose, and be careful not to remove hair too far into the nostril - you need that!  

Whether you’ve just tried one method, multiple, or none at all, let us know your experiences in the comments below - we would love to hear from you.


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