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Coral wax is the best wax for those looking for a detoxifying, sensitive-skin friendly formula that mimics sugaring, but with even more effective hair removal results.  

This gentle coral wax formula, which is available in hard wax microbeads, plus our all-new roll-on works on all skin types, but is especially effective for those with hypersensitive skin.

Our Coral hard wax and roll-on formula both contain Mediterranean Coral Calcium Powder, which works to even and improve skin tone, and even helps to brighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Complete with bergamot and satsuma for fragrance, your clients’ skin will be left luminous, nourished, and soothed.  

For even more hydrated and nourished skin post-wax, add our Coral Illuminating Oil into the mix to leave skin even, glowing, and hydrated after a service.  

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Stripless Hard Wax

Specialty Formulas


Pre/Post Wax Care

Coral Film Hard Wax Microbeads - 2.2lb


Coral Roll-on Wax Cartridges

From  $9.90

Coral Illuminating Dry Oil


Coral Wax Benefits

Our coral formula comes with benefits for normal skin types and hypersensitive skin types alike. With our Coral hard wax, plus roll-on and Illuminating Dry Oil, you’ll enjoy not only incredible hair removal and brightened skin thanks to our calcium powder, but also:

  • Reduced redness and irritation
  • Speedy skin recovery & rejuvenation
  • Reduced waxing pain due to the “Swinging Technique” for hard wax
  • Quick-cooling
  • Efficient removal on coarse and vellus hairs
  • Evened and nourished skin post-wax

Let clients with hypersensitive skin enjoy amazing results while reducing pain and leaving skin glowing. Shine on with Coral today!

Coral Wax Lineup

Coral Roll-On Wax

This roll-on cuts waxing services in half while leaving skin smooth and glowing.

Coral Illuminating Dry Oil

Our Coral Illuminating Dry Oil uses coral powder to brighten and nourish skin post-wax.

Coral Hard Wax Microbeads

This fan-favorite Coral hard wax formula detoxifies and replenishes sensitive skin while providing gentle but complete hair removal results.

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