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Starpil Wax Product Ingredients You'll Love

Starpil Wax Product Ingredients

When looking for the best hard wax for you or your clients, finding professional formulas with the most beneficial and high-quality ingredients is always a top priority. As a licensed esthetician, it’s also integral to know exactly what ingredients make your favorite formulas so great, and which make them particularly suited for use on clients with certain skin types or conditions


Table of Contents

  • Why are Your Wax Formulas Important?  
  • What Wax Ingredients are Good for Skin?
  • What Sets Starpil Wax Ingredients Apart?
  • Final Thoughts

  • One of the biggest benefits of using Starpil wax products is that you already know you’re using the most high-quality waxing products with the best ingredients. 

    However, even the most seasoned professionals might not even know the real work these ingredients put in for their client's skin and hair removal results. 

    So what difference does having the right incorporations into different formulas make, and how do Starpil’s ingredients stand out? See how we’re going the extra mile to keep clients’ skin looking its best while providing the best waxing results.

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    Why are Your Wax Formulas Important? 

    When going into a waxing appointment, your clients want to know that they’re not only about receiving the best hair removal but that they’ll have the most comfortable experience possible. After all, without the best formula or right technique, waxing can be irritating or painful - especially for those with sensitive skin types.  

    When shopping around for waxing products to add to your salon’s repertoire, you should of course look for formulas that work for a variety of skin and hair types, and look out for specific specialty formulas that will work for clients with sensitivities or skin that’s prone to inflammation.

     So what should you be looking for when it comes to formula offerings? You should look for a variety of go-to formulas that can handle both large application areas and that work on a range of skin types. Look for one or two specialty formulas, depending on the client volume you serve both in general and how many clients you serve with sensitive skin.

    Some of the best formulas for general services include Starpil’s Stripless Blue Film Hard Wax, which is formulated for perfect use on large areas and allows those with normal skin types to enjoy amazing results. For smaller areas or those with both normal and sensitive skin, Stripless Pink Film Hard Wax is another great go-to, especially for intimate or facial waxing. 

     Blue & Pink Film Hard Wax Bundle

    For specialty formulas, Starpil’s Starsoft and Calendula Hard Wax formulas are made with hypersensitive skin, or those prone to inflammation or acne after waxing.

    Calendula Hard Wax Bundle

    Our Vegan Hard Wax formula is also perfect for those with sensitive skin or who are looking for waxing without the use of animal products.  

    Vegan Hard Wax Bundle

    Using the right waxing formulas for your clients makes all the difference in providing them with the best hair removal and in keeping their skin in its best condition. Using high-quality waxes that are easy to work with and are suited specifically to your clients’ skin types will allow your entire service to be a win-win for both them and you!

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    What Wax Ingredients are Good for Skin?

    When choosing the right waxing formulas for your salon and individual services, you’ll want to go beyond just looking into which skin types these formulas are designed for, or how easy to use or apply they are (though you should always make a point to prioritize this, as well!). 

    When looking at the ingredients in your waxing products, you’ll want to look for those that enhance or provide benefits to the skin, and who go beyond just removing hair. 

    Though not all formulas will include all of the below ingredients, those with sensitive skin can particularly benefit from the vitamins or nourishment some of these elements provide. Ingredients that can help the skin in waxing formulas include:

  • Olive Oil: Olive oil is high in vitamins A, E, D, and K, and is known to hydrate, moisturize, and even repair dry or damaged skin. 
  • Tamanu Oil: This hydrating oil has been used in the past to heal wounds and treat acne. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, this oil is used in waxing products like Starpil’s Starsoft Soft Strip Wax to ease inflammation and redness, and to promote skin regeneration and collagen production. 
  • Starsoft Soft Wax

  • Coconut Oil: This highly moisturizing ingredient hydrates, heals, and calms irritated skin, while also smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, and signs of aging. 
  • Almond Oil: Almond oil has been used in skincare routines to treat dry skin and acne, as well as to improve and even complexion or scarring. 
  • Sunflower Seed Oil: Containing vitamin E, oleic acid, and linoleic acid, this oil helps to unclog pores and deeply moisturize while protecting skin from bacteria. It’s also used in formulas like Starpil’s Vegan Hard Wax to nourish dry skin during waxing. 
  • These ingredients are just some of the ones you’ll want to look out for in waxing formulas, especially in specialty formulas that will be used on clients with skin sensitivities

    When heading to the waxing salon, your clients might not initially expect to reap skin benefits from waxing, but they’ll be pleasantly surprised to receive waxing’s hair removal benefits with skincare benefits to sweeten the deal. 

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    What Sets Starpil Wax Ingredients Apart? 

    When making our waxing formulas, Starpil always goes above and beyond to not only create waxes that make services easy and comfortable for clients and estheticians alike, but also create formulas with high-quality ingredients that bring skincare to the next level. 

    Though the ingredients in our previous section are used throughout our product lineups to provide a little extra boost to the skin throughout the waxing process, there are some particular heavy-hitting ingredients that we haven’t touched on yet. 

    To highlight Starpil’s best ingredients, we talked to our Brand Educator, Taylor Wilson, who shared the top ten ingredients she believes truly sets our formulas apart for clients and professionals alike. 

  • Butylcyclohexanol
  • This fatty alcohol is used in our Starsoft Wax formulas as a neurosensory and emollient property that soothes hypersensitive skin like no other. 

    Starsoft Collection

    • Calendula Extract 

    Calendula Extract is used in our (you guessed it!) Calendula line of waxes and pre & post-wax care to soothe and sanitize acne and ingrown prone skin. This antiseptic and anti-inflammatory extract is taken from the Calendula flower, which has been used for centuries to provide healing for wounds and widespread skincare benefits. 

    • Coral Calcium Powder

    Coral Hard Wax

    This brightening and evening ingredient is the keystone of our Coral waxes and Illuminating Oil.

    Coral Illuminating Dry Oil

    Used to detoxify skin and even tone, this powder makes this wax line perfect for those with hyperpigmentation or uneven skin. 

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Another hallmark of our Calendula waxes and pre & post-wax care formulas, tea tree oil’s antiseptic and antibacterial elements allow clients to enjoy waxing results without worrying about their sensitive skin becoming irritated or inflamed. 

  • Shea Butter
  • Used in our Vegan formulas, this anti-inflammatory ingredient is also loaded with antioxidants to hydrate and calm skin. 

    • Vitamin E

    Found in our Starsoft waxes and pre & post-wax care products, Vitamin E brings users benefits in the form of hydrating and brightening skin. Vitamin E is also used in these formulas to promote healing and skin repair post-wax.

  • Chamomile Oil
  • Chamomile contains many antioxidants that calm and soothe redness, inflammation, and acne, and even provide anti-aging benefits, which makes it a key ingredient in our Vegan wax formulas.

    Vegan Wax Scoop

    • Titanium Dioxide

    A keystone of our Stripless Pink Film Hard Wax, titanium dioxide eliminates irritation and inflammation that those with sensitive skin can experience during the waxing process. 

    Pink Film Hard Wax Beads

    • Barley Extract

    This extract contains mild exfoliating properties and antioxidants that work to calm and prepare skin for waxing through our Original Pre-Wax Gel

    Starpil Pre-Wax Gel - 200ml

  • Cinnamon Oil 
  • Used in our Original Post-Wax Lotion, this antifungal and antibacterial ingredient serves to provide skin with a valuable barrier in protecting open pores or vulnerable areas after the waxing process. 

    Original Post-Wax Lotion - 200ml

    When working with Starpil products, you’ll be confident in knowing that your clients are receiving hair removal with the added perk of great skincare benefits. After being treated to only the most high-quality ingredients used in our professional formulas, clients are sure to see the difference in their skin - and keep coming back for more!

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    Final Thoughts

    As an esthetician, you surely know how important it is to provide your clients with lasting skin benefits alongside smooth, hairless skin. After all, nobody wants to leave the waxing salon with skin that doesn’t feel its best. 

    When researching ingredients and the best formulas to add to your salon’s repertoire, make sure you’re doing the right research into what you’ll use on your clients. 

    From your crowdpleaser formulas that serve as your go-to’s, to specialty formulas that will need to ease both the skin and minds of hypersensitive clients, being confident in the ingredients used in your formulas are just as important as being confident in your methods and techniques. 


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