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BTS with Starpil Wax and The Waxing Podcast

Behind the Scenes with Starpil and The Waxing Podcast


Being one of the top waxing brands in the US can earn you a lot of perks. One of those perks is getting to sit down with some of the country’s top hair removal specialists to talk about all-things waxing, Starpil, and coming up as an esthie in the age of social media.

Last week, Starpil’s own Yalisis Figueroa was invited by Kirsten Goetzelman, aka, @tampawaxer on Instagram, to join her for an episode of her show, The Waxing Podcast. Here, we recap some of its highlights from tips on getting over your social media fears and how to get featured in a Starpil Esthie Spotlight to the many ways Starpil Wax works with its customers to grow their business. They also discuss using hard wax vs. soft wax for facial waxing services, Starsoft Hard Wax, new product launches, and much more! So, read on as we go behind the scenes with Starpil Wax and The Waxing Podcast.

Who is Kirsten Goetzelman?

As a licensed professional of seven years, Goetzelman has created an impressive business for herself off and online. “When I first decided to go into esthetics, I had every intention of joining the medical side of skincare. After graduating and getting experience in the field, I learned that I wasn’t extremely passionate about facials,” says the esthie. 

When she started to work for Flirt Wax Bar in Tampa Bay, Kirsten realized where her true passion lay—hair removal! “I decided to create a new path and learn the ins and outs of body hair removal. Cue the passion,” she remembers.

Eventually, to create an outlet for other up and coming esthies, she started The Waxing Podcast, an informative look at the suite owners, employees, and brands behind waxing such as Starpil Wax. She offers more than just the podcast and, like Starpil, is all about providing top education. Click here to check out all of Kirsten’s educational content, listen to her podcast, or book an appointment with her in Tampa.

Who is Yalisis Figueroa?

Yalisis (we call her Yali) is a champion of Starpil Wax’s social media game. When Yali started, Starpil had an organic Instagram following of around 92K. Yali worked with our social media team to grow to today’s impressive 152K+ followers. She knew the ins and outs of the brand, it’s products, and the struggles estheticians faced every day. Inspired, Figueroa got her esthetician’s license and began immersive training at The Starsoft Wax Center all while continuing her efforts at Starpil headquarters in Miami.

Currently, Yali has moved on to be the Starpil Community Manager, where she works closely with fabulous influencers and ambassadors like Cara Edwards and Kelly Baker of Kelly Baker Brows. Yali is also the most recognizable face of the Starpil brand, hosting all of our educational videos on Youtube, and sitting in for our Instagram Lives such as #MeltingMondays Live Q&A, and #WaxWednesdays and #FillYourPotFridays Fridays for The Waxopolitan (this blog!) Recap. She’s also the admin to the Starpil Facebook Group The World of Waxing, a platform for licensed professionals to discuss everything under the sun about the waxing industry. (Join it!)

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Now that you’ve met these two waxing dynamos, let’s get behind what they talked about on The Waxing Podcast to understand why Kirsten titled the episode with Yali, “So Much More Than Waxing” An Interview with Starpil Wax and Why You Need Them in Your Life.

Getting Started

We start with Kirsten likening her discussion with Yali to “talking to your best friend about plans, and (everything going) seamlessly and perfect.” Kirsten went on to make us blush by giving us the following glowing introduction.

“I really do think that out of all the waxes available, Starpil truly does the whole 360 for everyone. They’re social media-based, they’re customer service based. They help you through text messages, through emails, through phone calls, through DMs, and to be completely honest with you; I don’t know if there’s another brand who does this much. “

On Doing Social Media

The pair seemed to have a lot of great synchronicity and shared what it’s like to create social media content such as Instagram Lives and podcasts and the key to getting your socials off the ground.

“You’re just having a conversation,” says Yali, “but looking at yourself and wondering if there’s anybody out there while going live…the comments help.”

“The more you do it, the more you just build the confidence. You have to just do it because it’s like breaking all of those fears, the fears that you’re based with. Keep it going,” added the Tampa waxer.

“I look back to the first few (Instagram) Lives and think, WOW, that looks like a total train wreck,” says Figueroa, but continues, “It was gonna be real and it was gonna be raw because it’s live you know what I’m saying? You can’t edit it, it’s in real-time and whatever happens, happens. So, I definitely will say as time progressed, I built my confidence, and that a lot of the confidence came from our Starpil fam who were consistently watching, the Starpil fam who would always engage. And eventually, they get to know you, and they start looking for you."

Kirsten responded, “There are people who are ready to engage with what you’re trying to do. It feels good. The more you do it; the more people are expecting you to be there. It becomes an accountability thing.”

On Starpil Social Media Content and Getting Featured

The duo discussed Starpil’s take on social media, working with influencers, and how to get featured as a Starpil Wax user.

“We have the Esthie Spotlight, the blog features (which with COVID, we started creating more business-related content). We do (Instagram) Lives with other estheticians and have The World of Waxing and Esthie Bucks,” informs Yalisis. Then, Kirsten asks about what Starpil looks for when featuring other artists’ content.

“Originality. Something we’re not really seeing a lot of,” answers Yali. “Stock photos are a no-no,” adds Kirsten. (Agreed!) Yali continues, “We’re looking for estheticians who always post new content, the esthetician who’s posting stuff that’s just fun. We don’t pay attention to the following; we look more at what you’re posting, how often you’re posting. Are you posting content that’s useful? Are you giving people breakdowns of what you’re using and educating?”

Yali goes on to mention that if you want to be visible to @StarpilWaxUSA, use the following hashtags.



And that if you would like to be featured on a Starpil Esthie Spotlight, fill out the application here.

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How Starpil Wax Works with its Estheticians

Kirsten asks Yali how Starpil helps out fresh esthetics graduates and exemplifies Starpil for the many ways it allows customers to interact with itself. (It’s true!) Ms. Figueroa goes into great detail about the benefits of working with a Starpil PAM (Personal Account Manager). 

PAMs dive deep into what kind of clients you’ll be working with, your strengths, your goals, and so much more to tailor your Starpil experience specifically toward your needs. Working with a PAM gets you exclusive prices that many times go below wholesale prices. In the modern world, if you’re uncomfortable talking on the phone, a PAM (and all of our customer service reps) will engage with you via email or in the DMs of whichever social media account you prefer.

Hard Wax vs. Soft Wax for Facial Waxing

A super-cool aspect of this podcast was how deep the pair go into which waxes work best for what. Yali goes into why she’s obsessed with Starsoft Hard Wax, and it’s difficult not to agree. Though she does mention that Starpil Blue Film Hard Wax and Pink Film Hard Wax are our best sellers, Starsoft is the most universal because of how gentle and hypoallergenic it is.

But which is the best wax for professionals to use? It turns out; it’s all about preference.

“Cara Edwards has a 5lb (professional wax warmer) of each Starpil wax, because she uses it for different things, but then you have esthies like Mckenze (Trachuk) and Jocelyn (Rivera), they’re Starsoft fans till the end.”

Kirsten is known as a soft-wax-only esthie but is excited to explore hard wax with Starsoft. We say, not a bad wax to practice with, but she might get spoiled for anything else after!

“If you use soft wax for a majority of your services, use the pink soft wax or Starsoft Roll-On Wax over blue film hard wax beans. Starsoft Soft Wax is going to be the most gentle and comfortable on all skin types, so it’s the most versatile. The pink soft wax is made with titanium dioxide, so it’s going to have that velvety feel and be more gentle,” notes Figueroa.

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Final Thoughts

The waxing mavens continue to discuss the wax behind the brand and celebrate the best Starpil Wax offers. They also spill the tea on new product launches and something BIG for Starsoft Hard Wax, but you’ll have to listen in to try and find out what it is. We want to thank Kirsten for inviting us on her show and encourage you to join in on everything she’s doing for top-notch education and a whole lot of waxing fun!




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