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How to Acquire New Clients in the "New Normal”

The writing has been on the wall for a long time; the digital space is an unlimited resource for exposing your business to potential clients. In the “new normal,” some businesses are desperate to find new ways to draw in business to the point where online marketing isn’t just an option, it’s the option. In this article, we’re going to focus on online salon marketing ideas and digital salon marketing strategies to acquire new clients. From revamping your website, using email marketing, social media, and Facebook Ads, turning to online solutions might help you thrive in the new normal. When you explore how to market a salon business online, you can take ownership of how to acquire new clients in “the new normal.”


How to Market a Salon with a Website Makeover

If you’re still waiting to open or are finding business to be slow-going at the moment, beef up your online presence in any way you can. You can start by overhauling or simply updating your website. Whether you hire someone to help you or take the time to redo your website yourself, ensuring your clients have an as enjoyable experience on your site as they do in your salon, should be a top priority. Is your site easy to navigate? Is important information to the point? Are there any spelling or design errors? Go through it or ask a non-bias friend to go through it for you and get their feedback. 


Next, take a look at your bios, portfolio, and product pics. Are they up-to-date, sharp, and professional-looking? What about the copy (the words)? Do you have outdated pricing info or are there services posted that you have stopped offering because of COVID? If so, it might be time to clean up your salon site like you would clean out your closet.

Here are some things to consider when organizing your online “closet”

Your portfolio should be separated by service type and include small write-ups of what your service entails. Having pointed copy on your site ups your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This means that your salon site is more likely to pop up in a Google search. People are out there searching terms like, “leg waxing Atlanta,” or Brazilian waxing on thick hair in Los Angeles,” for example. Do you want to be at the top of their search results list? 


Things to focus on

  • Waxing services (legs, back, Brazilian, etc.)
  • Spa Treatments (facials, massage, laser, etc.)
  • Have a separate location page with parking info
  • Note what products you use or retail. If you use Blue Film Hard Wax or Pink Film Hard Wax, for example, note it on your site.
  • The more photos you have on your site with captions, the more you help to optimize your website for leads on search engines.
  • Add a testimonials page and post links to your Yelp and Google Reviews pages


These are only a few things to consider when updating your website, there is a lot you can do to make your site more visible. Building your website is an evolving thing and can always be revised, so keep it up-to-date and expanding to meet your client’s ever-changing needs.


Email Salon Marketing Strategies

In an age where social media is considered by some to be the be all end all in marketing, remember that you don’t own your follower’s list and your posts are only reaching a small fraction of your audience. Email marketing is one of the more targeted salon marketing ideas that can increase the potential viewership and interaction of your clients while providing a big return on investment.


The best salon email marketing tools are separate from salon management that does things like appointment setting, and inventory management, for example. Though your email marketing software should be its own entity, it should be able to integrate with your salon management, or appointment scheduling systems so that you can manage your contact list in one place and have the least amount of limitations on what you can provide your readers.


What Do You Want to Talk About in Your Newsletter?

Pick a day or multiple days a week that you want to send out a newsletter. The more content you create, the more you can send out a newsletter. There is no limit to what your newsletter can be about.


Here are a few ideas to get you started!
  • We now offer Starsoft Hard Wax and Black Film Hard Wax by Starpil!
  • We’ve got a brand-new professional wax warmer and we can wait for you to come to help us break it in!
  • The benefits of waxing with polymer wax beads
  • Surviving the Shutdown
  • Client of the Week
  • Technician of the Week
  • Highlight on Brazilian Waxing

Your newsletter can be like a longer social media post or a mini blog about whatever you want to talk about regarding your business. Be sure to provide all of the necessary links to your website and the specific thing you’re talking about in the newsletter!


Stepping-Up Your Social Media Game

You can go above and beyond using social media by paying for local Facebook Ads. Many may think that Facebook is dead, and that may be truer for the Zoom generation, but reaching the millennial crowd and up through Facebook can still work for you. Using Facebook as an online advertising tool is a great way to reach new clients. When we talk about using Facebook, we’re not just referring to great posts, we’re talking about creating real, targeted Facebook ads to your local clientele.


Facebook Ads can be a low upfront investment with a great return. If you pay $10 for one ad and acquire one new client from it, they can generate 10 – 50x that amount when becoming a long-term client. In addition to ads, Facebook is still a hotbed for interacting with your current clients and a wonderful way to stay visible to clients who are still in quarantine and waiting to get in with you. 



The online world can be a limitless resource on how to acquire new clients in the “new normal.” There is also no end to the salon marketing ideas you can discover and no cap on the salon marketing strategies you can come up with. Since COVID-19, how have you focused your efforts toward online marketing, and what has been working for you? What other great information have you learned on how to market a salon? Let us know in the comments or join the conversation on our Facebook group The World of Waxing!