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Step-By-Step Guide to Starting a Salon

Starpil is your full circle guide to being a successful licensed esthetician! What does that exactly entail? We provide you with premium quality products, tools, and services that are all created to help you be the best at your craft. When you are starting your own business you have to be able to count on your wax brand so that your operation runs smoothly. What truly sets us apart from other wax brands is that we offer value above everything.

With us, you have access to…

Top-Of-The-Line Products

Starpil products are ethically sourced and produced in a state-of-the-art facility in Spain and priced at its quality. Low-temp, fast-melting, natural and free of chemical residues - you are investing in the wax which will give your clients incredible results that will keep them coming back. When you buy Starpil, you’re investing in yourself. It’s the Chanel of wax! LEVEL UP.

Personal Account Manager

Your “PAM’s” will give you a free salon evaluation and set you up with recurring shipments to keep your salon replenished at all times - one last thing to worry about when you’re a busy business owner. Same-day shipping, on-time deliveries, and consistent friendly assistance is here to make sure you have everything you need to keep you stocked and ready for your clients.

The Waxopolitan

With over 100 informative written content that touches up on all things wax - you have a source to turn to when you are faced with waxing problems. The Waxopolitan has all your solutions to clients with various skin and hair types, technique, consistency, cleanliness, etc. We also offer ways to help you amp up sales, save money, and contribute to the community - after all, we stand united for one main reason; to beautify others!

We want to help you be your own boss because we believe in you. We provide you everything that you need to turn your passion into profit. We know that you work hard and we want to help you take that leap to finally starting your own salon.

If you are ready for change and growth then you are ready for this e-book!

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If you haven’t had the chance to experience our new Black Wax, you’re missing out!

“This wax was my favorite wax in consistency, texture, everything. it pulled out about 90% of the hair. I've tried blue hard wax and the pink, which I had really liked the pink one until I got my hands on this black wax, I used for my man thick full beard and for my thin hair on my legs and arms. Loved it and will be ordering again and again!”

Ginna P

This incredible hybrid polymer is tougher than ever, as it possesses the perfect amount of Titanium Dioxide, giving it the ability to secure all hairs (fine, coarse, baby hairs). Gentle on the skin as your other favorite waxes, the popular Black Wax is simply a great hair removal solution for those stubborn hairs that won’t budge.


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