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Brazilian Wax Etiquette - Embarrassing Questions Answered

Brazilian Wax Etiquette

Regardless of whether you’ve been waxing for a while or are just starting out in your career, there has probably been a time when a client has walked in for a full Brazilian wax who clearly was not well-versed in Brazilian wax etiquette. 

It’s ok! We’ve all been there - and many more have probably been on the other side of it! Regardless of whether you’re an esthetician looking to educate clients on the best way to prepare for their appointment and what comes with it, or a client looking to make sure you know what to expect from your service, knowing what a Brazilian wax will entail on both ends will help clients and estheticians alike.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Full Brazilian Wax? 
  • What is Brazilian Wax Etiquette?
  • Brazilian Wax Questions Answered
  • Final Thoughts
  • For us, the professionals, it’s all just about doing the same bikini wax or Brazilian wax, but our clients tend to have a lot more questions since they’re not as familiar with the process. 

    Let’s be real, clients will also have questions they’re afraid or embarrassed to ask before and after their Brazilian waxes. Anticipating their needs or questions can make all of the difference in making them more comfortable (especially first-timers!), and in having a smooth process overall for both of you.

    For clients who would like to increase their knowledge of how to show Brazilian wax etiquette during their appointments, or for esthies who want to learn ways to inform their clients of this etiquette tactfully, we’ve got all of the tips to tackle Brazilian wax etiquette and difficult questions many might have about the process.

    A full Brazilian wax is when all of the hair is removed, front to back, from your intimate area. While bikini waxes remove the hair around the sides and tops of where your bottom bikini would lie, a full Brazilian wax takes off all the hair from there, your labia, and your pubic bone - basically everything up, down, and around!

    hard wax beads

    If a client asks, “What is proper Brazilian Wax Etiquette?” before their appointment, it’s important to let them know not only how to prepare and what to expect but also how to properly care for their wax.

    And yes, full Brazilian waxes also include removing the hair located inside the butt crack around the anus. While this is standard practice during a full Brazilian wax, make sure they know they can opt-out.

    Brazilian Waxing Course

    To learn how to properly do a full Brazilian wax, check out our Brazilian Waxing Course courtesy of Starpil University. 

    What is Brazilian Wax Etiquette?

    Basic Brazilian wax etiquette may seem like common sense for one person but a complete surprise to another. Things like cleaning up before the appointment, not coming in straight from the gym, not having one too many cocktails before waxing, and others are ways clients can keep their experience and that of their estheticians a pleasant one.  

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    Let’s break these down.

    Clean Up Before Each Appointment if Possible

    When someone has a routine physical at their gynecologist, they often shower before, clean their intimate area, put on some fresh undies, and feel much more confident walking into the doctor because of this. Similarly, take just a few minutes to clean yourself up before your waxing appointment. 

    We’re all adults, and sweat happens (especially right in the middle of summer, ugh!). Some things can’t be avoided, and you can always dry off a little sweat. Plus, as ladies, bodily fluids are normal! Your esthetician knows and understands all of this! 

    A little proactivity to wipe up or shower before your appointment can eliminate odors and excessive body oils, make you feel more prepared, and make the experience an easy-breezy one for your esthetician. 

    What’s that about excessive body oils? Oh, right….

    Don’t Come to Your Waxing Appointment Right After You Go to the Gym

    This goes hand in hand with the etiquette tip mentioned above. Aside from thinking of cleanliness, when you have loads of sweat and excessive body oils, you create a barrier for easy wax application. 

    Whether it’s lotions, oils, or too much sweat, these all cause the wax to stick less to the hair, which creates a more challenging job for your waxing professional and possibly a more painful experience for yourself.  

    Believe us; we know you are probably a ball of nerves, especially if you have never had a Brazilian wax before! That cocktail right before your appointment is looking pretty good right now. What’s one just to take the edge off, right? 


    There is also the myth that a drink before a wax appointment will increase pain tolerance. However, alcohol generally can tighten your pores which makes hair removal more difficult and more painful. That cocktail you thought would ease the pain and nervousness during waxing can actually make it worse.  

    Plus, being tipsy or drunk can make things very uncomfortable between yourself and your esthetician, and make their job harder.

    Pee Before Your Waxing Session Begins

    Never hesitate to let your esthetician know if you have to pee before or during your wax. When nature calls, you have to answer! You will not be the first nor the last to need to run to the bathroom during your appointment. Your esthetician will always want you to be comfortable and relaxed, especially during an intimate service. 

    However, regarding Brazilian wax etiquette, it would be best practice to use the restroom before your appointment begins. It also gives you ample opportunity to clean up if you didn’t have time to do so earlier and relieve your bladder. 

    During a Brazilian wax, gentle pressure is often applied after the wax pull to relieve some pain. This mild pressure tends to push on the bladder, making you feel the urge to go, even if you didn’t think you needed to before.

    Key takeaway?

    Even if you don’t think you need to before your waxing begins, use the restroom. You’ll be thankful you did! 

    Most clients always have some questions they feel a little too embarrassed to ask. Here are four embarrassing questions they probably will want answers to, whether they ask you or not. 

    4 Brazilian Wax Etiquette Tips

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    Brazilian Wax Questions Answered:

    Woman cutting a plant as it covers her bikini area

    Is My Pubic Hair Too Long to Wax?

    Nope, your pubic hair is not too long to wax. Hair too long is far better than hair that is too short. Pubic hair needs to be at least the length of a grain of rice or ¼ of an inch long

    Many people feel self-conscious about hair being too long before their Brazilian wax, but longer hair is grabbed by wax better. If you trim beforehand, you could cut it too short and forfeit the ability to wax. We’ve seen hair of all lengths; long pubic hair won’t scare us! 

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    What is Brazilian Wax Positioning?

    To begin the Brazilian wax, you will most often lay flat on your back with your knees bent and legs open and out, like a butterfly position. This will allow all of the front to be waxed and the bikini line creases. If modifications are needed, one leg will be left in this position while waxing with the other straight on the table, switching to the next leg in the butterfly position for the opposite side waxing. 

    In order to wax the butt strip, there are multiple positions to achieve this, and each esthetician may do the waxing differently. 

    Some positions can include lying flat on your stomach with your hands reaching back to spread the cheeks for easy access to the esthetician, lying on your side with one leg tucked into your stomach and your hand reaching back to spread one cheek, or lying on your back with your knees tucked into a back roll.

    If you know your client has never had a Brazilian wax with you (or in general) before, be sure to fully explain all positions they will be in from start to finish. This will ease their anxiety and prevent embarrassment because they already know what they will need to do. 

    Will I Have to Get Completely Naked?

    You will not have to get completely naked for a Brazilian wax. Of course, any clothing from the waist down will have to be removed, but anything from the waist up can stay on. 

    One thing to suggest to your clients is adequate clothing to wear for their Brazilian wax. For example, if they are wearing a romper, they would have to remove the entire thing. Being this exposed may make them even more uncomfortable, so aid them in choosing comfortable, breathable, and practical clothing for their appointment. 

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    Can You Get a Brazilian on Your Period?

    Yes, you can get a Brazilian wax on your period, although it isn’t recommended. Waxing during your menstrual cycle will not make your esthetician uncomfortable. However, in order to do this, you MUST be wearing a tampon.

    Your intimate areas are generally a lot more sensitive during your cycle, and you may already be in some pain. This means that a Brazilian wax during your period will probably cause you more pain and discomfort. 

    Have no fear if you are on your period and need a Brazilian wax immediately! It is acceptable. But, it is recommended to make an appointment at least a few days before or after your cycle.

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    Final Thoughts

    Full Brazilian waxes are very common nowadays, and to an esthetician, it is an everyday routine! We are not nervous or uncomfortable seeing our client’s intimate areas, so our clients shouldn’t feel uncomfortable either.

    How we approach a full Brazilian wax makes a significant impact on the comfort of our clients. 

    Answer or proactively explain answers to embarrassing questions; Don’t neglect to inform them of basic Brazilian wax etiquette prior to them coming in so they feel ready and prepared, and it makes for an easy job for you. 

    Consistently making this a part of your routine for clients will ensure a satisfying wax experience and continually displayed Brazilian wax etiquette.


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