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Starpil Holiday Gift Guide

Starpil Holiday Gift Guide

It’s officially the holiday season, and there’s no better time than now to start thinking about what you might want to get for the esthies or the waxing enthusiasts in your life.

Table of Contents

  • Why Gift Starpil?
  • Best Waxing Products for Professionals
  • Best Waxing Products for At-Home Waxing
  • How to Prepare for Holiday Services
  • Final Thoughts
  • If you’re thinking about buying waxing products to help your favorite relative out in supplying their salon or investing in some supplies to help out a friend who waxes at home, you’ve come to the right place - but what should you get for these loved ones?

    Starpil has your best holiday gift guide to keep the professionals and at-home users in your life happy and hair-free.

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    Why Gift Starpil?

    When looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones in the waxing industry this year, giving them the gift of the best products they love can be a great way to help out their business and even help them expand their services or product offerings. 

    Alternatively, if one of your friends or loved ones is an avid at-home waxer or has shown interest in doing services at home for themselves, having the best professional products ready for them allows you to support their interests while they get their best hair removal results!

    Starpil Waxing Products

    So which products make the best gifts? Let’s determine what gifts might be right for your family this season. 

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    Best Waxing Products for Professionals

    One of the things that set Starpil apart from the competition is our support for seasoned professional estheticians, students, beginners, and at-home users alike. We believe everyone should have access to the best professional products that will keep their skin in its best condition while removing hair easily and seamlessly. 

    If you’re looking for the best products that might bolster your friend or family member’s professional waxing services, we always recommend giving them a gift card to Starpil so that they can stock up on the supplies they know work for them. However, if you know of specific products they need or want to try, this is the perfect time to give them what they need. 

    Mini Tubs

    Though we usually recommend our mini tubs for at-home users or beginners, these can be a great way to let the esthie in your life branch out and try a new product. 

    Starpil Wax Mini Tubs

    These 600g mini tubs come in our best-selling Pink Hard Wax, Blue Hard Wax, and Black Hard Wax formulas so that your esthie can find their new go-to!

    Roll-On Wax

    For at-home waxers and estheticians alike, roll-on wax is a huge go-to for those who want waxing to be easy to use, simple, and fast. Use our Standard Roll-On Wax Kit to get equipped with the best roll-on wax with a roll-on warmer and all of the pre & post-wax care and accessories you need. 

    For those who want to try out different formulas, our individual cartridges are available in our best-selling Pink Roll-On Wax, Blue Roll-On Wax, and more. For professionals, give them the gift of a Double or Triple Roll-On Wax Kit or warmer!

    Facial Waxing Kit

    This kit is perfect for the brow or facial waxing guru in your life. This kit comes complete with a hard wax mini tub of your choice, waxing accessories, pre & post-wax care, plus our staple Facial Wax Warmer. 

    Perfect for a brow wiz who does house calls or who provides specialized smaller services, this kit can be just what they’re looking for.

    Large Hard Wax Warmer Kit 

    This kit is perfect for an esthie you know whose business is growing. This kit includes our 5lb Large Hard Wax Warmer, which holds up to 5 lb of hard wax, a bag of our Pink, Blue, or Black Hard Wax Beads, or our Blue Film Hard Wax Tablets

    Professional Large Hard Wax Warmer Kit

    This kit also includes our pre & post-wax care and the waxing accessories they’ll need to keep clients safe. This is just the upgrade they need to provide regular back-to-back larger services and elevate their business. 

    Maystar Skin Hydration Kit

    This skincare kit is excellent for use both in professional skin care services and to test out as a retail add-on for clients to take home after their treatments.

    This kit includes skincare staples like Maystar Micellar Water, Makeup Remover with Rose Water, Exfoliating Facial Scrub, Deep Moisturizing Booster, and the Moisturizing Face Cream

    Maystar Skin Hydration Kit

    This kit is not only ideal to see if your esthie or their customers enjoy these top-tier products, but is perfect to address winter dryness or skin irritation

    These best-selling products make the perfect present for the esthie in your life to expand or boost their business and give clients their best results. Looking for the best gifts for at-home waxers? Don’t worry, we’ve got those too!

    Esthetician Bed

    Support your loved one’s business this holiday season by investing in a new esthetician bed for them!

    Esthetician Bed/Waxing Table

    One of the most important things for the entire experience at a waxing salon is comfort and support - and a full-size professional Esthetician Bed or Spa Bed will bring your loved one’s business and client experience to the next level.

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    Best Waxing Products for At-Home Waxing

    As we mentioned before, one of the best gifts you can give a beginner or at-home waxing enthusiast is professional-level products that will give their skin a boost while giving them their best hair removal results. If you’re looking to make a difference in the quality of their waxes, we’ve got you covered with some of our customer’s favorites. 

    Mini Tubs

    As we mentioned before, our Pink, Blue, or Black Hard Wax Beads are go-to formulas for professional estheticians all over the world, but also make the perfect quantity and formula for at-home waxers or beginners. Their smaller size is perfect for either smaller services or for trying out a new formula.

    Facial Waxing Kit

    This kit does more than just provide a go-to asset for professional brow and facial waxers - it makes the ideal kit for at-home waxers as well! 

    Coming complete with our Facial Wax Warmer, a mini tub of the formula of your choice, pre & post-wax care, and the waxing accessories they need for the best results, this kit will quickly become the cornerstone of their services. 

    Starter Wax Warmer (17oz & 27oz)

    If you have someone in your life who is interested in waxing but maybe doesn’t know where to start, the Starter Wax Warmer is the perfect gift for them this year.


    These warmers are available in both a 17oz and 27 oz size, which makes them easy go-to’s for those trying out facial and body waxing. These hybrid warmers can be used with both soft and hard wax, which also makes them perfect for those experimenting with different formulas.

    Standard Hard Wax Kit

    The Standard Waxing Kit is perfect for an at-home waxer or beginner who does larger waxing services on themselves at home or while learning the waxing ropes. 

    Standard Hard Wax Kit

    With the Standard Hard Wax Warmer, which holds up to 1 lb of hard wax, your choice of Pink, Blue, or Black Hard Wax Beads, as well as our Blue Hard Wax Tablets, plus waxing accessories and pre & post-wax care, this kit will be the backbone for your loved ones’ at-home services. 

    Maystar Moisturizing Face Cream

    The Maystar Essentials Moisturizing Face Cream is your skincare fanatic’s new go-to daily moisturizer.

    Moisturizing Face Cream

    With ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, and olive oil to infuse skin with antioxidants and keep it soft and clear.

    Maystar Exfoliating Facial Scrub

    Maystar Facial Scrub

    This scrub incorporates microparticles and Vitamin C into its formula to deeply penetrate the skin and remove dead skin cells while resurfacing the skin.

    Maystar Moisturizing Lotion

    Use this smooth body lotion to balance transepidermal water loss and replenish dehydrated skin.

    Moisturizing Body Lotion

    This lotion is perfect for keeping skin nourished during the dry winter months and all year round.

    Ingrown Hair Serum (Hair Puller)

    The ingrown hair serum is a perfect addition to your esthetician friend’s retail offerings, but should also be something all at-home waxers or beginners should have on hand. 

    Ingrown Hair Serum

    When used 24 hours after waxing, our hair puller dissolves ingrown hairs before they start and exfoliates skin after hair removal. 

    No matter the skill level or the service type that the at-home or beginning waxer in your life is practicing at, having these waxing and skincare products at the ready will let them have the best overall skin care experience from start to finish.

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    How to Prepare for Holiday Services

    The holiday season is undoubtedly one of the busiest of the year for waxers and estheticians as they try to keep up with the demand of regular clients coming in for waxes before parties and holiday gatherings, plus new ones who come in for similar seasonal services. They also have to brace for those coming in with gift certificates they’ve received as presents during this time of year. 

    So how do you prepare for the holiday rush? The following are some of our best tips to keep up with holiday services and to put yourself first amidst the season!

  • Don’t Overwork Yourself
  • One of the easiest things to do while trying to keep up with the demand for your waxing services is to accidentally over-book or overwork yourselves. 

    Always carve out a little extra time as a buffer between services and give yourself plenty of time to decompress during the day so that you can continue to give clients their best results. 

  • Prioritize Self Care
  • As we said, self-care should always be a top priority no matter what your client volume or demand is. Especially as a small business owner, making time for yourself to breathe and focus on running your business between services is integral to the success of your business. 

  • Create Seasonal Marketing Campaigns
  • The holiday season is one of the best opportunities for business owners to draw in new customers and new business through gift certificates and seasonal promotions. This year is no different. 

    Take advantage of these opportunities and bring in new business! Looking for even more marketing opportunities? Check out some of our best salon marketing ideas

  • Secure Customer Loyalty
  • Just as this is a great opportunity for you to bring in new customers thanks to gift certificates and promotional campaigns, it’s an even better opportunity to keep these customers coming back for more! 

    Keep them coming back with your pricing, service offerings, and the environment at your salon. 

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    Final Thoughts

    When it comes to giving the gift of waxing this year, there’s no doubt that Starpil waxing products are the way to go. 

    Whether buying items for professionals with salons and an array of clients or giving an at-home waxer or beginner the best quality products, we’ve got the best products and all-in-one kits to put users of any skill level ahead in the waxing world.


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