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Nervous & Sweaty Client? We can help!

I’m sure at some point in your waxing career you’ve experienced having a client who’s body temperature was a bit higher than normal. They might be nervous, or scared, or just really uncomfortable before their waxing session begins and that’s normal. Waxing, for some, can be a little uneasy. This is bound to happen to anyone and there are things you can do to keep them at ease.

In our previous blog, Relax Your Client, We gave you suggestions on ways you can calm your client so that they are feeling relaxed. If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to take a minute and check it out...

Now, when it comes to waxing, the skin has to be completely dry and sweat-free. If your client is sweaty at any point, the session will not go as planned as the wax won’t work to the best ability. To keep your clients dry baby powder is a must. Applying a small amount of power will help with keeping their skin dry so that the wax adheres to their body and pulls out all the hairs easily. While the powder is a helpful solution to keeping skin dry, our pre & post products help with having a complete waxing experience with the best results!

Pre-Depilatory Gel

Starpil’s Pre-Depilatory Gel is enriched with natural ingredients like chamomile, hamamelis water, rosemary, and lavender. It’s gentle on the skin and created especially to prepare your clients' skin before waxing. You can expect to effectively cleanse and disinfect the skin, leaving it receptive for waxing with a fresh and clean scent!

Post-Epil Oil

Starpil’s Post-Epil Oil is a must-have after hair removal sessions and it’s suitable for all-body use. It cleanses, softens, and soothes the skin with coconut, olive, and rosemary oil. This effective oil will remove leftover wax while hydrating your clients’ skin. You can expect soft skin that glows and shines.

Post-Epil Emulsion

Starpil’s Post-Epil Emulsion is perfect after a wax as it moisturizes, disinfects and delays hair regrowth. It’s antioxidant properties, natural extracts, and essential oils help restore skin’s hydrolipidic mantle, leaving it feeling refreshed and velvety-smooth. Melon extract adds a generous blend of vitamins, minerals, and carotenes to the skin. You can expect smooth and soothing skin.

Post-Epil Acid Cream

Starpil’s Post Epil Acid Cream is specially formulated to speed up skin PH level recovery after waxing. The Oat extracts help restore skin moisture levels while relieving potential irritation caused by waxing. It’s suitable for all skin types, including your highly sensitive skin clients. You can expect this cream to absorb quickly and cool your client after a waxing session.


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