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What is Salon Email Marketing?

In the modern age of beauty and a “new normal” world, salon email marketing has never been more of a telltale sign of a salon’s “with-it-ness.” You may offer the best professional wax for hair removal, but if you don’t take advantage of email marketing tools, a lot of people might not know about it. Salon email marketing can be a big part of your wax salon and can do as much for your business as Starpil blue wax beads! In this article, we’re going to cover why salon email marketing is big for business and share with you what kinds of emails and salon newsletters you should be sending your clients. We’ll also give you tips on which platforms to use for sending out your email and much more as we answer the question; What is Salon Email Marketing?


Salon Email Marketing:

While many people think that email marketing is just for sending out weekly newsletters, we’ve got so much more in store for you. Salon email marketing can help provide your clients with a 360° experience with your business. Having you in their inbox is just one way to make that happen. It keeps you fresh in their minds and can help make them feel like they are a part of something special—if you do it right. From getting follow-up emails after a stripless hard wax service or home-waxing kit purchase to weekly salon updates, significant takeaways, education, and promotions, salon email marketing can be a well-rounded format to keep your clients in-tune with you while giving them convenient ways to shop your goods and services. 


Why salon email marketing is big for business:

Let’s say you post a video on Instagram of a professional strip wax service being done on a client, or you promote a blog post about how to handle an allergic reaction to waxing. While this is great for building your social media following, salon email marketing is more effective at reaching a broader audience that will engage in your posts and read your blogs. Unfortunately, Instagram and Facebook own your followers list and have an algorithm that only lets a certain amount of people see your posts. Your clients are more likely to check their email many times a day, and if you’re consistent with great content, they’ll look forward to what you’re sending out.


Salon email marketing can be a low-cost investment for major returns on repeat business, product purchases, and salon bookings. Each email you send out can have unlimited growth potential on how much money it brings back to you.  


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What kind of emails should you be sending out?

You can automate your emails to target specific things. For example, you can send emails like this; “Thanks for booking your first Brazilian wax appointment with us, here are the best after wax care products to have at home for this service. You can make your emails pointed to return clients like this; “We can’t wait to see you back for your eyebrow waxing, here are some other great services to include and are offering two services with 30% off the second one. (Then, include the services). Appointments are time-sensitive, so book now before those slots get taken!”


A significant win with successful salon email marketing and sales is to include a lot of education about the services and products you offer. For example— “We use the best stripless hard wax for your skin type,” then name the different types of Starpil hard wax you carry, which skin types you use them on and why. Or you could say something like, “We use the best soft wax in our professional wax warmer to get even the finest hairs off your bikini line!”


You can send a specific email for every situation. Each email is an opportunity to do more than one thing. There are seemingly endless ways to engage your clients through your salon’s email marketing. 


What to put into your newsletters:

Every week, it’s wise to send out a personal message to your clients. Feel free to begin with one email per month until you feel comfortable or start to see results. But, as long as your emails are fun, educational, and genuine, a once a week or bi-weekly delivery can be super-effective. The primary purpose of your newsletter is not to sell but to actively engage with your clients on a more personal level to build stronger relationships. The icing on the cake is that your sales and bookings can rise as a result.


So, what to send? Make it all about you and your wax salon. How have you been handling the pandemic? Who’s your employee of the week? Do you have any travel plans coming up (or are wishing would come up)? You can tie-in beauty-related topics to anything you talk about. Talk about what’s in your at-home waxing kit or how you learned to wax! Use great images of your products, team, and wax salon. Include client testimonies. Did you have a client who use to get an allergic reaction to waxing, but now doesn’t? Tell their story! Do you have an employee who just reached their first 25 clients a week? Celebrate them! From your new COVID-19 regulations to motivating your team members to up their game, you can use your salon email marketing for more than you can even imagine. 

If you want to make it all about the wax. Here are some sample subjects to consider including: 

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How do I do salon email marketing?

It’s critical to keep tabs on getting your clients’ email addresses. You can do this through their intake forms; you can offer incentives for them to subscribe such as discounts or vouchers. Make your email newsletter “the place to be” for everything your client wants from you. Now, get yourself an email marketing software that is separate from your salon management system for the least limitations on what you can provide your readers. You can connect your management system to MailChimp for free or Campaign Monitor for about around $39 a month depending on your needs. 

There is a difference between automated emails and templates you can set up for your regular newsletters. Your automated emails will be confirmation or follow-up emails for appointments or product purchases. In your confirmation emails, you should include your salon directions and parking information while your follow-up emails could lead them to leave a review on your favorite platform. Even if you get behind on sending out your newsletters, feel free to let your people know why. “Sorry for going MIA, here’s what’s been going on!



Your salon email marketing can do more for connecting with your clients than you can even realize until you start getting into it. Once you get into the swing of things, it can be exhilarating! Have you tried any salon email marketing ideas? If so, how was it for you at the beginning vs. now? What were some lessons you had to learn, and where did you excel from the beginning? What other great information have you learned on how to use salon email marketing? Let us know in the comments or join the conversation on our Facebook group, The World of Waxing!




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