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Why Become a Starpil Pro Partner

Why Become a Starpil Pro Partner

As a licensed professional, there’s no doubt that you’re passionate about what you do and the results that you provide for your clients. 

As a salon owner or independent professional, you also know that there’s a lot more that goes into working for yourself these days than just giving your clients amazing customer service and experiences that keep them coming back; you’re not just a business owner or a waxer, but a marketing agency, influencer, and content creator all in one. 

If you’re already passionate about merging your love of waxing with creating fun, engaging content that keeps your clients interested in what you have to offer, there might just be a way for you to make your content go the extra mile - by becoming a Starpil Pro Partner!

Table of Contents

  • What is the Starpil Pro Partner Program? 
  • Benefits of Becoming a Pro Partner
  • How to Join the Pro Partner Program
  • Final Thoughts
  • Becoming a Starpil Pro Partner doesn’t mean just creating content for us or just sending in videos in exchange for free or discounted supplies; it means leveraging your existing passions to bring in even more business and make your salon even more successful. 

    As the Brand That Believes in You, Starpil always wants to partner with the professionals who use our waxing supplies every day to truly get the best feedback and see how you make a difference in your client’s routines. So what is being a Starpil Pro Partner, and what can being a part of this initiative do for you? 

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    What is the Starpil Pro Partner Program?

    In short, the Starpil Pro Partner Program was designed to allow licensed professionals to participate in campaigns tailored to fit their waxing interests and favorite products, all while giving them plenty of perks and payment for their participation and hard work. 

    Starpil Pro Partner

    If you already love creating original, educational content for your waxing business and want to turn this into another way to build your visibility while getting free product, additional discounts, and bonuses, this program is just what you’ve been waiting for. 

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    Benefits of Becoming a Pro Partner

    The idea behind creating this program was to focus on estheticians who love what they do and who already use and enjoy Starpil products. Becoming a Starpil Pro Partner is the best way for waxing professionals to make their passion for their business and content creation go even further. Working with Starpil to create sponsored or branded content will also allow you to:

    • Receive free product
    • Work on campaigns tailored to you
    • Receive discounts in addition to existing wholesale pricing
    • Monthly bonuses to your Esthie Bucks account
    • Commissions from purchases made through your custom link
    • Ambassador welcome and birthday gifts
    • and more! 

    Partnering with Starpil will also bring your business not just added investment through product and compensation, but working with our brand will give your business valuable exposure from possible features on our own channels - all for creating content that’s already a part of your daily routine.  

    Starpil Pro Partner using products

    The content you create should be focused on your services and techniques and should highlight your expertise and how using Starpil enhances your work. Doing so not only enhances your own presence and expertise but also builds audience trust in Starpil products. This is meant to create a mutually beneficial relationship that helps both you and the brand.

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    How to Join the Pro Partner Program

    Applying to be a Starpil Pro Partner is easy! If you think being a part of this program is right for you, have your license number, business name, and most-used social handles at the ready. 

    Starpil Esthetician

    When applying, you will also provide your specialties, preferred wax types and formulas, how much wax you use on average, and some other information regarding your services and other practices. 

    Applying isn’t all about your business, however - we want to know about you! Becoming a Pro Partner is more than just participating in campaigns, it’s about building a relationship between us and you. Include anything from how you got started as a professional waxer, to what you enjoy doing in your free time, or just what your interests are. Starpil is about the professionals, not just how they use our products.  

    Once you’ve applied, your application will be considered for available spots at the beginning of every quarter. You’ll receive your approval or disapproval through email so you can get started on your content. 

    After signing your agreement with us, you’ll submit four pieces of content to us per month for review, and will receive monthly compensation for your work if all of your deliverables are completed. You can also be chosen to participate in seasonal-themed campaigns, which come with even more perks!

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    Final Thoughts

    If you think the Starpil Pro Partner program is exactly what you’ve been looking for to supplement your content and business, there’s no better time to sign up!

    Cara Edwards - Starpil Pro Partner

    We’re always looking for professionals who create amazing content to recognize and build a relationship with. Learn more about the program and start reading your content for review - we can’t wait to have you on our team!

    The work/content that you create is typically (as often as possible) featured on our page! Check out our Instagram and see some of the amazing content our Starpil Pro Partners create!

    Not sure if you’re ready to become a Pro Partner yet? Sign up as a Starpil Affiliate to receive commission for products sold through your custom link. Apply now!


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